The InterPsych Newsletter 2(3)



IPN 2(3) Section 0: Index


                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

     Section 0:     INDEX
     (File #1)

     Section A:     EDITORIAL
     (File #2)      Kill me - I'm useful! - Reconstructing the
                    real world in cyberspace
                    Sunkyo Kwon, Managing editor

     Section B:     NEWS
     (File #3)      1.   InterPsych to move to Netcom
                    2.   Rorschach conference report
                    3.   Another one on the move: Evaluation
                         center lists
                    4.   DSM IV Conference report
                    5.   IPN Listserv available
                    6.   Szasz "Psychiatric News" article and IP
                         discussion log available
                    7.   Charles Figley receives Pioneer Award:

     (File #4)      1.   InterPsych Update
                    2.   SIG Update
                         A. Clinical psychology
                         B. Managed-behavioural-healthcare
                         C. Psych-Couns
                         D. Transcultural Psychology
                    3.   New lists on InterPsych
                         A. Addiction medicine
                         B. Child and adolescent anxiety and
                         C. Geriatric-Nueropsychiatry

     Section D:     RESEARCH
     (File #5)      1.   "The invisible epidemic of sleep apnea
                         and snoring" by Jerry Halberstadt
                    2.   Lists on the evaluation center at HSRI

     Section E:     RESOURCE UPDATE
     (File #6)      1:   NEWSGROUPS
                         A:   Psychology & Support Groups
                              Newsgroup Pointer
                    2:   MAILISTS
                         A:  Virtual Reality Psychology
                         B:  MADNESS (aka) ThisIsCrazy
                         C:  University Conflict Resolution
                    3:   OTHER RESOURCES
                         A:   CARE IN PLACE: The International
                              Journal of Networks and Community
                         B:   Mental Health gopher
                         C:   SEAB & JEAB Home Page
                         D.   The CLIMATE Clinical Help System
                         E:   PSYCHE
                         F:   InterPsych / PsyComNet On-Line
                              Conferences Texts

     Section F:     CALENDAR
     (File #7)

     Section G:     ANNOUNCEMENTS
     (File #8)      1.   Call for Papers - Clinical Child
                         Psychology and Psychiatry
                    2.   Call for collaborators: EEG, ERP, Sleep
                    3.   Outpatient certification
                    4.   Looking for mental health professionals
                         who are winter sports enthusiasts
                    5.   Looking for research related to children
                         in orphanages
                    6.   National research service awards for
                         drug abuse research
                    7.   Looking for schizophrenia researchers in
                    8.   DOING IT! An MRI Brief Therapy Intensive
                    9.   The Journal of Group-Analytic

     Section H:     EMPLOYMENT
     (File #9-11)

Happy holidays from everyone on the InterPsych Newsletter staff.



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