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IPN 2(9) Section C: Resource Update


                    SECTION C: RESOURCE UPDATE

|This section describes resources currently available, or      |
|announced, on the Internet. Submit all contributions or       |
|corrections for the Resource Update section to the IPN mailbox| 
|( Note: Information may be     |
|edited for length.                                            | 
|                                                              |
|      Leon C. Pereira, MA, Editor, Resource Section           |
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                         * INDEX *

   A. CHARTER - GlobalPsych
   B. Group-Psychotherapy
   C. Fem-Biblio
   D. c-psych

   A. Psychology of Religion 
   B. International Society for the Study of 
      Personal Relationships
   C. The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology
   D. Process Press
   E. PsychScapes WorldWide
   F. neuropsychology resources

   A. International Association for 
      Cross-Cultural Psychology

   A. Psychotherapeutic Studies - University of Sheffield
   B. Online Journals and Papers
    A. From Bob Zenhausern

   A. The Asia-Pacific EXchange List
   B. PAIN-L


CHARTER is a closed unmoderated discussion list for
volunteers wishing to help to contruct GlobalPsych.

The GlobalPsych Institute was formed to employ the
high-speed, multimedia, global communications network known
as the Internet to address the perennial questions of
supreme importance to all human beings and societies, and
to address those new questions that are posed by the advent
of the information age and of the Internet itself.

Over 150 philanthropists - from students to world famous
scholars - have joined the CHARTER list in order to help
create The GlobalPsych Institute - The International
Confederation of Organizations for Health, Behaviour,
Cognition and Education, which incorporates InterPsych: 
The Internet Mental Health Organization, and EuroPsych, 
the new European division of GlobalPsych.

The GlobalPsych Institute cordially invites existing
Internet discussion groups in these areas:

Psychology       Psychiatry       Neuroscience   
Neurology        Biology          Alternative Medicine     
Sociology        Teaching         Linguistics   
Nursing          Philosophy       Clinical Psychology   
Anthropology     Social Work      Computer Science

Join us to create a diverse, representative,
multidisciplinary, global virtual community of those
interested in all aspects of human nature. All GlobalPsych
resources, Listserv, ftp, WWW, newsgroups, administrative,
technical and some limited financial support are available
to all participating groups.

Ideas for new projects within the GI structure are warmly

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUB CHARTER yourname 

Owner: Ian Pitchford (

B. Group-Psychotherapy

Sub-titled: Group Psychotherapy and Group Work 

The aim is encourage the development of group psychotherapy 
and group work, through exchanging of ideas between 
professionals in this field all over the world. Participants 
include professionals from the field of social sciences 
interested in group work and group therapy. 

Subjects of interest include research in group
psychotherapy, working with special populations in groups,
processes and stages in the group work, different models
for group psychotherapy, the leader and co-leading in the
group, techniques in group therapy, or any other issues in
this field. Professionals can exchange ideas, publish
essays, consult colleagues, ask for references, describe
their professional experience, suggest new techniques,
discuss research in progress or inform others about
important congresses and workshops all over the world.

*Subscription Information* 
(message): subscribe group-psychotherapy

Owner: Haim Weinberg (
       Clinical Psychologist and Group Psychotherapist.
       Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.

C. Fem-Biblio 

Fem-Biblio was created for the discussion of books relating 
to women and/or to spirituality.

Email the owner to:

1. find out the current book under discussion 
2. add your name to the announcement list 
3. suggest a book for future discussions 
4. ask any questions or if you need help

There is a separate announcement list where a descriptive 
post is sent when we move on to a different book for
discussion.  This list will be low-traffic as it will only
contain announcement postings.

*Subscription Information* 
(message): subscribe fem-biblio youremailaddress

Owner:  Kimberly Long (


Cross-cultural psychology (CP) is more "psychology-minded" 
than Transcultural Psychology (but non-exclusively so) and 
tries to fill the void for non-clinical researchers from 
other psychological disciplines.

If you are interested in coordinating CP or
joining its Board of Advisors, let me know.

*Subscription Information* 
(message): SUBSCRIBE C-PSYCH yourfirstname yourlastname

Owner: Sunkyo Kwon (
       Geriatrics Research Dept.
       Humboldt University, Berlin


Science as Culture is an unmoderated forum for critical
discussion of cultural aspects of science, technology,
medicine and other forms of expertise (including the
internet).  Announcements of conferences, publications,
jobs, issues in the relevant fields are also welcome.

