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   Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and CJD Voice
   Jim Mancuso Web Pages
   Online Psychology Article Listing
   Social Psychology Network (SPN)
   The Szasz Site

   Trauma Information Pages

   Working with Older Adults


ADD-HOLISTIC on majordomo@mLists.net
Attention Deficit Disorder -- 
Holistic/Alternative Treatments & Support

ADD-HOLISTIC is an open, unmoderated discussion list of 
Alternative and Holistic Healing techniques for treating 
Attention Deficit Disorder and related conditions. From time 
to time, the List Manager will invite experts to make a 
brief appearance on ADD-HOLISTIC in order to share their 
knowledge and experience.

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail


Owner:  Mark D. Gold  
mgold@holisticmed.com     or       mgold@tiac.net

ADULTCHILDREN via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/adultchildren
Adult Children of Alcoholics

ADULT CHILDREN at http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/adultchildren
ADULT CHILDREN is a support group for those who grew up in alcoholic
homes. The groups is closed which means it is open only to those who
have this problem, not friends and family of adult children. Discussion
is unmoderated, but you must be approved by list owner to join.

To subscribe, go to 


ANXIETY on listproc@cmhc.com
Anxiety/Panic Self-help Support

This list was created as a mutual self-help support list
for anyone interested in anxiety and panic topics,
ranging  from generalized anxiety disorder to panic
disorder. This is *not* a professionally-moderated list,
nor is it meant as group therapy. It is simply one of
many places people can come together online for mutual
support from one another for anxiety and panic.

All who are interested in participating in
this type of discussion are encouraged to subscribe.
Please feel welcomed to send an introductory message
to the list introducing yourself, a little bit about
your background, and what you might hope to gain from
participation on the list.

This list is hosted by Mental Health Net
as a community service.

To subscribe, send a regular e-mail message to:
listproc@cmhc.com  and in the body of your message, write:

       SUBscribe ANXIETY Yourfirstname Yourlastname

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Aussie ADD via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/aussieadd
Australian ADD Support Network

This list is a support and information forum for Australian 
Parents that have children who have been diagnosed with 
Attention Deficit Disorder.

To subscribe go to  

Ann Potter  

Autism via http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/1779
Discussions of Autism

Autism is a discussion group for all who are interested 
in Autism and want to share ideas and experiences.

To subscribe to the list go to


Only those on the list will be allowed to send to it.  
For further information or problems please e-mail me 
directly at aprilsklar@funtv.com.


BILING on listserv@asu.edu
Forum for Discussion of Research on Bilingualism
and Bilingual Education

The list will serve as a forum for the discussion of research on
linguistic, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, psychological,
neurological, and related issues which emerge from bilingual or
multilingual language contact, as well as discussion of research
on issues in curriculum, pedagogy, and policy as they relate to
bilingual or multilingual populations.

The listserv is run by the Center for Bilingual Education and
Research of the Arizona State University, and is an official
listserv of the Bilingual SIG of the American Educational Research
Association (AERA).  It is "co-owned" by Josue Gonzalez
(josue@asu.edu) of Arizona State University, Jeff MacSwan
(macswan@ucla.edu) of UCLA, and Toni Griego-Jones of the University
of Arizona.

To join the BILING Listserv, send an email note to listserv@asu.edu
and make the one-line contents read as follows:

sub biling first-name last-name

If you have trouble getting on, send email to Jeff MacSwan at
macswan@ucla.edu or Josue Gonzalez at josue@asu.edu.

BVI-PARENTS on BVI-PARENTS-subscribe@associate.com
Parents of Blind, Visually-Impaired Children

BVI-Parents is a list for parents of children who are 
blind or visually impaired to network and share ideas 
and experiences.  Blind adults are also welcome; however, 
the primary focus of the list will be the needs of
the parents.

To subscribe to BVI-PARENTS, send ANY message

To: BVI-PARENTS-subscribe@associate.com
Subject: none

No message content needed.


BVI-TEENS on BVI-TEENS-subscribe@associate.com
Blind, Visually-Impaired Teens

The BVI-Teens list gives teenagers and older children 
who are blind or visually impaired a place to network 
and chat or discuss issues about which are of concern 
to them.  Appropriate topics include but are not limited 
to relating to sighted friends and family, learning about 
your eye condition, managing schoolwork, explaining your 
eye condition to others, and what to do with free time.

