The InterPsych Newsletter 2(3)



IPN 2(3) Sections E & F: Resource Update & Calendar


                       SECTION E: RESOURCE UPDATE

|DISCLAIMER:  Our intent is to illuminate resources of use   |
|to the InterPsych community.  As timeliness, breadth and    |
|brevity are priorities, most entries have not been verified.|
|If you find any of the material contained herein to be      |
|inaccurate, please let us know. Submit all contributions    |
|to the Resource section to the IPN mailbox                  |
|(                                  |
|        Jeffry Luria, Ph.D., Editor, Resource Section       |
|                (                       |

                          * INDEX *

     1:   NEWSGROUPS
          A:  Psychology & Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer

     2:   MAILISTS
          A:  Virtual Reality Psychology
          B:  MADNESS (aka) ThisIsCrazy
          C:  University Conflict Resolution

          A:  CARE IN PLACE: The International Journal of
              Networks and Community
          B:  Mental Health gopher
          C:  SEAB & JEAB Home Page
          D.  The CLIMATE Clinical Help System
          E:  PSYCHE
          F:  InterPsych / PsyComNet On-Line Conferences

                      1: NEWSGROUPS

1A:   Psychology & Support Groups Newsgroup
      Pointer (Part I)

This Pointer will help you find the information you need and
get your questions answered much quicker than if you were to
simply crosspost to every psychology or support ewsgroup in
existence.  It is provided as a public service. Post your
article in the most appropriate newsgroup according to its

Not all sites carry all the below listed alt.= newsgroups.  If
your site does not carry a particular alt newsgroup, please
contact your own News administrator and request that they
begin carrying that specific group.

Perception, memory, judgment & reasoning
Medicine & related products & regulations
Medical discussion of AIDS & HIV (m)
Nutrition & diet
Dialog & news in psychiatry & psychobiology
General psychology
Research issues in psychology
     sci.psychology.research (m)
Diabetes, hypoglycaemia
General discussion of AIDS & HIV
General help with psychological problems
Personality taxonomies/assessment/models-
Recovering from all types of abuse
Recovery for abuse offenders/perpetrators
General topics in recovery
Recovering from sexual addictions
Recovering from the effects of religion
Recovering from sexual abuse
Alternate models of dealing with abuse
     alt.abuse-recovery (m)
Partners of childhood sexual abuse survivors
Anxiety and panic disorders
Attention-deficit disorders
Fat-acceptance with no dieting talk
Cerebral palsy
Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis
Depression & mood disorders
Developmental delay
Parents & family of children with diabetes
Dieting/losing weight/nutrition
Persons w/ dissociative disorders (eg.-MPD)
Divorce/marital breakups
(m) = Moderated newsgroup

Copyright retained by author.

Send comments/questions/suggestions regarding
this newsgroup Pointer to John M. Grohol

(NOTE:    Part II will be contained in next month's issue)

                            2: MAIL LISTS

2A:            Virtual Reality Psychology
List:          VIRTPSY

VIRTPSY is open to researchers, practitioners, and
students of  psychology who are interested in the social
contracts and interactions within the enviroments known
as Virtual Reality.  It shall explore the impacts of both
text and graphic based enviroments
on these new avenues of interpersonal relations.

A monthly emphasis will be placed on requested topics
with room for spontaneous discussions.  Insights into on
going research, publications and observations related to
the virtual enviroments is encouraged as to explore
these new avenues.

Owners:   Sheila Rosenberg (,
          Perry Lucas (

Body:          SUBSCRIBE VIRTPSY First Name Last Name

2B:            MADNESS (aka) ThisIsCrazy
List Serve:

MADNESS is an electronic action and information discussion
list for people who experience moods swings, fright, voices,
and visions (People Who).  MADNESS creates an electronic forum
and distribution device for exchanging ways to change
political systems that touch People Who, and for distributing
any information and resources that might be useful.  A basic
premise of science and research is also a value of MADNESS: to
share your findings with others.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact
the Owner:


Body:     SUBSCRIBE MADNESS yourfirstname yourlastname

2C:            University Conflict Resolution
List:          ccrnet@alpha.acast.nova.eduI
List Serve:

CCRNET is about conflict resolution in the university

Body:     SUBSCRIBE CCRNET firstname lastname

                             3 :OTHER RESOURCES

3A:       CARE IN PLACE: The International Journal of Networks
          and Community

Care in Place offers an international forum for reviews
and reports of  developments in human services,
legislation and theory. Care in Place  emphasises cross-
professional relationships and the widest possible focus
on all groups served by community or neighbourhood

Care in Place promotes consideration of the practical
and theoretical developments within:community care,
alternatives to institutional care localised networks
and service systems.  Care in Place is the first
international  journal to emphasise an  interdisciplinary,
cross-speciality approach to the delivery of human
services within the natural cultural habitat or community.

