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Note: This section covers events in psychology
      and psychiatry, compiled by Events Section 
      Editor Myron Pulier. Due to the very high volume 
      of material in previous editions, the PsychNews 
      has restricted listings to calls/deadlines.

                     CALLS FOR PAPERS

| For free listing of your conference or event, please send  |
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| tinuing education credits and meeting Web pages, and the   |
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| of a contact person. More detail is welcome and will be    |
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| deadline.                                                  |
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| Please send new listings to:   pulierml@umdnj.edu          |

 Key: "CE=" refers to maximum continuing education credit
 hours available, and d=physicians, p=psychologists,
 s=social workers, n=nurses, m=marriage & family counselors,
 c=other counselors, and o=other disciplines

Submission deadlines in July, 2000

Deadline: 28-Jul-00 for event to be held December 7-8, 2000: 
"Stalking" (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia). Sponsor: 
Australian Institute of Criminology [AIC]. Contact: 
Marianne.James@aic.gov.au Marianne James; Australian Institute of 
Criminology; GPO Box 2944; Canberra ACT 2601; Australia; 
+61/2/6260 9242; +61/2/6260 9201.

Submission deadlines in August, 2000

Deadline: 01-Aug-00 for event to be held February 19-24, 2001: 
"53rd Annual Scientific Meeting" (Seattle, WA, USA). Sponsor: 
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Section, American Academy of 
Forensic Sciences [AAFS]. Contact: njackson@aafs.org Nancy 
Jackson, Assistant Director; membership@aafs.org American Academy 
of Forensic Sciences; PO Box 669; Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0669; 
719/636-1100; 800/701-2237 membership information only; 719/636-
1993 fax.

Deadline: 01-Aug-00 for event to be held March 28-April 1, 2001: 
"1st European Conference of Gestalt Therapy Writers" (Unspecified, 
Sicily, Italy). Sponsor: European Association for Gestalt Therapy 
[EAGT]. Contact: European Association for Gestalt Therapy; c/o 
mailto:gestalt@madeinsicily.it Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, 
President; Via Alaimo da Lentini 2; 96100 Syracusa; Italy; 
+39/0931/442734 fax.

Deadline: 04-Aug-00 for event to be held February 24-27, 2001: 
"12th Annual Meeting" (Fort Myers, FL, USA). Sponsor: American 
Neuropsychiatric Association [ANPA]. Contact: f-
ovsiew@uchicago.edu Fred Ovsiew, MD; Psychiatry Dept.; U. of 
Chicago Hospital; MC 3077; 5841 South Maryland Ave.; Chicago, IL 
60637-1463; 773/702-3770; 773/702-6465 fax. (CE=14: d).

Deadline: 15-Aug-00 for event to be held June 6-9, 2001: "11th 
Annual Case Management Conference & Expo" (Nashville, TN, USA). 
Sponsor: Case Management Society of America [CMSA]. Contact: 
(501/221-9068) or e-mail (mbpruss@acminet.com).

Deadline: 31-Aug-00 for event to be held October 26-28, 2000: 
"10th Congreso Argenitno de Psicologia: La Psicologia en el Siglo 
XXI - vigencia de sus practicas" (Rosario, Argentina). Sponsor: 
Federacion de psic█logos de la Republica Argentina. Contact: 
colpsi@edu.ar Adolfo Faya.

Deadline: 31-Aug-00 for event to be held November 23-26, 2000: 
"5th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine [MEDNET 2000]" 
(Brussels, Brabant, Belgium). Sponsor: Society for the Internet in 
Medicine [SIM]. Contact: info@mednet.org.uk Society for the 
Internet in Medicine.

Submission deadlines in September, 2000

Deadline: 01-Sep-00 for event to be held April 16-19, 2001: 
"International Congress on Religion & Mental Health" (Tehran, 
Iran). Sponsor: Tehran Institute of Psychiatry. Contact: 
rmental2001@mentalhelp.net International Congress; Tehran 
Institute of Psychiatry; Jahan St.1; Taleghani Ave.; 156363 
Tehran; Iran; +98/21/7537847; +98/21/7534354; +98/21/7433847 fax.

Deadline: 01-Sep-00 for event to be held July 22-27, 2001: "42nd 
Annual Conference: Psychoanalysis - Method & Applications" (Nice, 
Alpes-Maritimes, France). Sponsor: International Psychoanalytical 
Association [IPA]. Contact: ipa@ipa.org.uk The International 
Psychoanalytical Association; "Broomhills", Woodside Lane; London 
N12 8UD; United Kingdom; +44/181/446 8324; +44/181/445 4729 fax.

Deadline: 05-Sep-00 for event to be held May 5-10, 2001: "154th 
Annual Meeting" (New Orleans, LA, USA). Sponsor: American 
Psychiatric Association [APA]. Contact: