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Talks with the dead and others.

By Hannes Messenger

Gaia, O, Gaia, you are gloriously alive but asleep
and I wonder what you dream in the deep.
Do the lice which your body infest
disturb your well-earned rest?
The ones who slash your coat mile after mile
use it for junk-mail or package for a while
and then let it rot in a huge stinking pile.
Please wait a bit longer
with their extermination
some of us are beginning to see
and there still might be peace between us and thee.

Ude, O, Ude, as servant of your church you did as told
do not kill , you said and they sent you away
they banished you out in the cold
for the rest of your life in Altaussee.
You were a real Christian
and they have no use for them in the Vatican.

Duce, O, Duce, you should have listened to Ezra Pound
and you would never have been found
hanging by your legs like a pig on a hook
with the one beside you, whom as lover you took.
Instead she could for years have been
the last Roman's queen.

Werner, O, Werner, your obituary I didn't see,
so with your healthy life-style it could even be,
that you are the first who personally reads
what I write about your deeds.
You roamed the world promoting Gesell.
You did it long and you did it well.
Only it was such a crime,
that like him you were ahead of your time.

Otto, O, Otto, your manuscript once kept me awake
in my tent on the shore of the lake
yet hardly anybody did look
into the pages of your finished book.
You told them that book-money is credit
but into their believes this didn't fit.
I say at least you did try
and it was hard for you to die.


Gaia is the mytical being, the living earth.
Ude is Prof, Dr.Dr. Johannes Ude
Duce is Benito Mussolini
Werner is Werner Zimmermann
Otto is Otto Valentin

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