Manuscripts to: Professor Phil Barker (Editor)
Department of Psychiatry, University of Newcastle Upon
Tyne, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
Upon Tyne NE1 4LP, ENGLAND Fax: 091 227 5108

3B:       Mental Health gopher

State University of New York at Buffalo
Counseling Center:
URL: gopher://

David Gilles-Thomas, Ph.D.
Counseling Center, State University of New York at Buffalo

3C:       Home Page for JEAB and JABA

A group at the University of Rochester has created a
home page on the World Wide Web (WWW) for the two
SEAB journals, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of
Behavior (JEAB) and the Journal of Applied Behavior
Analysis (JABA). This effort is nothing short of

This "page" is still somewhat in progress but there is
already a complete and searchable index of JEAB and a
partial sampling  from JABA. This index can be
searched using key words provided or of your own
making. Logical arrangements of key words (and, or)
can be made. You retrieve complete reference =and=
abstract. The index searches titles and abstracts. This
index, I'm told, will be kept up to date with future issues.
In addition you can read historical information about the
society and the journals. Pictures may follow in the

In the posting I forwared, instructions were given on how
to access it in different ways. If you have MOSAIC then
you can enter a URL after clicking on the appropriate
box. The following URL worked for me (case and
punctuation marks matter):

3-D:      The CLIMATE Clinical Help System

The CLIMATE Clinical Help System is a Hypertext mental health
information system based on the World Health Organisation
(WHO) Primary Health Care Version of ICD-10, augmented with
information from the  CRUfAD Community Mental Health Workbook.
The information contained in  this Clinical Help System is not
a prescription; rather, it is advicethat clinicians may use
to inform themselves about assessment strategies, diagnostic
issues, and management for individual patients. Responsibility
for clinical decision making remains with the clinician. The
system is exactly what its name implies easily accessible
clinical help for the busy clinician. There is a good deal of
commonly used information in this system and future releases
of CLIMATE will include further information and enhancements
to its capabilities.

Obtaining CLIMATE:  Copies of the CLIMATE Clinical Help System
(V1.0), on 3.5" IBM-PC Disc

Please send your inquiries to the following address.  Climate
Promotion, Longman Cartermill Limited, Technology Centre, St.
Andrews  FIFE KY16 9EA, Scotland, Tel: +44 334 477660, Fax:
+44 334 477180

The CLIMATE Clinical Help System (V1.0) runs under the Windows
tm system on IBM-PC compatibles, and will be dispatched on a
3.5" high-density  IBM-PC compatible floppy disc. Please note
that CLIMATE is covered by international copyright, and should
only be used as one copy per computer.

3E:       PSYCHE in HTML format on the World Wide Web.

Its home page is:
We are very interested in developing the site by creating
links to other sources of information. For instance: news
on forthcoming conferences; calls for papers; pre-print
services; and job advertisements. If you have any
information on useful sites to create links with, or if you
have any comments or complaints, please contact
Stuart Watt

3F:       InterPsych / PsyComNet On-Line Conferences

The following information related to Interpsych/
PsyComNet on-line conferences can now be ordered
via e-mail:

Readings for Sunday, 4 December 1994 conference:
"The Validity of Dr. Rorschach's Test."           validity.txt
Detailed instructions on the IRC system.          irc.doc

Transcripts of Recent Conferences.

Multiple Personality Disorder:
Facts and Fictions.                               mpd.doc
Biology of Suicide.                               suicide.doc
Medical and Other Models of Psycho
pathology: DSM-IV and Alternatives.               dsm4.doc
Involuntary Treatment                             invol.doc

E-mail your request to: with the body of the
message: send psychiatry-superlist ((File_Name))

Example:  send psychiatry-superlist validity.txt

By putting each request on a separate line, you may
request more than one  file in a single e-mail to
mailbase. If you e-mail has a sig appended, the word
"stop" should be on a line below the last request line.


                    SECTION F: CALENDAR

| For free listing of your conference or event, please send us|
| the following information: dates of event, title, sponsor,  |
| location, continuing education credits (if applicable), and |
| the name, e-mail address, physical address, and phone number|
| of a contact person.  All notices should be sent by the     |
| first Friday of the month to (    |



November 27-December 9, SOFSEM'94: XXI-st International Winter
School on theoretical and practical aspects of computer science.
Milovy, Czech Republic. Organized by Czech and Slovak Societies
for Computer Science and Czech ACM Chapter SOFSEM (SOFtware
SEMinar).  Contact: (


December 3-4, Forensic Evaluations and Forensic Applications of
the MMPI and MMPI-2.  The program is offered at 2 different sites
on 2 different dates: December 3-4, 1994 in Costa Mesa, CA and
February 4-5, 1995 in Orlando, FL.  Both programs also offer
presentations of specific applications.  Presenters include
Stuart A. Greenberg and Kevin L. Moreland.  1.3 continuing
education units or 13.5 APA approved continuing education credit
for psychologists.  The registration fee is $295.  Contact: Jean
Martin (; phone (612) 625-1534; fax
(612) 626-1632.

