How do I playback these songs?

 Windows 3.1

If you don't have a soundcard you can hear the songs via PC-Speaker. Therefore you have to change the settings of Netscape. Go to General Preferences...Helpers. Search for the setting for  .wav-files. Choose as driver for the .wav-files the driver of  the PC-Speaker. You find this driver in the Windows/System-directory. With this settings there will appear a window if you click on a title. Clicking on the play-button will start the song. If the files are played at a wrong speed, reconfigure the driver at the System Setup (Systemsteuerung) Drivers section.

Windows 95

Normally Windows 95 has no driver for the speaker. Therefore take a short trip to Billy's Homepage. Somewhere on his site you will find this driver and the installation instructions.

If you got into trouble just mail Roland Jehring.

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