To subscribe to BVI-TEENS, send ANY message
To: BVI-TEENS-subscribe@associate.com
Subject: none

No message content needed.


chronic_pain via http://www.ONElist.com/subscribe.cgi/chronic_pain
chronic_pain - a fully moderated peer support list

Chronic_Pain is a support resource for adults with problems 
resulting in chronic physical pain and an empahsis on helping 
to cope and 'have a life.' This is a peer-group list open to 
anyone with chronic pain and closed to *all* others.  
Commercial exploiters will be drawn & quartered.

The new 'Chronic Pain' list will be moderated to the greatest 
extent possible, but sometimes not fully moderated. This is 
being done because another active & valuable forum has shifted 
focus to broader political & other healthcare issues, and the 
need for peer support remains.

The moderator, who would like co-moderators to step up to 
the plate too, hopes to establish a self-sustaining forum 
for the support needed by others & himself.

The moderator & list-owner is Kenneth Turbin, who has 
faced chronic pain for a very long time & is a healthcare 
pofessional as well. It is important to understand that this 
is not a place for professional help, but for human understanding.

As there are a large number of individuals orphaned with this 
condition by the treatment establishment, should the list volume 
exceed manageability, sub-lists (sub-groups) will be formed for 
more personal interchange, & a more general parallel list will 
be made available to everyone as well.

To Subscribe: 
Go to http://www.ONElist.com .  

Register your email address and select the User Info link 
from the menu bar on the left. Select to
subscribe to chronic_pain.

Alternatively, if you cannot readily access this link, 
email the moderator at: chronic_pain@1west.net with 
'subscribe chronic_pain' in the subject line & text.

To send email to the list, use the email address 

Please keep all posts on topic. If you fail to do so, you may be
unsubscribed from the list.

Kenneth Turbin

chronic_pain@1west.net (personal E-mail Address)

Diabetes-Care on majordomo@msstate.edu
Diabetes-Care support/discussion mailing list!

A Diabetes support and discussion list has been started 
and you are invited to join.  If you are a diabetic or 
know one, if you want to share your triumphs and disasters 
with your diabetes with those who understand, if you want 
to hear more about techniques and new ways of controlling 
your diabetes then this is the list for you.

We will discuss anything and all diabetes related such 
as life after complications, future of diabetes research 
and transplants, and the every day concerns of diabetics 
in general.

Please pass this information on to anyone you feel will 
benefit from this list.

To subscribe send

subscribe diabetes-care

in the body of an email message to majordomo@msstate.edu .

Tom D. Baccanti  

DietCoach via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/dietcoach
Diet Tips and Motivation

Dr Judy Citron is a diet coach and motivation expert. 
Having personally solved the problem of losing weight 
permanently after years of yoyo dieting, Dr Citron shares 
her methods and techniques through this newsletter to help 
others achieve their weight loss goals.

Dr Citron welcomes feedback and subscribers should write 
to her email on JudyCitron@aol.com

Anyone wishing to subscribe to this list can use the 
following URL:

To link directly to the archives for this list, use the 
following URL:


DIVORCING on DIVORCING-subscribe@associate.com
Going through a divorce or been through one?

Welcome to Divorce Anonymous. If you are going through a 
divorce or have been through one, you are invited to 
put your thoughts and feelings down in writing -- in 
the safety of virtual anonymity.  Virtual has become a
kind of computer term.  Virtual reality; and that's the 
way life feels when a person goes through a divorce.  
Life becomes unreal. It's as if you are outside your 
body watching someone else.  It's a lonely path. Your 
friends don't want to talk    about it, your best friends 
likely just say what you want to hear, and your church 
may offer nothing but platitudes about the way a 
marriage ought to be.

Well... Welcome to the real world. Divorce is a reality; 
and all the pain and loss that goes with it.  Therapists 
will sometimes tell you to keep a journal as one of 
several methods to help recover from the trauma and 
grieving of divorce.  It is hoped that Divorce Anonymous 
can serve as a similar outlet and, perhaps, provide additional 
encouragement to help you on the road to recovery.  We 
only ask that you respect the feelings of others, keep 
in clean, and "what you see here, let it stay here."

To subscribe to DIVORCING, send ANY message

To: DIVORCING-subscribe@associate.com
Subject: none

No message content needed.


Investigacion Etnografica en educacion

Preferred language: Spanish

The ethnographic research has meant a great reaction 
within the scientific field of the Social Sciences. 
But, once overcome the first moments of false confrontation 
in opposition to other research methods, we have reached 
a stagnation point: There is an imprecision in terms of
terminology, concepts, scientific foundations, theory and 
methodology which generates, in too many occasions, a 
kind of knowledge lacking contents.

