The InterPsych Newsletter 2(5)



IPN 2(5) Section F: Calendar


                        SECTION F: CALENDAR

| For free listing of your conference or event, please send us|
| the following information: dates of event, title, sponsor,  |
| location, continuing education credits (if applicable), and |
| the name, e-mail address, physical address, and phone number| 
| of a contact person.  All notices should be sent by the     |
| first Friday of the month to (    |  

* Denotes new listings since the last issue.

                            J U N E 

June 3, Vulnerabilities Of Psychologists As Expert Witnesses,
Professional Continuing Education Program In Psychology, Arizona
Psychological Association and the University Of Arizona College
Of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ, USA. Contact: Dr. Bonnie Gray 
(GRAY@MC.MARICOPA.EDU) Phone: (602) 461-7181.

June 6-15, 1995 Workshop for Nurse Researchers--Biofeedback
Bioinstrumentation: Uses in research, Seattle, WA, USA.
Sponsored by University of Washington School of Nursing
Continuing Nursing Education and Physiodata. Contact: CNE,

*June 8-10, ZONTA International Summit on Violence Against Women
Washington, DC, USA. Sponsored by ZONTA International and
the ZONTA International Foundation. CONTACT: Pat Fluharty,
Chairman (607) 648-8928.

June 8-10, Workshop on Neural Modeling of Cognitive Brain
Disorders, Maryland, USA. The detailed workshop program,
registration and submission information are now available via
anonymous ftp. To ftp the current information: ftp; Name: anonymous; Password: your e-mail address; 
cd pub/users/ruppin; get workshop_info.Z; quit; unix) uncompress

*June 9-10, 1995 Conference: AIDS and Drug Abuse, Scottsdale,
Arizona, USA. Sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 
Held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the College on
Problems of Drug Dependence. CONTACT: Harry W. Haverkos, M.D.,
Director, Office on AIDS, NIDA. (Phone: 301-443-6046)
or Robert J. Battjes, D.S.W., Acting Director, Division of
Clinical and Services Research, NIDA.  (Phone: 301-443-6697).
June 21-24, Twelfth Annual International Conference in
Literature-and-Psychology, University of Freiburg, Freiburg im
Breisgau (Germany). Please send your title and a 150-word
abstract to Professor Andrew Gordon at IPSA
(  Contact: Norman N. Holland

June 27-29, Summer Institute: Reconnecting At-Risk Youth,
Bellevue, WA, USA. Sponsored by University of School of Nursing
Continuing Nursing Education. Contact: CNE, 206-543-1047.
                             J U L Y

July 5-8, Tenth International Conference on Mathematical and
Computer Modelling and Scientific Computing.  Boston
Massachusetts, U.S.A.   Authors are invited to contribute their
work for presentation at the conference in the form of one-page
abstracts typed single-space before 15 January 1995.  Decisions
on selection will be promptly communicated to the authors by FAX
not later than 31 February 1995.  Abstracts may be submitted by
FAX by dialing to U.S.A.: (314)-364-3351.

*July 9-14, XXV Interamerican Congress of Psychology, The
Interamerican Society of Psychology, San Juan, Puerto
Rico. CONTACT: XXV Interamerican Congress of Psychology
PO Box 21836, UPR Station, SAN JUAN PR 00931-1836. Tel.
809-765-5374, Fax 809-764-3705, E Mail:

July 10-13, 20th International Conference on Improving
University Teaching.  Hong Kong. For instructions on
submitting a paper or proposal and further information about
the conference, e-mail (

July 12-21, The Ninth Summer Workshop for the Development of
Intercultural Coursework at Colleges and Universities.
East-West Center.  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A workshop for
college and university faculty who wish to develop courses in
intercultural and international topics.  Coordinator: Richard
W. Brislin, Program on Education and Training, East-West
Center, 1777 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96848. Fax (808)
944-7070. (brislinr@ewc).

July 24-28, The Connected Computer, Cape Cod, MA, USA.  
The symposium will review what is happening on the Internet,
the online services and the BBSs that pertains to mental health.

July 13-14, A National Conference--Forging the Future of
Advanced Practice Psychosocial Nursing, Seattle, WA, USA.
Sponsored by University of Washington School of Nursing
Department of Psychosocial Nursing. Endorsed by Association of
Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses. Contact: CNE,

July 13-16, Teaching Health: Therapy and Prevention for the 21st
Century, Psychology of Mind Training Institute, Cambridge, MA,
USA. NBCC credits. Contact: (, POMTI,   
Postal Drawer 1100, LaConner, WA 98257, Call:  Terri Cunningham

*July 14-18, Adlerian Family Therapy: A Psychology for
Democratic Living. The Tenth Annual Adlerian Master Seminar. San
Francisco, CA, USA. For information, call: Henry T. Stein,
Ph.D., Director; Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco; (415)

July 17-19, Understanding the Social World: Towards an
Integrative Approach.  Huddersfield, UK.  University of
Huddersfield.  Contact: David Nightingale,
( or (

