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ADD/ADHD on gailmiller@clara.net
A new free monthly ezine accenting the positive side of 

For sufferers, parents and professionals to keep up to 
date with all the latest news and research in the field 
of ADHD (and other related disorders).

Articles will be of the highest quality from the most 
eminent specialists in the field and among other disorders 
and syndromes dscussed will be Autism, Asperger syndrome, 
Tourette sundrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc.
Input is wanted from both professionals and parents, 
in an effort to work together to find positive solutions 
and a way forward for these individuals.

To subscribe send email to  gailmiller@clara.net with 
"subscribe ADHD" in body of message.

Gail Miller
The ADHD (UK) Website

Being Well via www.qualityteam.com
Life's not just being alive; but being well! The focus of 
the monthly newsletter will be on ways that you can improve 
your life and your health. You will find recipes, tips, 
articles, and ideas, as well as contests, sales and 
sometimes fantastic news that I'd like to share with you. 
If you enjoy Being Well, pass it along to a friend and 
tell them to get a free subscription!  The newsletter 
will be mailed on the 15th of each month, 
and a possible mailing on the 1st.

Previous articles:
Chicken Soup for the Cold
10 Ways to Feel GOOD About Yourself
It's That Time of Year Again (surviving the holiday season)
How To Shop and Care for A Christmas Tree

Subscribe at http://www.qualityteam.com

Career and Education via clipsESP.listbot.com/
A monthly free newsletter covering job and internship 
openings, grants, scholarships and other career and 
educational oportunities for the media and visual arts; 
as well as deadlines and press releases from festivals and
other related events worldwide.

The announcements are edited by the Project Proarte 
Brazil from information taken from other ezines, 
lists and mailgroups and are posted in the language 
they were originally submitted (99% of them are in English,
Spanish and Portuguese)

To subscribe go to:

or mail to:

Chronic Pain on CPS-subscribe@onelist.com
A new publication of the Chronic Pain website and
the associated mailing list for chronic pain support.

You are invited to visit the website at:

To subscribe to the Chronic Pain Support Group mailing list, either
visit http://onelist.com/subscribe/CPS
or send a blank email to CPS-subscribe@onelist.com

Chronic Renal Failure on www.onelist.com
A place for people living with Chronic Renal failure 
to discuss the life style changes and other issues 
related to this illness. Topics could include: types 
of treatment, other health issues, travel, relationships,
educational information, etc.  Help each other by 
sharing experiences and knowledge. On the lighter 
side, humourous and/or encouraging posts, (jokes,
poems, etc.) are welcome.

To subscribe: go to www.onelist.com/CRFLife/subscribe, 
and click on "Subscribe to this list"

Owner: Reddun Reddun@bitsmart.com

Confucius List at confucius@lists.gnacademy.org
A Discussion of Confucian Philosophy

Confucius List has completed it's first cycle of a 
daily quote from _The Analects_ and will begin again 
with another translation into English. Discussion 
of the philosophy of Confucius, problems with the translation,
or simply just reading the daily quote are all possible. 
Numerous posters are generous with their expert knowledge 
and their time. A moderator keeps the list in order.  
Normally two or three postings per day.

To subscribe, 
send a message to majordomo@lists.gnacademy.org

And in the body of the message write: subscribe confucius

Contact: Moderator, Todd Thacker (tct@shinbiro.com)

Edunotes via www.educyber.com
Edunotes for Educators is a monthly newsletter that 
provides information and tips on using computers and the Internet.

To join this list, fill out the form at
http://www.educyber.com/edunotes/edunotes.shtml or 
send a blank email to info@educyber.com with "subscribe 
Educators Edunotes" as the subject.  The web
version of this newsletter is accessible at the URL above.

Brian DeLaet admin@educyber.com
Educyber, Inc. http://www.educyber.com
The Computer & Internet Education Specialists

EnlightendPartnerships on requests@lists.webvalence.com
Weekly access to uncommon knowledge, powerful 
distinctions, evolutionary practices, inspiration 
and more to support you in creating enlightened
partnerships (romantic, business, you name it) filled 
with trust, integrity, love and soulful co-creation.  
Free from the Center for  Enlightened Partnership, 
A Virtual Learning and Resource Center.
This is a broadcast-only opt-in mailing list. The mailing 
list is confidential and will _not_ be resold, shared 
or otherwise disclosed.  You may freely transmit it 
to anyone you wish.

