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 Key: "CE=" refers to maximum continuing education credit
 hours available, and d=physicians, p=psychologists,
 s=social workers, n=nurses, m=marriage & family counselors,
 c=other counselors, and o=other disciplines

Submission deadlines in March, 1999

Deadline: 29-Mar-99 for event to be held February 14-19, 2000: 
"Annual Meeting: Celebrating the Power of the Group in the Year 
2000" (Los Angeles, CA, USA). Sponsor: American Group Psychotherapy 
Association [AGPA]. Contact: groupsinc@aol.com American Group 
Psychotherapy Association; 25 East 21st St., 6th Floor; New York, 
NY 10010; 212/477-2677; 212/979-6627 fax.

Submission deadlines in April, 1999

Deadline: 01-Apr-99 for event to be held July 8-10, 1999: 
"International Conference on Sports & Society" (Marquette, MI, 
USA). Sponsor: Northern Michigan University. Contact: 
drybacki@nmu.edu Donald Rybacki, Head; Dept. of Communications & 
Performance Studies; Northern Michigan University; 1401 Presque 
Isle Ave.; Marquette, MI 49855; 906/227-1655; 906/227-2071 fax.

Deadline: 01-Apr-99 for event to be held October 19-22, 1999: 
"Stages of Development of the Psyche" (Moscow, Russia). Sponsor: 
Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, Russian State University for The 
Humanities. Contact: spirid@rsuh.ru Vygotsky Institute of 
Psychology; Miusskaja Ploshad 6, RGGU; Moscow 125267; Russian 

Deadline: 01-Apr-99 for event to be held July 30- August 4, 2000: 
"44th Annual Meeting [HFES2000]: Ergonomics for the New Millennium" 
(San Diego, CA, USA). Sponsor: Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 
[HFES]. Contact: hfes@compuserve.com Human Factors & Ergonomics 
Society; PO Box 1369; Santa Monica, CA 90406-1369; 301/394-1811; 
301/394-2410 fax.

Deadline: 10-Apr-99 for event to be held June 9-12, 1999: "9th 
Congresso Mineiro de Psiquiatria: Psiquiatria, Ciencia e Etica: 
Clinicar e Preciso?" (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil). 
Sponsor: Associacao Mineira de Psiquiatria [AMP]. Contact: 
Secretaria Executiva do Congresso Mineiro de Psiquiatria; Rua 
Desembargador Mario Matos 420; Serra - Belo Horizonte; Minas 
Gerais, Cep: 30220-410; Brasil; +55/31/221-5195; +55/31/221-5195 

Deadline: 15-Apr-99 for event to be held June 20-26, 1999: "7th 
International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women: Women's Worlds 
99" (Tromso, Norway). Sponsor: Centre for Women's Studies & Women 
in Research, Senter for kvinneforskning og kvinner i forskning 
[KVINNFORSK]. Contact: womens.world.99@skk.uit.no Women's Worlds.

Deadline: 15-Apr-99 for event to be held July 30-August 3, 1999: 
"30th Annual Meeting" (Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA). Sponsor: 
International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology [ISPNE]. Contact: 
Oakley Ray, PhD; PO Box 121029; Nashville, TN 37212; 615/343-2069 

Deadline: 15-Apr-99 for event to be held September 29-October 2, 
1999: "31st Annual General Meeting" (Rome, Lazio, Italy). Sponsor: 
European Brain & Behaviour Society [EBBS]. Contact: ebbs@rm.cnr.it 
B de Marsanich & E Passino; IRCCS Santa Lucia; Via Ardeatina, 306; 
00179 Roma; Italy; +39/06/5150 1511; +39/06/503 4038 fax.

Deadline: 26-Apr-99 for event to be held October 23-28, 1999: "29th 
Annual Meeting" (Miami Beach, FL, USA). Sponsor: Society for 
Neuroscience. Contact: info@sfn.org Society for Neuroscience; 11 
Dupont Circle NW; STE 500; Washington, DC 20036; 202/462-6688.

Deadline: 30-Apr-99 for event to be held August 6-8, 1999: "17th 
Annual Conference: Millenial Chalenges in Management, Education, 
Cybertechnology, & Leadership" (San Diego, CA, USA). Sponsor: The 
Association of Management & the International Association of 
Management [AoM / IAoM]. Contact: kldi@mindspring.com Karin Klenke, 
PhD; 804/320-5771; 757/482-0325 fax.

Submission deadlines in May, 1999

Deadline: 15-May-99 for event to be held October 14-16, 1999: 
"Annual Meeting" (St. Louis, MO, USA). Sponsor: Society of 
Experimental Social Psychology [SESP]. Contact: 
psycaa@showme.missouri.edu Craig A Anderson; 210 McAlester Hall; 
Dept. of Psychology; U. of Missouri; Columbia, MO 65211-2500.

