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Financial Privacy

An International Comparison of Credit Reporting Systems

This book provides the first in-depth analysis of the economics and regulation of financial privacy. It is an international comparison of credit reporting systems in the United States and in European countries. On the theoretical level the book explains competition in information markets, especially in markets for goods made of highly personal and sensitive information. It reviews the microeconomics of information and privacy and discusses the economic incentives to disclose or to conceal information. The book also focuses on the institutions of credit reporting, the history of credit reporting agencies and the regulation of privacy and credit reporting on both sides of the Atlantic as well as internationally. Finally, on the empirical level, it reviews the microeconomic and potential macroeconomic effects of credit reporting in the credit markets of countries around the world.
Written for:
Scholars and policymakers in financial regulation, credit reporting, and financial privacy


Quotes on the book:

"A really new angle on privacy regulation: This book connects information economics with an historical overview and empirical analysis by merging an impressive amount of data and literature. It is an important contribution to the study of the economics of privacy."

Tullio Jappelli, Professor of Economics, University of Naples Federico II

"Leading-edge, insightful and rich in implications for privacy in the 21st century, this book will become a useful guide to public policy throughout the decade."

Kenneth Laudon, Professor of Information Systems, New York University

"The most in-depth study of the history and economics of credit reporting to date."

David Medine, former Associate Director, U.S. Federal Trade Commission

"Deep inside knowledge on the impact of privacy protection is combined with the issue of granting credit across (European) borders. This book will be standard literature - for everyone and not just those in the business!"

Dieter Steinbauer, Professor of Information Management, Managing Director, Schufa Holding AG

"A comprehensive guide to credit reporting and a valuable survey of public and private credit registers in light of their different functions."

Manfred Heinrich, Director, Deutsche Bundesbank, Head of the Central Credit Register of the Deutsche Bundesbank

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