To subscribe to EnlightendPartnerships, send e-mail to

Marty Crouch  http://webvalence.com  (503) 335.3442
2236 NE 44th Avenue, Portland, OR 97213

Gerontological Nursing at afgnv@erols.com
A Monthly Gerontological Nursing E-Zine to 
express news, views, systems, skills, and 
tools to assist any health care provider serving
the post-acute arena.

Typically the post-acute arena serves nursing homes, 
sub-acute facilities, assisted living, adult day 
care and any other service geared toward the
continuum of care in elder care.  Health care is 
constantly changing. Regulations and reimbursements 
can play havoc on any health professional/provider 
servicing this industry.

In attempts to provide both information and support,
JWGNV is creating a monthly ezine which will offer:

Health care news updates/summaries
Regulatory updates
Discussions on: PPS (Prospective Payment System)
                MDS (Minimum Data Set)
                HCFA Initiatives Compliance Issues
                Restorative Care
                Assessing Competencies
                Weight Management Programs
                Quality Improvement
                Managment and Leadership skills
                Nursing practice
                Assisted Living
                And other related topics

The first issue deals with tools/systems that will 
help those healthcare professionals confronted with 
the increased scrutiny of HCFA in regulatory compliance.

JWGNV is a Mid-Atlantic Consulting Group based
in Maryland and serving five states.
To subscribe go to

or email  Annette Fleishell
 at: afgnv@erols.com
with subscribe in subject

Grantseeker via MinerL@mu.edu
The GRANTSEEKER TIPS disseminates bi-weekly 
tips and ideas for people wanting to 
successfully pursue grants from foundations, 
corporations, and government agencies. Tips 
cover all aspects of planning and writing
proposals: identifying funding sources, 
electronic information sources, making 
pre-proposal contacts, technical writing 
tips, constructing budgets,
and document design.

To join, send e-mail to MinerL@mu.edu and enter
"Subscribe" in subject line.

Owners and Editors: Lynn Miner MinerL@mu.edu and Jeremy Miner
Associate Dean, and  Executive Director
Research and Sponsored Programs
Marquette University

Health-E-Letter via www.montrose-research.com/newsletter.htm
The Montrose Health-E-Letter is published bi-monthly by 
Montrose Integrated Research. The Montrose Health-E-Letter 
provides up-to-date health information for health-conscious 
adults. You will find reviews of current research, original 
articles on a broad range of health-related topics, current 
news of interest, commentary, self-care information, inside 
information on over-the-counter and prescription medications, 
and more. Besides our free health and wellness newsletter, 
Montrose Integrated Research Services performs health &
medicine online research, and medical literature search & 
information retrieval services.  And we are an independent 
publisher of manuals & guides on health topics.

Sign up for your free subscription at:

Health Wisdom on healthinfo@healthwisdom.com
You will discover how your lifestyle affects
your health and what you can do about it. 
Many of us suffer from lack of energy, high 
blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, and other 
problems. You do not necessarily have to feel that
way. We will discuss how simple changes in your 
lifestyle could help you feel the way you used 
to feel.

* Simple ways to improve your energy level.
* The importance of your colon to your health.
* Which kinds of nutrients and vitamins are the most effective.
* Promoting health at the cellular level.

To start your FREE E-Mail Subscription to the 
HealthWisdom Email Newsletter, send a blank 
email message to: subscribe@healthwisdom.com

Owner: Greg Howlett of the Wise Choices Internet Group

Heart Survival on www.HeartSurvivalGuide.com
The Heart Survival Guide [TM] -- 
Helping You Create and Sustain a 
Heart-Healthy Lifestyle [TM]

For women and men who have, or are at-risk for, 
heart disease. If you know you need to make 
lifestyles changes and have had mixed success 
at best in achieving them, then this newsletter is
meant for you.
If you've ever:
- tried to cut out red meat, but couldn't do it,
- promised yourself you'd exercise 3 times a week, but 
  couldn't stick with it, or simply thought yourself 
  bad or weak because you seemed to lack the willpower 
  to take actions to improve your health,
  you'll benefit from reading this publication.

