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Submission Guidelines


Below are Instructions for authors for different sections of the PsychNews International. Any questions regarding submissions should be sent to Dr. Sunkyo Kwon, Editor-in-Chief, PsychNews International at





I. General Guidelines

Articles are submitted to the PsychNews International with the understanding that they represent original work and have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Copyright for accepted articles must lie with the Newsletter. However, exceptions are possible. Talk to the editor.

Authors should acknowledge all forms of support that have contributed to their research or the preparation of the manuscript submitted. Authors must also state under separate cover any financial or commercial involvements or any other potential conflicts of interest related to their submission. This information may be shared with reviewers at the discretion of the Editor.



II. Format

Articles should be submitted in ASCII form, with about 60 to 65 characters per line (including blank spaces).

Articles should contain a clear title and list of authors. Degrees should be included after each author's name.

It is preferred, but not mandatory that the article is accompanied by an abstract of approximately 200 words summarizing the content of the article. The text of the article should normally not exceed 6,000 words (including references). Another guideline you may find useful is that the plain text (ASCII) should be well below 30 kb (20 or less preferred).

References should be in American Psychological Association (1994) format. However, other formats are tolerated, as long as they are consistent and comply with general publication standards. Authors assume responsibility for checking the accuracy of all references.

Grant support should be listed in a separate paragraph following the reference section.

After the grant support section, include a brief narrative description about the author(s), including one's current professional position and institutional affiliation.



III. Manuscript processing

Confirmation that your manuscript was received will be sent within approximately 20 business days. After this time you should receive notification of acceptance or rejection within 8 weeks. If your article is accepted for publication, you will be asked to send a word-processor copy of the article in the format listed above.

Shortly before your article is released, you will receive a typeset copy of the article for review. To ensure timeliness of publication, you are asked to return the typeset version with corrections within 2 business days. Failure to do so may result in delays in publication. Changes made to the manuscript should only involve correction of errors in typesetting. Any other changes made must be listed in writing and may result in delays in publication.




Please note that it is possible to submit articles both with the peer-review option and "unreviewed". Unless stated otherwise, most articles of the PsychNews International are not reviewed; however, they have to follow the basic standards of scientific writing, both regarding content, quality and form. E.g. even if you submit a manuscript with the "not-to-review" option, you may still be required to modify your contribution according to the comments of the PsychNews editors.

Peer-reviewed articles also have a longer publication lag, so we encourage you to choose the "unreviewed option" for your contributions.

Manuscripts should be sent to




Other submissions may include: Announcements (search for collaborators, conferences, events), book reviews, Internet resource descriptions. We especially invite letters on current events and feedback about previously published PsychNews articles.

The PsychNews does not guarantee inclusion of any submissions to the newsletter. The Newsletter also reserves the right exclude listings which it does not feel are relevant or which are primarily commercial.

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