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                    SECTION D: RESOURCE UPDATE

|DISCLAIMER:  Our intent is to illuminate resources of use   |
|to the InterPsych community.  As timeliness, breadth and    |
|brevity are priorities, most entries have not been verified.|
|If you find any of the material contained herein to be      |
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                          * INDEX *

   A: Psychology & Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer (Part II)

   A: Neuropsych in (HIV/AIDS) list/conference
   B: InterPsych Thanatology Group

   A: Scientific American
   B: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

                            1: NEWSGROUPS

1A: Psychology & Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer (Part II)

This Pointer will help you find the information you need
and get your questions answered much quicker than if you were
to simply crosspost to every psychology or support ewsgroup in
existence.  It is provided as a public service. Post your
article in the most appropriate newsgroup according to its

Mailing Lists that are Gatewayed to Usenet:

     bit.listserv.blindnws (m)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Newsletter (m)
Downs Syndrome
Computer Access for Persons w/ Disabilities
Humanistic aspects of aging
     bit.listserv.humage-l (m)
Industrial psychology
     bit.listserv.l-hcap  (m)
Psychology graduate students
Exercise & sports psychology
Traumatic brain injury
Transplant recipients
(m) = Moderated newsgroup

This Pointer is freely distributable to any other mailing
list, newsgroup, or network service provider as long as it
remains fully intact. Copyright 1995 John M. Grohol. All
rights reserved.  Send comments/questions/suggestions
regarding this newsgroup Pointer to the author
( Do =not= include this Pointer
in your reply, or it may not be read.

                            2: MAIL LISTS

2A:            neuropsych in (HIV/AIDS) list / conference
List Serve:

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for
communication among mental health professionals who
are engaged in clinical practice with and/or research
regarding individuals with HIV disease. The HIV/AIDS
population is somewhat unique in the degree to which
neuropsychological dysfunction is likely to result from a
combination of neurological, psychopharmacological
and psychological factors. This will not be a forum for
current debate(s) and research about the etiology
and/or prevention of AIDS.

Membership will be limited primarily to those with an
M.D., D.O., and/or Ph.D in clinical or counselling
psychology. Psychology graduate students (clinical and
counselling) and others who: (1) currently are engaged
in professional research about (and/or supervised pre-
doctoral clinical work) with individuals who have
HIV/AIDS related neuropsychological dysfunction, or
(2) otherwise have substantial demonstrable facility with
the medical and/or psychological challenges confronted
by mental health care professionals who are working
with individuals who manifest HIV-related
neuropsychiatric dysfunction will be considered for
membership on a case by case basis. As in the
university setting, pre-requisites possibly, albeit
infrequently, may be waived in exceptional cases.

Body:          E-Mail interest to above.

2B:            InterPsych Thanatology Group
List Serve:

The Thanatology Group and its thana-tology mailing list
were established to extend the activities of InterPsych
into the area of clinical thanatology.  This mailing list is
the first world-wide bringing together, by way of Internet,
of clinicians involved in the  practice and development of
clinical thanatology The purpose of this list is to provide
an international forum for for the professional discussion
of all aspects of clinical thanatology. Clinical thanatology
is broadly defined as study of all phenomena related to
death, dying, grief, and bereavement.  To allow for the
free exchange of information between professionals,
ONLY physicians, psychologists, other health care
professionals, and  graduate students in health-related
fields, may subscribe to this mailing list.

You may start the subscription process by sending me
an e-mail informing me of your desire to subscribe to the
Thanatology Mailing List.  Address your e-mail message
to me at one of the e-mail addresses below.
--Ivan Goldberg, MD

Body:          E- mail interest in joining

2C:            PSYART
List Serve:

Description: Our list is interested in the psychological
study of literature in particular, but in general any of the
arts.  We tend to be psychoanalytically focused, but we
welcome comments from any psychological orientation.
Or just talk about psychoanalysis or psychology. This is
an eclectic list whose discussions range widely.It is
moderated, at subscribers' request, to eliminate flaming,
harassment,and junk mail, as much as possible.

OWNER:         Norman N. Holland, University of Florida

Address:       Internet:
               Bitnet: listserv@nervm.bitnet
Body:          subscribe psyart yrfirstname(s)

                      3 :OTHER RESOURCES

3A:       Scientific American
Please take note of the December issue of Scientific American.
There is an excellent article on peer review of papers created
for distribution on the internet, also models for researcher/
student interaction & the expanding role of libraries as
electronic information providers. It's on page 106 and
entitled 'The Speed of Write' by Gary Stix.

3B:       Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
ADPC works to assist countries in Asia and the Pacific region
in developing their policies and capabilities related to
disaster management. The subject of traumatic stress caused by
disaster events has not been a very high priority on our
agenda, but it certainly is one of the areas in which we do
have an interest.  It may also be interesting for some of the
members of the Traumatic Stress Network to know of a new
publication published in the Philippines: "From Victims to
Survivors. Psychosocial Intervention in Disaster Management".
By Dr. Lourdes Ladrido Ignacio, M.D. and Dr. Antonio P.
Perlas, MD, M.P.H, Manila 1994 ISBN No. 971-8982-00-0.
Further information about this book can be obtained from Dr.
Lourdes Ladrido Ignacio, University of the Philippines -
Manila, Information and Publications Office, Padre Faura,
Manila, Philippines.

Gunilla Gustafs, Information Officer, Asian Disaster
Preparedness Center, Asian Institute of Technology, P.O. Box
2754, Bangkok 10501, Thailand