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   Glendon Association
   KYA suicide prevention manual 


Cyberculture on LISTPROC@CMHC.COM
Cyberculture - Discussion of the implications of
subjectivity and community in cyberspace 

We are all dwelling in cyberspace, coursing through the 
wires, becoming cyborg and becoming human, alone at the 
keyboard, together online. We are subjects of a realm 
which offers new ways of envisioning Self and Other(s), 
and where a global cyberculture is in the process of 
creation. Cyberculture is devoted to an examination of 
the new subjectivities and collectivities that are 
emerging. We are interested in the cultural, political, 
philosophical and psychological issues engendered, on 
all levels of the social.

The Cyberculture email list is not a community-forming 
enterprise as such, but a place to discuss culture and 
community online. The list will remain focused on these 
topics; it will also be a clearing-house for work-in-
progress, calls for papers, and so forth.

Some issues that may be relevant:

* the formation (or ad hoc re-constitution) and functioning 
  of online communities, such as Quake Clans or MUD/Usenet/
  e-mail groups;
* the place of the political in online communities and 
  the functioning of power online;
* work on sex, gender, race, sexual behaviour in relation 
  to online (virtual) subjectivity;
* the implications of symbolic and technological extensions 
  of the human (cyborg, android theory, etc.);
* financing the Net, the production of the Net consumer, 
   and so forth;
* the social implications of computer interfaces and 
  operating systems - in other words, the role of the 
  apparatus in online behavior and community;
* and the interactions between online and offline culture 
  (how social/cultural ideas shape online and offline 

This will be a relatively open list - posts on all aspects 
of cyberculture will be welcomed. We stress, however, that 
our intent is to explore these issues in the broadest sense, 
within a focused, substantial discussion, with a minimum 
of distraction.

One concern we hope to address is the way in which much 
theoretical work on cyberspace to date reflects an 
exclusive, hegemonic bias, thus foreclosing some of the 
most interesting and radical possibilities for the
development of cyberculture. We plan to challenge 
ourselves and the list members to integrate issues of 
race, gender, class and multiculturalism in our 
examinations and theories of cyberspace.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to LISTPROC@CMHC.COM: 

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education-fun-list on egroups.com
Education Fun List - A fun/positive look 
at education and parenting

A place where educators and parents can relax and share
the funnier and more meaningful experiences of working
with children and teenagers. We all are examples to
children and teenagers.

Please send your funny and meaningful stories that will
lighten the load for another educator or give them the
strength and courage to face our classes and children
another day.

To subscribe, send an email to

Owner: Brad Loveland     bradlove@TENET.EDU

Europsych on majordomo@human-nature.net
Email forum on European Psychotherapy - 
East and West

Europsych is concerned to foster exchange of information 
about psychotherapy in Europe - East and West. We hope 
that subscribers will share information about 
psychotherapy facilities, training and research in
their countries so that others can be better informed 
and so that ideas, writings and expertise can be shared.

Practitioners of  all approaches to psychotherapy are 
welcome, and subscribers to the list are expected to 
relate constructively (or silently) to approaches other 
than their own. 'All' includes psychodynamic, behavioural, 
brief, solution-focussed, gestalt, etc, as well as group
therapy, art psychotherappy, drama therapy, dance therapy, etc.

It is hoped that people who join the list and are in a 
position to do so should sketch the situation in their 
country - numbers of practitioners and approaches, trainings, 
provision for payment, institutional and intellectual 
issues and whatever other topics may seem relevant and 

A particularly interesting topic is the situation and 
development of psychotherapy in Eastern Europe and 
possibilities for mutual support, exchanges and the 
development of distance learning projects.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to majordomo@human-nature.net: 

SUBSCRIBE europsych 

Owners: Robert M. Young     robert@rmy1.demon.co.uk
Ian Pitchford     Ian.Pitchford@scientist.com

inteligencia-artificial on egroups.com
Artificial Intelligence (in Spanish)

INTELIGENCIA-ARTIFICIAL is a new discussion list 
in Spanish for professionals and/or students who 
want to share all about artificial intelligence and 
expert systems in this language.

The history of INTELIGENCIA-ARTIFICIAL can be found at:

Once you are subscribed, feel free to join in the 
chat by introducing yourself to the list!

