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Online tools

Google Scholar - upload files up to 100M to share with others online
GPS visualizer - put GPS data into Google Earth.
MSAS calculator - convert magnitudes per square arcsecond to cd/m²

Other websites

All the PAW FAQs - help for Physics Analysis Workstation.
Arctic Sea Ice News - satellite sea ice data updated daily.
Weather Underground Berlin - Includes hourly cloud coverage projections.
Berlin Radar Images - Weather radar for Berlin
Rainfall in Potsdam Total 24 hour rainfall - Generate your own browser tab images
FU Mensa - Find out what's cookin' today!
Perl regular expressions by example - good guide for absolute beginers
f.lux - software to make your computer screen a warmer color at night
Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking Campaign
WEW Seminar schedule - FU ISS Seminar series
Photograph of me with an SQM
Directions to GFZ building A17
Directions to the Institute for Space Sciences, FU Berlin