December 9 - 11, 1994, Memory and Reality: Reconciliation.
Scientific, Clinical and Legal Issues of False Memory Syndrome.
Stouffer Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland.  Presented by
FMS Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.  16 credit
hours in Category I of the Physician's Recognition Award of the
American Medical Association.  15.75  prescribed hours by the
American Academy of Family Physicians.  For further information,
contact: Office of Continuing Medical Education, Johns Hopkins
Medical Institutions, Turner 20, 720 Rutland Avenue, Baltimore,
Maryland 21205-2195, (410)955-2959  FAX (410)955-0807.


January 18-22, Authority, Leadership and Organizational Life, A
Residential Conference sponsored by The Center for the Study of
Groups and Social Systems, Boston Center of the A.K. Rice
Institute, Mont Marie Conference Center, Holyoke, Massachusetts,
USA. For brochure and application contact: Dannielle Kennedy,
Ph.D. Associate Director for Administration, 54 Clairemont Road,
Belmont, MA 02178, 617-489-4734

January 20-21,  First Annual Interdisciplinary Roundtable on
Urban Issues, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  Sponsored by University of
Pittsburgh's Graduate and Professional Student Association.
Registration information is available upon request.  You may
contact the GPSA office (412) 648-7844.


April 3-7, The Tenth Biennial Conference on Artificial
Intelligence and Cognitive Science organized by the Society for
the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of
Behavior.  Halifax Hall of Residence & Computer Science
Department, University of Sheffield,  Sheffield, ENGLAND.
Contact: Conference programme chair, John Hallam, Department of
Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, 5 Forrest Hill,
Edinburgh EH1 2QL, SCOTLAND.  Phone: + 44 31, 650 3097, FAX: + 44
31 650 6899. E-mail: (

April 28-30, 1995, Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR'95),
Seattle, WA, USA, Sponsored by ACM SIGSOFT. The objective of this
symposium is to provide a forum for  academics and  practitioners
in the areas related to software reusability to exchange research
results, development activities, and application experience
reports. Unpublished and original state-of-the-art and
state-of-the-practice papers relevant to the symposium themes, as
well as panel and tutorial proposals,   are solicited. Contact:
Mansour Zand (


May 23-25, International Conference on Research and Practice in
Attention Deficit Disorders, Jerusalem, Israel. Division of
Special Education of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and
B'Yahad, the Israeli national parent's education and support
organization for families of children with Attention Deficit
Disorders.  Scholarly papers are currently being solicited.  Tom
Gumpel, Ph.D., Chair, Scientific Committee, The Hebrew University
of Jerusalem, (


June 21-24, Twelfth Annual International Conference in
Literature-and-Psychology, University of Freiburg, Freiburg im
Breisgau (Germany). Please send your title and a 150-word
abstract to Professor Andrew Gordon at IPSA
(  For more information, contact
Norman N. Holland (


July 5-8, Tenth International Conference on Mathematical and
Computer Modelling and Scientific Computing.  Boston
Massachusetts, U.S.A.   Authors are invited to contribute their
work for presentation at the conference in the form of one-page
abstracts typed single-space before 15 January 1995.  Decisions
on selection will be promptly communicated to the authors by FAX
not later than 31 February 1995.  Abstracts may be submitted by
FAX by dialing to U.S.A.: (314)-364-3351.

July 10-13, "20th International Conference on Improving
University Teaching".  Hong Kong. For instructions on
submitting a paper or proposal and further information about
the conference, e-mail  (

July 12-21, The Ninth Summer Workshop for the Development of
Intercultural Coursework at Colleges and Universities.
East-West Center.  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A workshop for
college and university faculty who wish to develop courses in
intercultural and international topics.  Coordinator: Richard
W. Brislin, Program on Education and Training, East-West
Center, 1777 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96848. Fax (808)
944-7070. brislinr@ewc

July 17-19, Understanding the Social World: Towards an
Integrative Approach.  Huddersfield, UK.  University of
Huddersfield.  Contact: David Nightingale,
( or (

July 31-August 4, The Fourth Annual Workshop for the
Development of Expertise in Cultural Diversity. East-West
Center. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.  A program for cross-cultural
trainers who will work with newly developed training modules
in the areas of international business, health care,
counseling, mediation, leadership, and workplace diversity.
Coordinator:  Richard W. Brislin. Program on Education and
Training, East-West Center, 1777 East-West Rd., Honolulu, HI.
96848. fax (808) 944-7070. brislinr@ewc


Nov 1-5, Internal Evaluation Conference: Developing a world
perspective.  The first evaluation conference. Vancouver,
Canada. Jointly sponsored by American Evaluation Assoc and
the Canadian Evaluation Soc.  Contact: John McLaughlin,
President, American Evaluation Assoc., Research and
Evaluation Branch, PO Box 6Q, Richmond Virginia 23216, (804)
371-8593 (fax)