To subscribe, send an email to

Owner: Lic. Pablo Fernando Sanchez     p.sanchez@IEEE.ORG


The LEF Email Update is a moderated list featuring 
news and information related to longevity research, 
anti aging medicine and all aspects of life extension 
from the Life Extension Foundation.  Topics covered
include herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, 
biomedical research affecting longevity, offshore 
therapies, traditional and alternative medicine 
developments and health freedom issues. All mail 
items are available in archives via a linked web site.

To subscribe, visit 

Source: Mike Freedman     mike@DIRECTNET1.NET

object-relations on majordomo@human-nature.net
Object Relations in Psychoanalysis

It would be a pity to predetermine the scope and 
emphases of this forum, but its inspiration is an 
interest in Klein, Bion, Post-Kleinians, Winnicott, 
Fairbairn, Guntrip and other and more recent writers 
in the object relations tradition within psychoanalysis. 
There is an existing list on Bion and there is an 
object relations web site, but there is no forum or
web site specifically dedicated to this particular stratum 
of psychoanalytic theory. This forum and its associated 
web site are designed to fill this void.

Any topic within the broad domain mentioned above is welcome.  
In addition to theoretical, clinical and historical issues, 
we are particularly interested in encouraging applications 
to the object relations tradition to literature, film and 
other aspects of culture, cultural studies, groups, 
institutions and politics. Interventions aimed at mounting
critiques of this tradition, broadly conceived, are also 
welcome. However, civility must be the norm.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to majordomo@human-nature.net: 

SUBSCRIBE object-relations

Owner: Robert M. Young     robert@rmy1.demon.co.uk 
or r.m.young@sheffield.ac.uk
Co-Owner: Michael Szollosy     egp97ms@sheffield.ac.uk

PSYCHTECHNEWS via www.onelist.com
PSYCHTECHNEWS - Psychiatric Technician News for 
Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Developmental 
Disabled and Chemical Dependency Workers and

Psych Tech News is a weekly newsletter about the
Psychiatric Technician Field. Anyone may subscribe
but the information is about and for those people with a
bachelor's degree or less working directly with psychiatric,
developmentally disabled, chemically dependent, or
mental health patients. Psychiatric Technicians are also
called Mental Health Technicians or Aides; Behavioral Health
Technicians; Paraprofessional, Human Services Worker,
habilitation counselors, Client Support Specialists,
Counselors Apprentice, Milieu Therapists, Health Care Workers,
Nurses Aides working in a psychiatric environment,
Residential Care Workers, Volunteers, Trainees, etc.

For rules and information on this AAPT list:


If you do not have web access you can still get
the information on this list using email, here is how:
Send an email to: getweb@usa.healthnet.org
and in the body of the email put:
get http://www.aapt.com/psychtechnews.htm
You will get an email copy of the web page.

To subscribe, visit

For more information, visit:

You can also subscribe through email:

Owner: George Blake, Ph.D.     directorsig@aapt.com

PH-NEWS on ezmlm@sooth.com
Psychohistory (Historical Motivation) 
Announcement List

PH-NEWS is a moderated email list intended to 
distribute timely announcements of interest to 
students and researchers in the field of

To subscribe to PH-NEWS, send an (empty) email message to:

For more information, send an email message to:

or visit:

Owner: Michael Hirohama     ph-news-owner@sooth.com

RECOVERY on Listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
The Recovery Loop 

The Recovery Loop is a Twelve-Step OA recovery group 
dedicated to members of Overeaters Anonymous who wish 
to have online recovery in addition to face-to-face 
meetings. The Recovery Loop is part of The Recovery 
Group of e-mail lists and information about each can 
be found at our website located at

Our list offers online meetings, online sponsors
and many other services. The only requirement for 
membership is the desire to quit eating compulsively.

If you would like to join our group, we would love 
to have you.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu: 
SUBSCRIBE recovery Firstname Lastname

Owner: Mari Cokely     Marisok@aol.com

Quit smoking support group discussion

SMOKEFREE is a discussion list for support to 
people who want to quit smoking cigarettes, cigars 
or stop using smokeless tobacco products.  It is
for people who want to quit, are already quit, 
or anyone supporting a significant other who 
would like to quit.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to smokefree-request@List-Server.net
(or smokefree-digest-request@List-Server.net): 

Owner: Linda Mann     lindam@EARTHLINK.NET

SupportLists via www.onelist.com
Supportlists - For moderators of emotional 
support lists

This list is a forum where moderators and
co-moderators of emotional support lists can 
share ideas and strategies for making such lists 
effective and supportive environments.  Discussion 
of general issues affecting list moderators is 
also welcome. Possible topics of discussion include 
avoiding burnout, dealing with spammers, dealing with 
list members who need additional support, and 
maintaining a balance between keeping a professional 
distance and your own need for emotional support.

