Dr. Heinrich Brasse
Fachrichtung Geophysik
Freie Universität Berlin
Malteserstr. 74-100
D-12249 Berlin
Tel.: (+49-30) 838-70434
Fax: (+49-30) 838-458675

heinrich.brasse (@fu-berlin.de)

Main working areas (current projects):

    Geoelectromagnetic and geoelectric methods

    Research in the Andes of Bolivia and Chile

    Trans-European Suture Zone (Pomerania/Poland)

    Franconian Lineament (Bavaria/Germany)

    Magnetotellurics Central America
    Polarization effects at grain boundaries




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Lecture notes, Java-Applets for one-dimensional forward modeling (MT and VES)

Some photos from field campaigns...
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  ...in Inner Mongolia

Publications (peer-review and book articles)
Some other papers