Welcome. I just wanted to tell you briefly what this site is about. I have always been fascinated by the idea of weird and somewhat inaccessible libraries full of books filled with marginalized or forgotten knowledge: the forbidden books supposedly hidden away in the bowels of the Vatican, the "Enfer" of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, fictional libraries like the book collection of Roderick Usher or the vast underground archive in the Australian desert used by giant crustaceans, described in Lovecraft´s "Shadow Out of Time". However, since no crustacean ever showed up at my bedside to give me a library card, I have decided to start my own collection of weird texts as a compensation, for my own pleasure and hopefully yours. I have divided it into three parts: 

PULP contains visionary fiction of all sorts, e. g. phantastic or surreal literature, texts that imitate the language of dreams, and other strange stories. 

ASYLUM contains literature of people who were classified insane, lone nuts who worked obsessively and left a chest full of manuscripts when they died. I neither want to glamorize nor to ridicule these people, just to look at the worlds in which they had to live. 

SANCTUM assembles the holy scriptures of deviant or private or long-extinct religions, delirious creation myths, books of the dead and tractates by ferocious mystics. 

Only a few of the texts that are accessible from here are on-site. Every one of those is in the public domain, e. g. the author either gave his permission or is at least 70 years dead and published the work in question during his lifetime. All on-site texts are published in the language in which they were written and marked with an "(I)". Most links are external, though. I did not check the copyright situation for the off-site pages I have linked to, I have no influence on them and do not take any responsibility for them. None whatsoever. 

The collections are wont to grow bigger in the future. If you think you can contribute or want to criticize or correct or whatever, please don´t hesitate to mail me. Enjoy rummaging! 

W. R. M. R.