This list is restricted to moderators and co-moderators 
of lists which provide emotional support to people 
dealing with grief, disabilities, medical problems, 
or mental illness. Before your subscription can be
approved, you will receive a request from the moderator 
for information regarding the list you moderate.  
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that issues 
discussed on the list will be discussed solely from the
perspective of moderators.

To subscribe, email supportlists-subscribe@onelist.com 

or visit:

Owner: Sarah J. Blake     grayce@IQUEST.NET

TeachersCorner via www.onelist.com

This is a free moderated e-mail list for 
teachers and homeschooling parents of all 
disciplines and all grade levels to share and 
discuss topics related to teaching and education.

To subscribe, visit:

Owner: Gloria Oren     oren@wolfenet.com

TuberousSclerosis via www.onelist.com
Date:    Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:32:18 EST
From:    SheIsBuzzy@AOL.COM
TuberousSclerosis/Disability Support List 
for Tuberous Sclerosis

A support and information list for the individuals, 
family, friends, healthcare and other professionals 
affected by the rare genetic disorder, Tuberous Sclerosis.

To subscribe, email TuberousSclerosis-subscribe@onelist.com 

or visit:

Owner: EviLA@worldnet.att.net


WAIMH is an interdisciplinary and international 
association that:

Promotes education, research, and study of the effects 
of mental development during infancy on later normal 
and psychopathological development. Promotes research 
and study of the mental health of the parents, families, 
and other caregivers of infants. Promotes the 
development of scientifically based programs of care, 
intervention, and prevention of mental impairment in 
infancy. Sponsors regional and world congresses devoted 
to scientific, educational, and clinical work with 
infants and their caregivers. Encourages the realization 
that infancy is a crucial period in the psychosocial
development of individuals. Facilitates international 
cooperation among individuals concerned with promoting 
optimal development of infants and their families. 
Provides international networking via quarterly 
newsletters, computer-based information technology, and
development of Affiliate Associations. Sponsors the Infant 
Mental Health Journal and provides members reduced rates 
for subscriptions.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to LISTSERV@LIST.MSU.EDU: 
SUBSCRIBE WAIMH Firstname Lastname

Owner: John Zwill     zwillinger@geocities.com


Cancer-L on egroups.com
Online Cancer Support Group

This list was formerly known as CANCERSUPPORT@LISTBOT.COM
and has now changed to a new server.

The list name is now Cancer-L@egroups.com.

Cancer-L is an unmoderated online cancer support
group for cancer patients, caregivers, and professionals
invovled with all types of cancer.

Archives of Cancer-L can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe, send an email message
to Cancer-L-subscribe@egroups.com

or visit:

Owner:  Robert W. Neill, Jr.  rob@rwneill.com

CancerDaily on egroups.com
Cancer News & Information List

This list was formerly known as

The new name of the list is now CancerDaily@egroups.com.

Cancer news and information including general cancer news,
clinical trials, support groups, Internet resources, and other
information for cancer patients, caregivers, and medical

Archives of CancerDaily can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe send an email message to 

or visit:

Owner:  Robert W. Neill, Jr.     rob@rwneill.com

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Online Support

This list was formerly known as CMLSupportGroup@LISTBOT.COM
and has now changed to a new server.

The new list name is CML@EGROUPS.COM

CML is an information list and online support group for 
patients, caregivers, and medical professionals 
interested in and involved with Chronic Myelogenous 
Leukemia which provides an opportunity to meet and
communicate with other cancer patients through email 
on a daily basis.

Archives of CML can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe, send an email message to

or visit:

Owner: Robert W. Neill, Jr.     rob@rwneill.com

Online Support Group For 
Victims Of Violent Crimes

This list was formerly known as CRIMEVICTIMS@LISTBOT.COM 
and has now changed to a new server.


CrimeVictims is an online support group and mailing
list for victims of violent crime.

Archives of CrimeVictims can be accessed from the web site at
http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also available at

To subscribe, send a blank email message to

or visit:

Owner:  Robert W. Neill, Jr.     rob@rwneill.com

Online Leukemia Support Group

This list was formerly known as LeukemiaSupportGroup@LISTBOT.COM 
and has now changed to a new server.