*July 20-21, The Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group
1995 ANNUAL CONFERENCE, School of Psychology,
University of Wales College of Cardiff. CONTACT: David Westley,
Philip Beaman or Mark Newman on email,, or

*July 26-28, Learning and the Human Brain, Kings College,
University of Aberdeen, UK. For further information (including
booking form) see: 
or email Dr. Denis M Parker (

July 28-29, Infant Psychotherapy: An Overview and a Unifying
View, The Seattle Institute for Psychoanalysis, University of
Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. CONTACT: Seattle Institute for
Psychoanalysis, 4020 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112, 
(206) 328-5315.
July 31-August 4, The Fourth Annual Workshop for the
Development of Expertise in Cultural Diversity. East-West
Center. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.  A program for cross-cultural
trainers who will work with newly developed training modules
in the areas of international business, health care,
counseling, mediation, leadership, and workplace diversity. 
Coordinator:  Richard W. Brislin. Program on Education and
Training, East-West Center, 1777 East-West Rd., Honolulu, HI.
96848. fax (808) 944-7070. (brislinr@ewc).

                                A U G U S T

August 8-11, The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the
Life Sciences Fifth Annual Conference. Adelphi University,
Garden City, New York.  CONTACT: Jeffrey Goldstein, Ph.D.,
Adelphi University, Garden City, NY 11530, phone: (516)
877-4637; fax: (516) 877-4607; (

                             S E P T E M B E R

*September 5-6, Blindness and Psychological Development 0-10
years, University of Warwick, UK. Topics: Language Development,
Literacy, Social & Emotional Development, Autistic-like
Behaviour. CONTACT: Secretary, Department of Psychology,
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL. Tel 01203 523189, Fax
01203 524225.

September 8-11, British Psychological Society Developmental
Psychology Section Annual Conference.  University of
Strathclyde, Glasgow.  CONTACT: Dr David Warden (CONFERENCE),
Centre for Research into Interactive Learning, Department of
Psychology University of Strathclyde, 40 George St., Glasgow G1
1QE, UK, Telephone: +44 141-552-4400 ext. 2576/4390, Fax: +44
141-552-6948, (

September 10-13, Second International Conference on Survey and
Statistical Computing, London, UK.  The Association for Survey
Computing.  Interested contributors should send a brief (maximum
500 word) abstract, including title, relevent keywords and an
indication of the the parallel session into which the paper
would best fit, to: Diana Elder. ASC, PO Box 60, Chesham, Bucks 
HP5 3QH, tel/fax: 01494 793033; int: +44 1494 793033,   

*September 27-29, Multilevel modelling in Public Health and
Health Services Research, University of Glasgow. CONTACT:
Alastair Leyland, Public Health Research Unit, University of
Glasgow 1 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow G12 8RZ, Tel: +(0) 141 339
3118, Fax: +(0) 141 337 2776,

                               O C T O B E R

*October 6-7, MMPI-2 and Rorschach: Similarities and
Differences/Relation to DSM-IV. Symposium and workshop.
Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands.  CONTACT: Drs. Theo J.P.M. 
Bogels, Executive Psychologist PEN, Postbus 6537, 6503 GA 
Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Fax: +31 80 441509. Email: 

*October 13-15, Musculoskeletal Pain Emanating From the Head and
Neck: Current Concepts in Diagnosis, Management and Cost
Containment, Banff, Alberta, Canada.  CONTACT: Conference
Secretariat, Physical Medicine Research Foundation,
207 West Hastings St., Suite 510, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H7 Canada
Tele: (604) 684-4148 Fax: (604) 684-6247 E-mail:

*October 18-21, The 3rd International Conference on Refractory
Depression, Napa Valley, CA, USA. CONTACT: Mady Hornig-Rohan,
M.D. (             

*October 25-27, 26th Annual Conference of the Northeastern
Educational Research Association, Ellenville, New York, USA.
CONTACT: Estelle Gellman, CRSR Department, Mason 212, 124
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11550-1090, (516) 463-5752; or
Susan Rooney, Western Suffolk BOCES, Kellum Education Center,
887 Kellum Street, Lindenhurst, NY 11757, (516) 884-1000 ext.

                             N O V E M B E R 

November 1-5, Internal Evaluation Conference: Developing a world
perspective.  The first evaluation conference. Vancouver,
Canada. Jointly sponsored by American Evaluation Assoc and
the Canadian Evaluation Soc.  Contact: John McLaughlin,
President, American Evaluation Assoc., Research and
Evaluation Branch, PO Box 6Q, Richmond Virginia 23216, (804)
371-8593 (fax).

*November 9, Using the Internet: Society for Computers in
Psychology (SCiP), 25th Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 
CONTACT: Robert W. Allan, Department of Psychology, Lafayette
College, Easton, PA 18042,, Phone: 610
250-5291, FAX: 610 250-5349.