The main aim of ETNOEDU is to guide the discussion of the 
scientific community interested in establishing some 
minimal procedural guidelines which ensure the necessary 
rigorousness for the application of this scientific method 
and organize a database about ethnographic research within
the field of the Social Sciences and, in particular, referred to
the school and educational fields.

If you would like to subscribe to ETNOEDU you may send e-mail to
LISTSERV@LISTSERV.REDIRIS.ES with the BODY of the mail containing the
single line:

SUB ETNOEDU yourfirstname yourlastname

More information about ETNOEDU:

Fibroid Discussion (Discussions of uterine fibroids)

FIBROIDS-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list 
relating to the sharing of options, resources and 
experiences for those with uterine fibroids. Although 
other fibroids types may be discussed, the primary focus 
at this stage is on uterine fibroids.

There are no archives. A digest option is available 
once subscribed.  A website is in the planning stages at 

To subscribe, send the following command 
in the BODY of mail to LISTPROC@EFN.ORG

SUBSCRIBE FIBROIDS-L yourfirstname yourlastname

Peg N McCuaig
Judy Bayliss

HavenBP via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/havenbp
List for parents with BPD Children

HavenBP is a list for parents of children either 
diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), 
or BPD traits. Parents of children with other diagnosis 
along with BPD as well as parents of adult children with BPD.

Support, understanding and learning ways to cope with 
BPD children is the list objective. Treatments, treatment 
facilities, medications are other topics as well as just 
general dialog concerning life with a BPD child.

To join go to:


hepatitis-b on hepatitis-b-on@mail-list.com
The Hepatitis B Information and Support List

A list where information and support regarding 
hepatitis B can be shared in an atmosphere of warmth, 
compassion, and friendship. Mutual self help by sufferers 
and caring issues by helpers can all be shared.  All affected
people are welcome to join, whether they are infected or not.  
Subscribers are encouraged to write, to air their worries, 
to offer opinions about matters that they have experienced, 
and to help each other.

To subscribe, send a blank message to  


infoedu-cursos on majordomo@filo.uba.ar
New Technologies in Education (Spanish)

INFOEDU-CURSOS: A new way to learn about new technologies 
in education, but in Spanish (and free). The first course 
begin next week, with "Hipertext".

There are no archives.

To subscribe, send the following command in the 
BODY of mail to majordomo@filo.uba.ar

SUBSCRIBE infoedu-cursos

Ing. Mauricio Wagner 
Lic. Carlos Neri
Dra. Graciela J. Caplan

Low Carb Advanced Diet List

LC-A is a forum for discussion and support for 
ALL diets and eating plans restricted in 
carbohydrates. Discussions include but are 
not limited to Atkins, NeanderThin, Carbohydrate 
Addicts Diet (CAD), Protein Power, The ZONE, et al.

The purpose of the list will be to share experiences,
offer each other support, chat about our daily 
challenges in the spirit of sharing knowledge 
on dietary and health issues.

A minimum of 1 Year following a Low Carbohydrate 
Lifestyle is required to join the list.

To subscribe to the LC-A Low Carb Advanced Diet 
List email:
with the following in the body of the message:

SUB LC-A YourRealFirstName YourRealLastName

A daily digest is the default.  Receiving individual articles is also

Grant Magnuson  

MOLLIES-L via MOLLIES-L-request@efn.org    
Menopausal Lesbian Discussion

MOLLIES-L was started for the discussion of menopause 
from the lesbian point of view, without having to 
censor or defend ourselves and our lives on other 
menopause lists. Topics might include (but are not 
limited to) relationship issues, differing/changing 
libidos, pros and cons of hormone replacement, ageing...

There are no archives and at this point there 
is no digest option.

To subscribe, send a brief introduction stating that 
you are a menopausal lesbian to MOLLIES-L-REQUEST@EFN.ORG. 
Your address will be verified prior to subscribing.

Peg N McCuaig  

NLPWATCH on nlpwatch-subscribe@makelist.com
The 'current contents' of INTERNET Neurolinguistic Programming

For people who are interested in neurolinguistic 
programming, but lack the time or enthusiasm to 
follow numerous high-volume discussion lists, NLPWATCH 
provides a weekly index of topics being discussed, as 
well as reference to new resources.