Science as Culture is affiiliated with the hard copy
journal of the same name published by Process Press Ltd.
[See below - Ed.] and (US & Canada) Guilford  Publications 
Inc. (  A list of back issues is at:

A web site associated with the forum will hold articles
from back issues, as well as submissions under
consideration (not obligatory), whose authors may benefit
from constructive comments for purposes of revisions before
the hard copy is printed, as well as longer pieces, not
suitable for the email format, which forum members may wish
to discuss. The core constituency may be people concerned
with cultural, social, hoistorical and philosophical
studies of science, technology and medicine, but all are
welcome. Accessibility of expertise to critical scrutiny is
a large part of the point.

*Subscription Information* 
(message): SUB SCIENCE-AS-CULTURE  yourname

Owner and Editor: Robert Maxwell Young 
Managing Editor: Les Levidow (


A. Psychology of Religion 

Presently, in its formative stages, eventually it will
provide a summary of psychological theory and research
regarding religious thought and belief.


Owner: Michael Nielsen, Ph.D. (
       Dept. of Psychology, Georgia Southern Univ. 
       Statesboro, GA 30460-8041 USA

B. International Society for the Study of Personal

Currently under development, it includes information about
ISSPR, about publications, about membership, as well as
a membership application and some ISSPR email addresses,
and its International Conference on Personal Relationships 
next summer in Banff, Canada. The latter includes a copy of a
call for papers and some email addresses of convention


Owner: Dan Perlman (Perlman@UNIXG.UBC.CA)
       School of Family and Nutritional Sciences
       University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.,
       CANADA  V6T 1Z4

C. The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology

At present this web page will serve as a simple
informational resource.  Current officers are listed, a
membership application form is available, and issues of
"Clinical Science," the society's newsletter, will be
archived.  With 24 hour availability and graphical
capability, the page of course can be expanded to provide a
variety of services.  If anyone has ideas for adding other
things to the page please let the owner know.


Owner: Paul D. Rokke (
       Department of Psychology, North Dakota State
       University Fargo, ND 58105-5075

D. Process Press
Process Press is a new imprint with a new publishing
strategy: books of merit, to be sold in the first instance
by mail order only. This approach to marketing allows
commercial considerations to take second place to the
intrinsic merits of books. Process Press Ltd. is also the
registered name of the company which traded as Free
Association Books for a decade, during which FAB brought
out about two hundred volumes - books and periodicals which
have been widely admired and greatly appreciated by
psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, people in the helping
professions and others concerned with the political and
cultural dimensions of science, technology, medicine and
other forms of expertise. These publications, attracted  a
loyal readership and a number of prizes.


E. PsychScapes WorldWide
PsychScapes WorldWide is publishing the following: 

1) The Mental Health Workshops and Conferences Registry 
(published for 9 years in print version, lists about 7000 
events yearly). Events are searchable by location, topics, 
dates, and speakers. In addition to professional continuing
education, it will include personal growth workshops of the
type often sought by clinicians as an adjunct to brief
therapy. There is NO CHARGE to list workshops in the print
version, and it will continue to be available to

2) Therapist Information Network.
Practitioners list their practice information. It can be
searched by referring colleagues and the public according
to location and specialty areas. Search results also
include therapy orientation, client populations and
descriptive comments if the clinician has made that data

3) Products and Services Notebook. 
A collection of information that is growing rapidly. Books, 
tests, insurance, financial services, self-help resources, and
many other product classes may be searched by category. 

4) Employment ads and Resumes
Also growing rapidly, are searchable by category and sorted 
by geographic area.

The individuals and organizations listing their information
can, if they wish, be directly contacted by users who
simply click on their name. Users then compose a message,
inquiry, or even a workshop registration, and this is
routed directly to the listor.

The project is supported by modest service charges for the
posting of information to the Web databases. Access to the
information is always free, of course, to professionals and
the public.

Direct information requests to: (


F. Neuropsychology Resources

A comprehensive listing of neuropsychology resources and
related material available on the internet. Submissions



A. International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

This new publication is now available to the members and to
others interested in Asian/Pacific Islander social,
psyhological, economic, and mental health issues. The
Proceedings also summarize the 23 year history of the
organization. The Board of AAPA hopes to continue producing
a professional journal at least once per year.

For orders, make check for $12.50 payable to AAPA & send
with your name & complete address to:  
Jane Fong, Ph. D., Editor
2026 Alturas Road, Atascadero, CA 93422.
805-466-2972 (tel) or 805-462-2110 (fax) for information.
Quantity discounts are available, for those interested in
purchasing for classroom use.



A. Psychotherapeutic Studies - University of Sheffield
)From autumn 1996, via the Internet, the centre will offer
part-time MA/Diploma courses in PSYCHOANALYTIC STUDIES
These courses are available also on a residential basis,
part-time or full-time. The centre also offers other
training programmes.

