Java applet for 1-D geoelectric forward modeling

In this applet geoelectric responses (apparent resistivity as function of electrode spacing in a Schlumberger configuration) of a layered halfspace are calculated.

The calculation is based on a code in Zhdanov, M.S. & Keller, G.V. (1994): The Geoelectrical Methods in Geophysical Exploration, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Meaningful values for standard VES are: between 0.1 and 10,000 m for electrode separation and resistivities between 0.3 (seawater) and 100,000 Ohmm.

Further information about the algorithm is also available in Heinrich Brasse's lecture notes (chapters 5-6, password required), in German only for the time being.

To run the applet activate java contents in your browser.

Authors: Stefan Pohle, Heinrich Brasse. See also MT-Applet.