Brief archives of NLPWATCH and related files will 
initially be stored at 

To subscribe to NLPWATCH, email to 
or refer to  www.cygnus.uwa.edu.au/~joliver/

Jeff Oliver  

NONEPILEPTIC on NONEPILEPTIC-subscribe@associate.com
Dealing with non-epileptic seizures

Nonepileptic:  This is a list designed to provide support 
to people dealing with nonepileptic seizures.  
Professionals who treat such seizures are welcome.  
Topics might include coping with the diagnosis, getting
proper treatment, coping with the events themselves, etc.

To subscribe to NONEPILEPTIC, send ANY message

To: NONEPILEPTIC-subscribe@associate.com
Subject: none

No message content needed.


osteosarcoma on requests@psych2.uop.edu   
Discussions of osteosarcoma, soft cancer tumors

Osteoscarcoma is an open, unmoderated discussion 
list relating to the sharing of options, resources 
and experiences for those with osteoscarcoma, or 
have knowledge about the disease. Although other cancer
types may be discussed, the primary focus at this stage 
is on osteosarcoma.

There are no archives. 
A digest option is available once subscribed.

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of 
mail to requests@psych2.uop.edu

SUBSCRIBE osteosarcoma

Martin Gipson PhD  
Doug Matheson PhD  

PlaceComm on PlaceComm-request@earthsystems.org
Place and Community Studies

The Place and Community Studies discussion list, sponsored 
by the Place and Community Studies Institute, is an 
interdisciplinary forum to discuss ways in which teaching, 
research, activism, living practices, and artistic production 
can be applied to valuing and sustaining our unique places:
our natural and built environments, as well as our social 
communities. Part of the mission of the list is to foster 
dialogue and build bridges between people from all walks 
of life and, for teachers and scholars, between all 
levels and disciplines.

To help build a strong community on the list, we ask 
that all new subscribers post an introductory message 
describing their background and specific interests 
regarding this list.

To SUBSCRIBE: Compose a message addressed to:
PlaceComm-request@earthsystems.org .  

In the subject line, type the word

The list will be archived at 

Thomas Dean  

For parents of children born prematurely

Preemie-Child is a support group for parents of children
born prematurely who are now school age (4 years or older). 
Children who are born very prematurely may have medical, 
physical and psychological impacts which continue to 
require attention as they enter school and society.

Resources for children's disabilities, prematurity, and 
adoption are available at 

Instructions: In the body of your email, send the message


Allison & Rick Martin

SAHM on sahm-request@majordomo.net 
Stay At Home Moms List

SAHM on sahm@majorodomo.net is an open list for all stay 
at home moms (SAHMs). The list is for discussion and to 
offer support to other SAHMs. Women who are moms-to-be 
or are currently WOH (Working Out of Home), but trying 
to SAH are also quite welcome.  The list is NOT to bash 
WOHMs (Working Out of Home Moms).

To subscribe, send an email to sahm-request@majordomo.net 
in the body put:


You will then receive a welcome letter with 
further instructions.

Bridget Bragg  

SANS-DOULEUR on HON-List@hon.ch   
Pain Relief Discussion

The SANS-DOULEUR list is a moderated multilingual 
list formed by the International "Together Against 
Pain" Association, of Geneva. It is at the disposal 
of health professionnals and the general public to 
discuss pain matters and measures that can be taken 
to relieve pains of patients (hospitalized or at home) 
suffering from cancer or any other physical disease.

To subscribe to SANS-DOULEUR, send the following 
commands in the BODY of mail to HON-List@hon.ch :

SUBSCRIBE SANS-DOULEUR    (no name / sans votre nom)
END                       (on a second line / sur une deuxieme ligne)

Celia Boyer 
Michel Forest 

Lesbian Discussion List

SEALs is an email discussion list for self-identified 
adult lesbians only. This list is a cybermeeting place 
for lesbians, over age 30, to gather and discuss ideas, 
concerns, and developments, to discuss topics related to
our lives.  Discussion is open to anything list members 
wish to discuss. It is a place to have fun, or get 
support or share ideas and information, to vent, to 
give support, to do networking and activism to chat, 
to make friends. SEALs is a high volume, participation 
expected list.

