The InterPsych Newsletter 2(7)



IPN 2(7) SectionB: InterPsych Update



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     A.   Anxiety-depression-youth
     B.   Assessment-Psychometrics
     C.   Computers-in-mental-health
     D.   Forensic Psychology
     E.   Group Therapy
     F.   Latin-Psych
     G.   Psychopharmacology


A.   Anxiety-depression-youth
The anxiety-depression-youth forum has been relatively quiet over
the past few weeks. Issues of debate related primarily to self
injurious behaviour and treatment of PTSD in children. The forum
leader was away on leave for 2 months and the forum was managed
by Charles Figley who kindly volunteered his services.
Contributor:  Sue Spence

B.   Assessment-Psychometrics

The forum Assessment-Psychometrics has been moved from the
InterPsych listserver at NETCOM and is being mounted
independently at St. John's University. The forum is designed for
scholarly discussion of issues related to psychological and
psychiatric assessment and psychometrics. Subscriptions are
"open" and the forum is unmoderated.

The forum coordinator is: David L. DiLalla, Ph.D.

Current subscribers to Assessment-Psychometrics will be moved
automatically to the new site. New subscribers should send the
command: sub assess yourfirstname yourlastname

in a mail message to:

Contributor:  David L. DiLalla

C.   Computers-in-mental-health
This list has continued to grow it now has just under 200
members. Discussions are mostly about software applications for
PCs and Macs in psychiatry and psychology. Many members have
produced their own software.
The group also keeps up to date on new and relevant www
addresses.  Members are being asked to review software packages &educational CDs and report back to the group. The list is closed
but we warmly welcome new members.
Contributor:  Martin Briscoe

D.   Forensic Psychology
This is a very active list with many daily posts.  Within a few
days we will all view the Unibomber's Manifesto as a project in
group analysis.

We have also been looking at such issues as liability to non
patients, testamentary capacity, ethics of experts, insanity.

A major thread in the last month has been the use of seclusion
and restraint and we may be putting to gether, as a group, our
own set of guidelines.
Contributor: Ronald Shlensky M.D., J.D.

E.   Group Therapy
The aim of the forum: To encourage the development of group
psychotherapy and group work, through exchanging of ideas between
professionals in this field all over the world.  The participants
in the forum: Group-psychotherapists, group analysts,
psycho-dramatists, social workers, art-therapists, and other
professionals from the field of social sciences interested in
group work and group therapy.

The subjects discussed in the forum: Research in group
psychotherapy, working with special populations in groups,
processes and stages in the group work, different models for
group psychotherapy, the leader and co-leading in the group, or
any other issues in this field.

Professionals can exchange ideas, publish essays, consult
colleagues, ask for references, describe their professional
experience, suggest new techniques, discuss researches in
progress or inform others about important congresses and
workshops all over the world.

Participants are requested to pay attention to ethical issues in
their discussion, and keep their patients confidential.

For subscribing, send e-mail to Haim Weinberg.
Contributor: Haim Weinberg

F.   Latin-Psych
Latin-psych has been active for the last several months. It
currently comprises approximately 35 members, with a
redistribution node present in Buenos Aires.  Discussions are
mainly in Spanish and so far it has benefited many of its members
in Central and South America. Recent discussions threads had been
focused on the DSM III Manual and politics, melatonin, and
discussion of clinical cases. Networking has been also a
main topic, resulting in more direct communication between
persons with similar interests.

Gracias por intentar pertenecer a la lista latina de psiquiatria
y psicologia.  Este listado es parte de Inter-Psych, un
conglomerado existente en el Internet.  La lista es un grupo
privado de varios profesionales de varios paises en las Americas
y Europa.  La membresia esta limitada a:

Profesionales de la salud mental (psiquiatras, psicologos,
trabajadores sociales y farmacologos, entre otros)

Facultad de Universidades en campos similares.

Estudiantes graduados del campo de la salud

Farmacistas de Hospitales

Otros profesionales del campo de la salud con el permiso del
duenio de la lista

Si usted pertenece a uno de estos grupos, le facilito su
inscripcion si menvia por correo o telefax una fotocopia de un
documento que establezca su candidatura.

Si desea enviarme por correo electronico o correo regular una
copia de su Curriculum Vitae, lo considerare en lugar de otros

Asegurese que su direccion en el INTERNET aparezca en CADA PAGINA
de cualquier documento que me envie por fax o correo regular

En lugar de enviar una fotocopia de un documento, con mandar por
correo electronico o fax LAS PRIMERAS DOS PAGINAS de su CV es

Si usted no cualifica para pertenecer a la lista en base a los
requisitos mencionados previamente, y cree que debe ser permitido
el unirse al grupo, envieme un mensaje por correo electronico que
explique su educacion, experiencia, y actividades profesionales.
Debe mencionar porque debe ser permitido en el grupo.
Contributor:  Hector R. Biaggi, M.D.

G.   Psychopharmacology
The Psychopharmacology Forum ( continues
to be active with 800 subscribers from all parts of the world. 
Recent topic being discussed include:

The ethics of drug companies
Lactation from SSRIs
The relationship between prescribing psychiatrists
    and the patients' psychotherapists
Treating patients with "treatment-resistant"
Combined use of TCAs and MAOIs.