This guide is dedicated to the proposition that you 
can, by developing and following a "plan of attack" 
you  believe in, not only survive heart disease -- 
but thrive, living a full and vital life.

Each month, you'll receive a brief article which will 
tap thought-provoking research. Links in the newsletter 
will provide you with citations for the research and 
additional information.
This newsletter also periodically brings you:
1) announcements of upcoming live, interactive teleconferences
   with experts in the field as well as with people who have
   grappled with developing and sticking to their own plans,
2) reviews of relevant Web sites, and 
3) identification of other valuable resources you can use.

Whether you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease,
angina, or elevated cholesterol, or simply think you may be
at-risk, this newsletter will provide you with valuable,
thought-provoking information to enhance your health and your life.
NOTE: This newsletter and the information it contains is not in
any way intended as medical advice and should not be considered a
substitute for consultation with qualified medical professionals.
It should also not be considered as a substitute for personal
consultation with a mental health professional.

Owner:  Jeff Rosenberg, PhD, MBA, MA     

Multiple sclerosis on LISTSERV@NT-ADMIN.COM
A new mailing list for people with multiple 
sclerosis and their family, or for people 
who are interested in this matter. The basic 
language is Dutch but if your language is 
English you may subscribe too.

To subscribe send a email to 
MS and you will receive a welcome message.

If you have a question or you are looking for 
information send a email to

To sign off send a email to 

Narcissism Discussion via http://narcissism.cjb.net
The narcissism list was established to deal with 
pathological narcissism and NPD. Pathological 
narcissism is believed by many researchers to be the
foundation of many personality disorders. My name 
is Sam Vaknin and I suffer from NPD (Narcissistic 
Personality Disorder). I maintain a few extensive
websites regarding NPD, all accessible from: 

Recently I established a narcissism support group 
and discussion list. The list is intended to help 
narcissists discuss their problems, those 
affected by narcissists and their behaviors to 
get help and support and professionals to exchange 
relevant literature.

To subscribe to the list, access the site 
scroll to the bottom of the page 
and use the listbot form to join.

You may review the list of archives 
(which contains dozens of articles as well as threads) at:

You may review Excerpts from the Archives of the 
Narcissism List at: http://excerpts.cjb.net

List Owner: Dr. Sam Vaknin    vaknin@terminal.cz 

Parenting Network on parentingnetwork-discuss-subscribe@egroups.com
"The Parenting Network Discussion Group" is a free email 
discussion group. Here you can ask questions, get answers, 
share stories and parenting tips. The discussion groups 
is designed for parents, grandparents, caretakers, or 
anyone how is involved with children of all ages. This 
is a great way to talk to parents all over the world!

To start your free email subscription to "The Parenting
Network Discussion Group", send
mailto: parentingnetwork-discuss-subscribe@egroups.com

Owner: Lisa Schulte, The Parenting Network

Peak Health via www.peakhealth.net
Conscious about your health?  Take 
a look at PeakHealth.net:

People are finding PeakHealth.net to be their 
"destination site" on the Web for the health 
and fitness information they need to reach their 
goals. The site features interviews with health
and fitness experts such as Dr. Richard Kreider, 
a leading sports supplement researcher, and 
Al Vermeil, strength coach for the NBA
Champion Chicago Bulls.

Other site features include:

* Health and Fitness Articles [updated often]
* Interviews with Health and Fitness Experts
* An "Ask The Doctor" section where individuals
  can get their nutrition and dietary supplement
  questions answered.

Whether you're an Olympic athlete or a (reforming) couch 
potato, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your 
optimal health and  fitness level.

Subscribing to the PeakHealth.net email newsletter is 
done from the index page at 

To subscribe, all one has to do is enter their email address. 
The newsletter is published every Monday with 1-3 new 
exercise and nutrition related articles.

Rheumatoid Arthritis via www.onelist.com
The RA-Support list was formed to bring  people 
together who have the disease Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
We share our experiences, discuss treatments 
available, and how we cope with the cronic pain.