It is now known as LEUKEMIA@EGROUPS.COM

Leukemia is the online leukemia support group and 
mailing list for patients, caregivers, and professionals 
who are interested in and involved with all types of 
leukemia which provides an opportunity to meet and 
communicate with other cancer patients through email 
on a daily basis.

Archives of Leukemia can be accessed from the web site at
http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe, send a blank email message to

or visit:

Owner:  Robert W. Neill, Jr.     rob@rwneill.com

ph-l on ezmlm@sooth.com
Psychohistory (Historical Motivation) Discussion List

PH-L replaces the defunct PSYCHOHISTORY@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM list.

PH-L is an unmoderated email list for individuals studying 
or doing research in the field of psychohistory in its 
broadest perspective. The basic purpose of this list is 
to serve as a forum for scholarly discussion. A secondary 
purpose is to support the exploration of group process 
through observation of and participation in this shared

Psychohistorians strive to explain why persons and groups 
of people behaved as they have in history by utilizing 
psychoanalytic principles and interdisciplinary methods.  
History of childhood, psychobiograpy, and group psychohistory 
are within the scope of this field of study.

To subscribe, email ph-l-subscribe@sooth.com (message blank).

To subscribe to PH-L with message digests, email

For more information, email ph-l-info@sooth.com

or visit:

Owner: Michael Hirohama     ph-l-owner@sooth.com

YANX-DEP on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
YANX-DEP - Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression Forum

Yanx-dep has revised its focus and changed listowners.

The child and adolescent anxiety and depression forum is
a special interest group that is set up to encourage
an exchange of ideas, opinions, and information amongst
those involved in research and clinical practice in the areas
of child and adolescent anxiety and depression.
The group is an interdisciplinary one involving a variety
of mental health professions and parents and children affected 
with the mental disorders. The group takes an empirical
approach to the nature, etiology, assessment, and treatment
of anxiety and depression problems amongst children and
adolescents. The aims of the forum include:
- drawing attention of members to recent relevant publications
- summarizing one's own research and recent findings
- requesting information, comment or advice re: relevant topics
- discussion of new assessment or treatment approaches
- discussion of anecdotal successes and drug side affects

Specific diagnoses cannot be made by email but suggestions/
directions to helpful resources are appropriate.

To subscribe, email the following command in 
the message body to LISTSERV@LIST.MSU.EDU: 
SUBSCRIBE YANX-DEP Firstname Lastname

Owners: Phil Endacott     endacott@ukans.edu, endacott@eagle.cc.ukans
Vanessa Cobham     vanessa@psy.uq.edu.au
Ian Pitchford     I_Pitchford@msn.com


CIMH is the Computers in Mental Health group of 
the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The site has 
details of relevent software packages, articles
and useful links. 


Cognet resource for Cognitive Sciences

MIT Press offers Cognet, a prototype electronic 
community service for the cognitive and brain sciences.

CogNet's customized services include a searchable 
full text library, as well as the Academic Almanac, 
HotScience editorials, Job Listings, CV and bibliography 
utilities, virtual Poster Sessions, threaded discussion
groups, a distributed seminar manager, community member 
profiles, and more.


Glendon Association
The Glendon Association, a Santa Barbara nonprofit 
dedicated to stimulating and disseminating research 
and education related to psychology and psychotherapy,
announced the launch of a web discussion forum.

The press release is located at:


Glendon's web site provides a broad resource for 
professionals in the helping professions, students, 
and interested persons who seek materials and training 
related to the prevention of suicide, child abuse and 
family violence. The new discussion forum was established 
to encourage dialogue and cultivate debate on the concepts 
and theories relating to psychology and psychotherapy put 
forth put forth on the Glendon web site and pertaining to 
parent/child relations, suicide and couple relations.


KYA suicide prevention manual
Youth Suicide Prevention Materials

The complete 100 page manual from the Keep Yourself 
Alive (KYA) program (funded under the National Suicide 
Prevention Strategy) is available for download free of 
charge from our AusEinet site as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.

Primarily aimed at professionals, the manual underpins the 
4 videotapes and the 7 hour workshop program, but provides 
a useful resource in its own right. It covers Signs, Crisis 
Management, Therapeutic Intervention and what to do after a 
suicide (Postvention).