Psychometric Scales

On your left you  find links to a selection of psychometric scales that were developed at the Freie University Berlin, Department of Health Psychology (Prof. Dr. Ralf Schwarzer). This selection will continuously be updated.

Researchers are happily invited to use these scales. We would be glad, however, to be informed, e.g., by email, and we would also much appreciate receiving data obtained with these scales.
Thank you very much !

Some of the psychometric scales are available in several languages. A link to an overview of the scales broken down by language is given on your left. A link to the foreign adaptations of the General Self-Efficacy scales in 29 languages is provided at the bottom of this page.

On some of the pages you will not only find the items, response format, and selected references but also theoretical information about the constructs involved.  Some contain reliability and /or validity coefficients as well.  These texts will also be updated with new psychometric results.

Some of the references are directly linked to journal article abstracts, providing research results.