Subscribe at: RA-SUPPORT on ONELIST@onelist.com  or

Owners: Paula
justtunes@erols.com  or 

The Safe Place via www.onelist.com
A list where anyone that is down, 
in a bad way, needs to vent, or 
just needs a shoulder to cry on, 
is welcome.

This list is not specific to any particular 
diagnosis of mood disorder, all are welcome! 
The only rule in effect is the Golden Rule: 
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The list is hosted on the OneList service.
To subscribe, visit the
OneList web site at:    http://www.onelist.com

successful students via www.jumpstartcoaching.com
The Successful Student: 
A Guide for Parents and Students[TM]
is a monthly newsletter for students, parents and 
educators seeking ways to improve academic and 
personal success at college.

Topics Include:

Strategies for reversing a bad semester
Motivation: How to get it and keep it
Working with a learning disability or attention deficit
The balancing act: schoolwork, friends and parties
How to tell if your ready for college
When does a part-time job not pay?
Transfer: Do I stay or do I go?

This is a broadcast-only list in order to keep 
the content of high quality. The mailing list is 

Subscribe at: http://www.jumpstartcoaching.com or
send an e-mail to jumpstart-request@jumpstartcoaching.com
with the word subscribe in the body of the message.

Note: This newsletter is intended for informational and 
educational purposes only, and should not be considered 
a substitute for a consultation with a mental health 

Owner: Rob Shapiro holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from
The University of Rochester and co-owner of a group private
practice. He has worked at several university counseling 
centers and is the founder of Jumpstart Coaching, a personal 
coaching firm dedicated to helping college and high school 
students succeed academically and personally.

TIPS on tips@services4u.com?subject=SubscribeTips
A free newsletter offering inspiration and support to
those seeking more meaning, abundance and joy in 
their lives.  TIPS is delivered every other week 
and focuses on free online workshops which are 
part of "The Inner Journey Workshops on Mastering 
Positive Change" series.

In the following months workshop topics will cover:
- Creativity
- Intuition
- Meditation
- Clearing Blocks
- Empowerment
- Communications
- Manifesting and Prosperity
- Love and Relationships
- Change

To subscribe, email:tips@services4u.com?subject=SubscribeTips

James MacDonald
John Robson
Inspiration Information

Turfseer's on Turfseer@oaknetpub.com

Alternative Health/Natural Healing Newsletter 
focuses on natural healing, herbal remedies, Internet 
marketing, website reviews and site promotion.

New URL:  http://members.spree.com/health/turfseer/

To subscribe to Turfseer's Awareness Newsletter, 
send an email to
with SUBSCRIBE in the body

Recent articles have included:  
"Dispelling Vaccination Myths"; 
"How Parasites Can Undermine Your Health"; 
"Herbal Cleansing: The Key to Vibrant Health";
"Irritable Bowel Syndrome";  
"Herbology: The Secret of Balance."

US and Canadian subscribers can get a free 
audiotape called "America's #1 Epidemic" about 
the parasite menace in North America.

If you would like to receive any of the previous issues
put SEND FILE LIST in the body of an email to
Turfseer@oaknetpub.com. You will receive instructions via e-mail.

Owner:  Lewis Papier      Turfseer@aol.com


C-PSYCH: Cross-Cultural Psychology Discussion List

Change in Discussion Management

C-Psych (CP) has recently changed to an "edited mode" 
which means that each posting has to be approved by 
the listowner(s) before it reaches the members.
Screening criteria include, but are not limited to:
netiquette, commercialism, appropriateness of postings, 
excessive quoting.

The scholarly conference C-PSYCH (Cross-Cultural Psychology)
is a forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and 
information among all individuals  -- researchers,
practitioners, students, and the lay public -- interested
in cross-cultural psychology.

This list is particularly designed  to discuss generic issues
in cross-cultural psychology and its intertwining disciplines,
such as developmental, cognitive, personality, and social

The discussion of topics of clinical relevance is  n o t
encouraged, but tolerated, because this is explicitly _not_
a major topic of CP.

A main focus of CP lies in the discussion of both quantitative
and  qualitative  methodology,  research as such, and  generic
issues in the study of cultures.

TO SUBSCRIBE, email (subject line empty):
with the message:
subscribe c-psych firstname lastname

Primary listowner: Dr. Sunkyo Kwon, Dipl.-Psych.