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IPN 2(1) Sections E-H: Resource Update, Calendar, Announcements, Employment




| This section is intended for articles describing |
| new resources to encourage the use of  resources |
| currently available on the net.                  |

E-1  Scientific articles available via anonymous

As an aid to education and communication, Charles
T. Tart, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at  the
Davis  campus  of  the  University of California,
internationally  known  for pioneering scientific
work in the above and related areas, is gradually
making reprints of his published journal articles
and miscellaneous papers available, via anonymous
ftp, to whoever is interested.   These are mostly
from scientific journals, but are generally quite
readable to the educated layman.   Computer users
with   access  to  the  Internet  can  access the
archive as follows:

Connect to ftp server, "".
Log in as username "anonymous".
Send your e-mail address as the ident/password string.
cd to /pub/fztart.
A "dir" command will show you what is available.
A "get" command will retrieve documents.

The file  "current-contents"  will  be updated regularly,
showing what papers are available, often with an abstract
of each.  For more information,   contact Jonathan Steven


The Health InfoCom Newsletter, issues HICN751 and
HICN752 are now available for pickup.  The table of
contents are listed below.  For more information
contact David Dodell, Editor, HICNet Medical
Newsletter (

The Health Infocom Newsletter can be requested in
one of three ways:

MOSAIC:   Asia/Pacific:  http:
          Americas: http:
          The first line of text much be:
          get /waffle/files/mednews/hicnxxx.nws

HICNet Medical News Digest      Sun, 16 Oct 1994
Volume 07 : Issue 51

Today's Topics:

  [MMWR 11 Oct 94]  Vaccination Coverage of 2-year
                    Old Children
  [MMWR]  Missed Opportunities to Vaccinate
          Pre-School Children
  [MMWR] Childhood Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
  [MMWR]  Certification of Poliomyelitis
  [MMWR]  Update: Human Plague - India, 1994
          Scientists Net Major Shrimp Allergen
          Low-Cal Diets: Can they prolong life?
HICNet Medical News Digest      Sun, 16 Oct 1994
Volume 07 : Issue 52

Today's Topics:

     Internet Availability of PEEM Guidelines
     forecasting Vector-Borne Disease.
     Armed Forces Institute of Pathology - Fall
     1994 Courses.
     AIDS Daily News Summaries.

                    SECTION F: CALENDAR

| For free listing of your conference or event, please send us|
| the  following information: dates of event,  title, sponsor,|
| location,  continuing  education  credits  (if  applicable),|
| and  the name, e-mail address,  physical address,  and phone|
| number  of a contact person.   All notices should be sent by|
| the first Friday of the month to the IPN Mailbox:           |
| (                                 |


     October 29,  Annual conference of the New York
     Center for Psychoanalytic Studies.  Fordham
     University. The subject this year is the
     narcissistic and the difficult patient in
     Psychoanalysis. (


     November 4-6, Current Topics In the Law and
     Mental Health.  The Westin Hotel, Seattle,
     Washington, USA. Sponsored by Missoula
     Psychiatric Services.  For Registration and
     Information, contact: Professionally Planned
     Ltd, Post Office Box 5626, Missoula, Montana
     59806, 406-542-7526

     November 11-13, Objectivity and Truth in the
     Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and the
     Humanities. Boston Marriott, Cambridge, USA.
     For information call (609) 683-7878, or
     e-mail: (

     November 12-13, The 7th Symposium on
     Creativity, Psychopathology and Adaptation.
     Theme: Women and Creativity. The Department of
     Psychiatry of the Montreal General Hospital.
     Contact Cathy Tsagaroulis, Room 675, 1650
     Cedar Avenue, Montreal, P.Q. H3G 1A4.  Please
     include name, address, telephone number and
     practice/ affiliation.

     November 18-20, European Trauma Conference:
     Trauma Treatment in the 90's: Towards the 21st
     Century. Presented by the UK and Finland
     Members of the International Association of
     Trauma Counsellors. The Birch Hotel, Haywards
     Heath, Sussex, United Kingdom.  Conference is
     endorsed by Saybrook Institute.  Contact: Lori
     Beth Bisbey (,
     phone:44-342-323107.  Fax:44-342-324316.

