9th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies
16. - 18. September 2009
at Cogne, Italy


The Alpine Workshop will take place in a classical area of research and will provide a forum for exchanging results and ideas on all aspects of Alpine geology and collisional orogens in general.

(Picture - Mon Viscol by Roland Oberhänsli - modified)



Preliminary Registration


Conference volume:
Arrangements are being made to find a high-profile journal for publishing selected papers presented at the conference.

Deadline for submission of articles will be at the meeting in Cogne.

Organizing committee:

  • Michel Ballêvre, Rennes
  • Mark Handy, Berlin
  • Benjamin Le Bayon, BRGM
  • Claudio Rosenberg, Berlin
  • Andreas Scharf, Berlin
  • Stefan Schmid, Berlin
  • Philipe Yamato, Rennes/Zürich

If you have any questions: scharfa@zedat.fu-berlin.de