That was quite a bit of work.

A few minutes ago I put the new official website of my post-graduate college online. Take a look – I hope you like it. If have a moment of spare time you could check the site with different browsers and tell me if you encounter particular problems. One disclaimer: the layout does not work well with 4.x versions of Netscape. I would recommend updating to a browser using the Gecko engine, i.e. a Mozilla related browser.

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8 Responses to “That was quite a bit of work.”

  1. daniel. says:

    Two small layout problems: >

  2. ozean says:

    Many thanks for the feedback – it has been the most helpful I got so far :)


  3. ozean says:

    Ok! I changed my stylesheet to do sizes in ems in almost all cases, and I am happy with the result.


  4. ozean says:

    some quibbling ;-)
    Could it be that what you said about using px as size definers actually applies to pt? A pixel should be a pixel on any display. Of course the size of a pixel will still vary with the resolution/size ratio of the display, but not with dpi settings…


  5. daniel. says:

    Umh. Sorry, you are right. But what is a pixel on a printer? Anyway, using relative length units is always a good idea (>

  6. ozean says:

    definitely :)

    I like it much better too. I’ll probably redo my own pages too…>

  7. Ananna says:

    You rock!
    Congratulations on finishing the Very Important Project! Hope the english version for cretins like me comes soon so can understand what it is that you are exactly brilliant at. I didn’t notice anything strange using Safari. Best wishes and all. :)>

  8. ozean says:

    Thanks for the congrats. The english version should be up soon – until then you can visit the non-blog part of my homepage. Much of it is in English, as is a short self-portrait of yours truly…>

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