     November 27-December 9, SOFSEM'94: XXI-st
     International Winter School on theoretical and
     practical aspects of computer science.
     Milovy, Czech Republic. Organized by Czech and
     Slovak Societies for Computer Science and
     Czech ACM Chapter SOFSEM (SOFtware SEMinar).
     Contact: (


     January 18-22, Authority, Leadership and
     Organizational Life, A Residential Conference
     sponsored by The Center for the Study of
     Groups and Social Systems, Boston Center of
     the A.K. Rice Institute, Mont Marie Conference
     Center, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. For
     brochure and application contact: Dannielle
     Kennedy, Ph.D. Associate Director for
     Administration, 54 Clairemont Road, Belmont,
     MA 02178, 617-489-4734


     April 3-7, The Tenth Biennial Conference on
     Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
     organized by the Society for the Study of
     Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of
     Behaviour.  Halifax Hall of Residence &     Computer Science Department, University of
     Sheffield,  Sheffield, ENGLAND.  Contact:
     Conference programme chair, John Hallam,
     Department of Artificial Intelligence,
     University of Edinburgh, 5 Forrest Hill,
     Edinburgh EH1 2QL, SCOTLAND.  Phone: + 44 31
     650 3097, FAX: + 44 31 650 6899. E-mail:


     May 23-25, International Conference on
     Research and Practice in Attention Deficit
     Disorders, Jerusalem, Israel. Division of
     Special Education of The Hebrew University of
     Jerusalem, and B'Yahad, the Israeli national
     parent's education and support organization
     for families of children with Attention
     Deficit Disorders.  Scholarly papers are
     currently being solicited.  Tom Gumpel, Ph.D.,
     Chair, Scientific Committee, The Hebrew
     University of Jerusalem,


     June 21-24, Twelfth Annual International
     Conference in Literature-and-Psychology,
     University of Freiburg, Freiburg in Breisgau
     (Germany). Please send your title and a
     150-word abstract to Professor Andrew Gordon
     at IPSA (  For
     more information, contact Norman N. Holland


     July 10-13, "20th International Conference on
     Improving University Teaching".  Hong Kong.
     For instructions on submitting a paper or
     proposal and further information about the
     conference, e-mail  (

                  SECTION G: ANNOUNCEMENTS

| This section contains general announcements that |
| are relevant to the InterPsych Community.   Send |
| announcements to the IPN Mailbox:                |
| (                      |

1.   INTERPSYCH JOURNAL - Request for Input

InterPsych is in the process of negotiating with
two publishers regarding publication of an
electronically distributed, peer-reviewed journal.
Initial plans are to publish short empirical
articles in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and
experimental psychopathology.

We are currently gathering additional information
to include with the proposal that we are submitting
to the publishers. As part of this effort it would
be useful to hear from members of the academic
community about those aspects of electronically
distributed journals that would influence decisions
about submitting or subscribing to (or reading)
such a journal.

Relevant factors might include mode of access,
cost, level of scholarly review, stature of
editorial board, scope of content coverage,
circulation, speed of publication, etc.

We would be pleased if you would take a few moments
to send us your opinion on these matters. Please
direct comments to David L. DiLalla, Ph.D.


The International Research and Exchanges Board
(IREX) has just recently released information
concerning grant opportunities for United States
citizens and universities, at the graduate-level
and higher,  for the academic year 1995 - 1996.
Eligibility differs from program to program, but
all IREX grants are targeted to scholars of the
social sciences /humanities pursuing academic
interests in the Newly Independent States, Central
& Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

More comprehensive information on IREX funding can
be obtained from our gopher server:,
port 70. Users without gopher capability should
contact ( for more


The new Directory of Research Opportunities for
Clinical Psychology Interns, edited by Jack
Blanchard, is now available. One hundred and fifty
five programs are described. One of the most
important features of the new Directory is a
listing of the psychological interventions that are
taught and/or supervised at each site. The list is
derived from the Division 12 Task Force chaired by
Dianne Chambless. This is a gold mine of
information for prospective interns. Those wishing
to purchase the Directory may call Graywind at
518-438-3231.  Please let your students know about
this outstanding Directory! (U21B4@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU)


Dr. Haste is putting together a panel proposal on
the development of children's scientific
understanding for the BPS Annual Conference which
is April 1-4 in Warwick.  The deadline for the
proposal submission is October 31.  If anyone is
interested in joining in, please contact him with a
brief summary of your proposed paper.