The centre is unique in Europe in its size and in the
breath of its activities. In addition to its clinical
training, its academic and research staff includes people
from psychiatry, psychotherapy, sociology, psychology,
philosophy, history and philosophy of science, women's
studies and literary and cultural studies. The concerns of
the centre staff extend to critical analysis of theories
and practices of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis
and to the wider application of psychodynamic perspectives
to the analysis of social, political and cultural forms.
Among current doctoral research projects are ones on
feminism and film theory, phenomenology, personal
constructs, mirroring and eating disorders. Others on race
and therapy and on theories of psychic trauma are under
consideration. There are research projects on AIDS,
intersubjectivity, existentialism, outsider art, etc.

For further information about any of these programmes
Judith Taylor (
Centre for Psychoherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield
16 Claremont Crescent Sheffield S10 2TA 
Tel: +44 114 282 4970/1/2 Fax: +44 114 270 0619

B. Online Journals and Papers

There is a very large list of journals online at:

MedWeb - Electronic Newsletters and Journals

Sometimes only tables of contents are available, sometimes
abstracts and sometimes full articles.  You can find all
the Archived Journals at

Of special interest is Archives of General Psychiatry:

It is available with abstracts neatly formatted in html.

You might also like other resources that you can find
through my recently fully updated homepage at:

and an internet "newspaper" that I've created at:

The Health and Science News section of the newspaper will
probably be the most interesting part for some of you.  If
you look now in the Science and Health News section and
click on The NandO Times Health and Science News and scroll
down a bit you'll find the NY Times article on the genetic
linkage findings in schizophrenia.

A bunch of interesting papers on schizophrenia genetics can
be found in the November Nature Genetics.  Some of them
might end up being posted to their gopher server at:


Note: At this writing only the October issue is available at
that address.

Michael B. Miller, M.S., Ph.D.           Tel: (314) 362-9428
Department of Psychiatry (Box 8134)      Fax: (314) 362-9420 
Washington University School of Medicine 
Children's Place, St. Louis, MO 63110


A. From Bob Zenhausern

There are over 150 lists on, most of them
dealing with Education, Disability, Psychology, Medicine,
and Community.  Their archives are a library of the most
current information and thinking.

I am considering the merits of a web page for each list
where information about that list is available and its
archives searched. My plan would be to devise a standard
page for each list, which the Listowner might customize.

I would be interested in the reactions from Listowners,
suggestions from anyone, and in collaboration.

I would like to develop an Information Center Web Page.  It
would have links to the Lists individually and as groups
(such as GlobalPsych, HSRI, Education etc).  Each List Page
would have access to archives as well as any resources that
are related to those lists.

How can this be organized?  I would like schematic, text
only WWW pages sent directly to me.  I will put them on a
webserver and we can explore the possiblities and put
together a collaborative system.  Once it is essentially
functional we can add the icing of graphics and such.

Anyone interested just send me the pages.

Bob Zenhausern, Ph.D. 
Psychology Department       Unibase: 
SB 15 Marillac              Phone:  718-990-6447
Jamaica, NY 11439           Fax: 718-990-6705


A. APEX-L     
The Asia-Pacific EXchange List

The APEX-L list serves as a medium for the exchange of
information that's useful to college educators who are
actively promoting or developing international,
multicultural programs with Asia-Pacific content,
perspectives, or strategies.

1. Subscribers must apply for list membership. 

2. Membership will be limited to individuals involved in
international, multicultural education (with a special
emphasis on Asia-Pacific) in higher education institutions,
organizations, programs, projects, courses, studies, or
research.  (For exceptions, please write to the owner.)

3. Participants will be expected to post messages
(announcements, comments, reports, questions, replies,
etc.) to the group from time to time.

4. Those who are responsible for periodically distributing
announcements and news, e.g., editors of newsletters, are
encouraged to subscribe.  Reprints or abstracts of brief
articles or pointers to sites where information is
available would be most welcome.

5. All new members are invited to post a brief
introduction/bio to the list. 

Please send your applications, questions, and comments to

Owner:  Jim Shimabukuro, EdD  (
University of Hawaii-Kapiolani CC, 
4303 Diamond Head Road,
Honolulu, HI 96816 


Discussion of PAIN has been expanded to include all aspects
of pain and causes: physical, emotional and political.

PAIN-L includes a broad range of topics: the philosophical 
approach to dealing or coping with physical and emotional 
PAIN and the frustration many of us feel about what is 
perceived to be a lack of responsiveness by others to that 
which causes pain, as well as inadequate and inaccessible 
medical care, and incorrect medical methodology.

We discuss that which causes pain; medical science's answers, 
holistic approaches, and the dark side of emotional pain that
we too often keep hidden inside ourselves.

PAIN-L is primarily to provide support and comfort for those
with chronic pain, including family members, friends, and 
other interested parties. But it remains first and foremost 
an affinity group. No Flames permitted.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe pain-l yourname

Owner: Hank Roth (