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A list of my current and former colleagues who have a web presence.

Current Colleagues

The entire ISS group Atmospheric Scientists
Luis Guanter Atmospheric Scientist at FU Berlin
Franz Hölker Ecologist at the IGB
Tatjana Scheffler Linguist at U Potsdam
Axel Schwope Astronomer at AIP

Former Colleagues

Joel Karp 2006-2008 My first "real boss", head of the Penn PET Center
Eugene Beier 1999-2006 My Doktorvater at Penn
Suleman Surti 2006-2008 Physicist at Penn Radiology
Joe Formaggio 2004-2006 Neutrino physicist at MIT
Puneeth Kalavase 2001-2005 Undergraduate at Penn
Jeanne Wilson 2001-2006 Fellow grad student on SNO
Greg Grason 2000-2003 Fellow grad student at Penn
Phil Harvey 2000-2006 Programmer at Queen's University, author of Exiftool
Aksel Hallin 1999-2006 Neutrino physicist at Queens
Art McDonald 1999-2006 Director of SNO project
Lawrence Mudryk 1998-2000 Fellow undergrad at U of A
Tyler Luchko 1998-2000 Fellow undergrad at U of A
Liz von Hauff 1997-2000 Fellow undergrad at U of A
Dan Robbins 1996-2000 Fellow undergrad at U of A