Currently, I am teaching the following course in the winter term (WS18/19):
Erdbeben und Struktur der Erde ('Earthquakes and structure of the Earth').
This is an introduction to seismology for master students in geophysics, geosciences in general, and also physics or related sciences. The course covers the following topics:
  • Fundamentals of seismic wave propagation (P & S waves)
  • Structure of the Earth (1D->3D); global traveltime curves, seismic tomography, receiver functions
  • Seismometer & seismic networks
  • Earthquake location
  • Earthquake sources (fault plane solutions, seismic moment)
  • Earthquakes & the stress field
  • Earthquakes & global tectonics
For course participants, my updated lecture notes are available as a pdf in the Blackboard. They are currently not freely available.
As additional literature, I recommend Peter Shearer's book 'Introduction to Seismology' (2nd edt., 2009).
The accompanying exercises are mainly done in Python using Obspy. No previous knowledge of Python or other programming languages is required.


Example of a small programming exercise: Illustration of the partial sum of a Fourier series.