5.   CARE IN PLACE: The International Journal of
     Networks and Community.

Care in Place offers an international forum for
reviews and reports of developments in human
services, legislation and theory. Care in Place
emphasizes cross-professional relationships and the
widest possible focus on all groups served by
community or neighborhood systems.  Send
manuscripts to: Professor Phil Barker (Editor)
Department of Psychiatry, University of Newcastle
Upon Tyne, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon
Tyne NE1 4LP, ENGLAND Fax: 091 227 5108
   For subscription or single copies, either contact
   your usual supplier or:
   Routledge Subscriptions, ITPS Ltd., Cheriton House
   North Way, Andover SP10 5BE, United Kingdom
   Fax:+44(0)264 342807
     Rates: Institution: $90.00 (USA/Can)  Personal $46.00


David Fresco will be maintaining of list of
InterPsych members who will be attending the AABT
in San Diego, CA., USA.  Members interested in
meeting should contact him at


We are conducting a survey about the availability
of a course on the  PSYCHOLOGY OF GENDER at the
undergraduate level in Psychology.  If your
University program offers a course on this topic,
could you please send us a short description of it
(curriculum); please specify if the course is
obligatory in your program. Please send your answer
to (

                   SECTION H: EMPLOYMENT

| This section is intended for listing current job |
| openings  in positions  relevant  to  InterPsych |
| members.  Send  job postings to the IPN Mailbox: |
| (                      |

  The Augusta Mental Health Institute has an
available position for a board certified
psychiatrist to join a staff of ten in treating the
most seriously ill in the State of Maine with
state-of-the-art care.  We offer the opportunity
for satisfying practice in a friendly collegial
environment.  Salary and benefits are highly
competitive.  South-central Maine offers a
comfortable and pleasant style of life.  Please
send your CV to William Anderson, M.D., Director of
Clinical Services, Augusta Mental Health Institute,
P.O. Box 724, Augusta ME 04332-0724 USA.

Facility Augusta Mental Health Institute is
currently taking assertive steps to re-focus on its
true mission and move toward a stronger emphasis on
community based treatment.  We are seeking an
individual with strong leadership/administrative
skills to guide the department of Social Work
Services in the crucial role it will play in AMHI's
future.  We need a candidate with an MAW and at
least 3 years of clinical background who has a
thorough understanding  of hospital/community
systems with an emphasis on creative discharge
planning.  Specific experience with individuals
suffering from major psychiatric disorders is
essential.  We offer a competitive salary and major
benefits package offered to State of Maine
employees.  If you are looking for a challenge with
the opportunity to truly make a difference, please
send your resume and letter of application to:
Nicole Morin-Scribner, Assistant Director of Human
Services, P.O. Box 724, Augusta ME 04332-0724 USA


applications for permanent, tenure-track positions
initial appointment is for
September, 1995. The current department of 24
offers an APA-accredited PsyD in clinical
psychology which follows a practitioner model of
training with a strong commitment to science-based
education. Approximately 10-15 graduate
students are accepted annually. The department also
houses the Center for Applied Psychology, a
clinical services facility, which provides
opportunities for clinical training and research.
On the undergraduate level, the department offers

1. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY (Associate/Full Professor,
depending on qualifications): Applicants should
have a doctorate from an APA-accredited
program; eligibility for Pennsylvania licensure is
desirable. Preference will be given to applicants
who can contribute to graduate teaching and
supervision in the area of psychological assessment
and/or clinical neuropsychology. Outstanding
applicants with expertise in other areas of
clinical psychology
including behavioral medicine and child/family
therapy will be considered.

2. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (Assistant Professor):
Applicants should have a doctorate in developmental
psychology; preference will be given to applicants
with a specialization in child psychology. Teaching
responsibilities will include undergraduate courses
in child and adolescent psychology; other course
assignments will depend on the applicant's
expertise and interests.  FOR BOTH POSITIONS, a
commitment to excellence in both undergraduate and
graduate education and research is essential.
Individual initiatives in any form of scholarly
activity, including grant writing, are encouraged.
IUP is the largest university in Pennsylvania's
State System of Higher Education and is located
approximately 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
Applications should be received by Feb. 15, 1995
for full consideration; review of applications will
continue until the positions are filled. Letters of
application, vitae, transcripts, three letters of
reference (one of which must be from your current
employer/supervisor), and supporting materials
should be sent to: Dr. Mary Lou Zanich, Chair -
Clinical Search Committee or Developmental Search
Committee, 316-P Clark Hall, Department of
Psychology, IUP, Indiana, PA  15705-1068.  Women
and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.
IUP is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity