Statement of academic honesty

This is the new (Aug 2021) official text of the statement of academic honesty that you should please attach to all term papers. Since a number of people have cheated recently, I will no longer accept papers without the signed statement attached.

Hiermit versichere ich, Mir ist bewusst,

English version (my own translation, based on earlier English version by the Prüfungsausschuss):

I hereby declare I understand

Eigenständigkeitserklärung HAUSARBEIT PDF download

If you use my Word template for seminar papers, my English translation of the text is already attached.

You need to sign the statement, either by printing it out and scanning it or by digitally signing the PDF version of your paper that you submit. You can digitally sign PDFs with e.g. Adobe Professional, instructions can be found e.g. on YouTube (external link). If you do not have Adobe Pro, printing and scanning is perhaps the easiest option.