Java applet for 1-D magnetotelluric forward modeling

In this applet magnetotelluric responses (apparent resistivity and phase as function of period/frequency) of a layered halfspace are calculated.

The calculation is based on a recursion formula developed independently by Lipskaya and Wait (for the latter see: Wait J.R., On the relation between telluric currents and the Earth`s magnetic field.Geophysics 19: 281 - 289, 1954).

Meaningful values for standard MT are: periods between 0.0001 and 20,000 seconds and resistivities between 0.3 (seawater) and 100,000 Ohmm.

Further information about the algorithm is also available in Heinrich Brasse's lecture notes (chapter 13, password required), in German only for the time being.

To run the applet activate java contents in your browser.

Authors: Stefan Pohle, Lutz Mütschard, Heinrich Brasse. See also geoelectrics applet.