'There is a crack in everything - That's how the light gets in' (Leonard Cohen)

Illuminate the Earth Interior by seismology.

A series of repeating earthquakes in Chile.

Seismicity beneath Mejillones, Chile.

Receiver functions in the Eastern Alps.

Induced earthquakes in Basel.

Cross correlation vs. distance.

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My main research interests are the earth structure and dynamics.
Often, I exploit the dense station configuration of local seismic networks to obtain results at higher resolution. I try to contribute to a better understanding by using primarily the following methods:
  • Arrival-time & waveform based earthquake location.
  • Analysis of repeating earthquakes.
  • Source parameter studies.

Current projects

From Top to Bottom- Seismicity, Motion Patterns & Stress Distribution in the Alpine Crust (2017-2020).
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Anatomy of a Subduction Zone from Ocean Mantle to Crust: Seismicity and Seismic Structure in Northern Chile (2015-2019).
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Disentangling roles of stress, pore pressure and shaking from wavefields recorded during the 2014 Northern Chile earthquake sequence — WAVEFIELDS (2015-2019).
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Rupture processes and magnitude statistics of induced earthquakes and aftershocks: A detailed view from deep South African gold mines (2017-2019).
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Recent publications

Bloch, W., B. Schurr, J. Kummerow, P. Salazar, and S. A. Shapiro (2018).

From Slab Coupling to Slab Pull: Stress Segmentation in the Subducting Nazca Plate. Geophysical Research Letters, doi.org/10.1029/2018GL078793

Folesky, J., J. Kummerow, G. Asch, B. Schurr, Ch. Sippl, F. Tilmann, S. A. Shapiro (2018).

Estimating Rupture Directions from Local Earthquake Data Using the IPOC Observatory in Northern Chile. Seismological Research Letters ; 89 (2A): 495–502, doi.org/10.1785/0220170202

Bloch, W., T. John, J. Kummerow, P. Salazar, O. S. Krüger, and S. A. Shapiro (2018).

Watching Dehydration: Seismic Indication for Transient Fluid Pathways in the Oceanic Mantle of the Subducting Nazca Slab. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, doi.org/10.1029/2018GC007703

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Jonas' paper on rupture directivity accepted by JGR.
The paper 'Patterns of Rupture Directivity of Subduction Zone Earthquakes in Northern Chile' by J. Folesky, J. Kummerow & S.A. Shapiro was accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth.
November 22nd 2018


Bachelor & master theses.
If you are interested in doing your bachelor or master thesis in the field of observational seismology: There is generally the possibility to find some seismicity-related topics, e.g. in the frame of our projects in the Northern Chilean subduction zone or the European Alps.
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