Submission deadlines in June, 1999

Deadline: 01-Jun-99 for event to be held December 2-3, 1999: "1st 
Bisontine Conference for Conceptual & Linguistic Development in the 
Child Aged from 1 to 6 Years" (Besancon, France). Sponsor: 
Laboratoire de Psychologie, Universite de Franche-Comte. Contact: 
caroline.floccia@univ-fcomte.fr Caroline Floccia or Geraldine 
Mougeot; Laboratoire de Psychologie; Universite de Franche-Comte; 
330, rue Megevand; F-25000 Besancon; France; +33/3/81 66 51 98; 
+33/3/81 66 54 40 fax.

Deadline: 01-Jun-99 for event to be held July 30-August 4, 2000: 
"14th Triennial Congress" (San Diego, CA, USA). Sponsor: 
International Ergonomics Association [IEA]. Contact: 
w0karw03@ulkyvm.louisville.edu Waldemar Karwowski, Secretary 
General; International Ergonomics Association; Center for 
Industrial Ergonomics; Academic Building Room 437; U. of 
Louisville; Louisville, KY 40292; 502/852-7173; 502/852-7397 fax.

Deadline: 15-Jun-99 for event to be held August 6-9, 1999: "6th 
Annual ACT-R Workshop" (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Sponsor: Dept. of 
Psychology, George Mason University. Contact: ACT-R Workshop; 
George Mason University; Psychology Dept.; "http://hfac.gmu.edu" 
Human Factors & Applied Cognitive Program; MSN 3F5 Attn: 
jblechma@gmu.edu Jane Blechman; Fairfax, VA 22030; 703/993-2104; 
703/993-1330 fax.

Deadline: 21-Jun-99 for event to be held August 28-30, 1999: "Pain 
& Consciousness: Interfacing On Common Issues" (Innsbruck, 
Austria). Sponsor: Association for the Scientific Study of 
Consciousness [ASSC]. Contact: crc@u.washington.edu C Richard 
Chapman, PhD; Dept. of Anesthesiology; Box 356540; U. of 
Washington; Seattle, WA 98195-6540; 206/685-2082; 206/543-2958 fax.

Submission deadlines in November, 1999

Deadline: 01-Nov-99 for event to be held April 14-17, 2000: "5th 
Conference: Challenging the Boundaries - Personal Construct 
Psychology Perspectives for the New Millennium" (Mellieha, Malta). 
Sponsor: European Personal Construct Association [EPCA]. Contact: 
D.Stojnov@f.bg.ac.yu D Stojnov; Psychology Dept.; Faculty of 
Philosophy; Eika Ljubina 18-20; 11000 Belgrade; Yugoslavia; 
+381/11/639-356; +381/11/623-146 (home).

Deadline: 01-Nov-99 for event to be held August 9-14, 2000: 
"Conference" (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). Sponsor: International 
Transactional Analysis Association. Contact: Susan Sevilla, 
Executive Director; itaa@itaa-net.org International Transactional 
Analysis Association; 450 Pacific Ave.; STE 250; San Francisco, CA 
94133-4640; 415/989-5640; 415/989-9343; 403/263-1985 fax.

Submission deadlines in January, 2000

Deadline: 01-Jan-00 for event to be held May 19-21, 2000: "6th 
International Congress" (Glasgow, Scotland, UK). Sponsor: 
International Association Autism-Europe [IAAE]. Contact: 
autisme.europe@arcadis.be International Association Autism-Europe; 
Ave. E Van Becelaere 26B, bte 21; B -1170 Brussels; Belgium; 
+32/2/675 75 05; +32/2/675 72 70 fax.

Deadline: 16-Jan-00 for event to be held August 1, 2000: "World 
Computer Congress: Information Processing Beyond Year 2000" 
(Beijing, China). Sponsor: International Federation for Information 
Processing [IFIP]. Contact: wcc2000@arch.cs.pku.edu.cn Li Xiaoming; 
Dept. of Computer Science & Technology; Peking University; Beijing 
100871; China; +86/10/62756231; +86/10/62751792 fax.

Deadline: 31-Jan-00 for event to be held July 9-13, 2000: "22nd 
Congress: Interface between Psychiatry & Neurology" (Brussels, 
Belgium). Sponsor: Collegium Internationale Neuro-
Psychopharmacologicum [CINP]. Contact: D Souery, Scientific 
Secretariat; Hopital Erasme, ULB; Dept. of Psychiatry; 
cinp2000@ulb.ac.be CINP Office; Route de Lennik, 808; 1070 
Brussels; Belgium;  ; +32/2/555 44 09; +32/2/555 45 15 fax -or- 
Information Technology Assisted by Computer itac@pophost.eunet.be 
Scri; Countrylaan 13; B-1932 St. Stevens Woluwe; Belgium; 
+32/2/721-3232; +32/2/721-3232 fax.