SEALs are cute, fuzzy, non-weight conscious creatures 
that mostly live in an artic climate (much like winters 
in the Midwest US, from where this list originates), that 
we have chosen to identify with.  Some of our other
thoughts on the acronym include:

S = Secure, Self-identified, Safe, Sagacious, Searching, Self-expressed,
    Self-Defined, Satiated, Self-made
E = Evolving, Eclectic, Enthusiastic, Earnest, Earthy, Extraordinary,
A = Ageless, Affirming, Astounding, Assured, Alluring, Above-board,
L = Lesbians

If you find yourself discribed by the above, and wish to join us for
discussion, debate, and just good conversations you can subscribe by
sending the following command in the BODY of mail to:

subscribe seals

Owner:  Cris Derrick 
Mgt.Team: Toni James, Cris Derrick, Nikki Baumblatt, dc bradshaw

stepdads via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/stepdads
A list for men in the stepparenting role

This is an open, unmoderated discussion list for 
stepfathers and those who function as stepfathers 
(e.g., significant others).  All topics of
interest to stepfathering are appropriate.  Being 
a good stepdad is a tough thing to do - this 
list serves as a forum to gain advice and 
encouragement, as well as share personal experiences.

To subscribe, visit the following URL:

Becky Isherwood  

stepmoms via http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/stepmoms
For women in a stepmothering role

Stepmoms is a mailing list for women who are in the 
stepmother role, whether through marriage or through a 
significant other relationship. This is a supportive 
forum to benefit women in this rewarding yet complex
situation.  To join, please visit the following URL:


Becky Isherwood

stoptheabuse on stoptheabuse-request@Mailing-List.net

Stop the Abuse is a list that I hope will encourage 
people who have survived or are still in abusive situations 
to get together and support each other.  As a survivor 
myself I try to run the list with understanding and hope.

To subscribe send email to 
stoptheabuse-request@Mailing-List.net in the
body of the message type



Foro sobre la intervencion social

Preferred language: spanish

TSOCIAL is a discussion list in Spanish on social 
issues and the response of social institutions to such 
issues (social work, social policy, social services).

Its aim is to help social workers and those professionally 
involved in social action to share their views and 
experiences, as a means of improving both teaching and 
research activities and professional practice.

If you would like to subscribe to TSOCIAL you may send e-mail 
to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.REDIRIS.ES  with the BODY of the mail 
containing the single line:

SUB TSOCIAL yourfirstname yourlastname

Manuel Aguilar Hendrickson

vulvarpainforum on majordomo@lists.jabberwocky.com
List for sufferers of vulvodynia

The vulvarpainforum list was created for women who 
suffer from any of a number of manifestations of chronic 
vulvar pain, known collectively as vulvodynia. The list, 
created and maintained by a vulvodynia patient, is
intended as a space for open, candid discussion of 
available treatments and resources, as well as to offer 
emotional support.

To subscribe to the regular list, send the following 
command in the BODY of the mail to 

subscribe vulvarpainforum

To subscribe to the digest version of the list, send 
the following command in the BODY of the mail to 

subscribe vulvarpainforum-digest

Paige Malerman


Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and CJD Voice
Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is a horrendous fatal 
brain-deteriorating disease for which there is no treatment 
or cure.  Often the victim first presents with psychological 
symptoms.  Also, some people, such as those who received 
human pituitary growth hormone which puts them at higher risk of
getting CJD, have to live with that hanging over their heads.  
People in either of these groups and their families may find 
themselves in a therapist's office.  Often CJD victims die 
at home and require home care.

CJD is more common than reported. In one study of Alzheimer 
patients 13% when autopsied were found to really have CJD.  
Also, it is infectious and can be spread by surgical instruments 
since normal sterilization does not kill the infectious agent.
Whether it is spread by blood is controversial.  However, many 
vaccines, such as measles-mumps-rubella and allergy shots, and 
in vitro fertilization cultures have blood products.

CJD Voice is an international e-mail discussion group.  
Most members have lost a loved one to CJD or currently have 
a loved one with CJD.  Other members are people who have 
taken pitutiary growth hormones which puts them at highter
risk of getting CJD.  It provides support to these people.  
CJD Voice also provides education about CJD and works to 
increase research funding for CJD so treatments and a cure 
can be found.  The CJD webpage has a message board, chat
room, links to other websites with CJD information and a 
list of CJD researchers accepting donations.

The address for our webpage is

Please feel free to visit our website and to refer people 
to CJD Voice. Please have them contact Liz Armstrong at 
LArmstr853@aol.com about getting on the e-mail list.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me 
at DebbieOney@aol.com

Thank you.

Deborah Schechter

Jim Mancuso Web Pages
(A message from James C. Mancuso, Ph.D., Psychology Professor
Emeritus, University of Albany, Albany, New York, May 22, 1998.
Please assist with distribution.  Thank you.):

     Over the past years I have been working on an effort to
interpret the psychological processes of persons at the
interface of two cultures.  I have used a personal construct
psychology analysis of those persons whom other writers have
discussed as "marginal persons."

     I believe that a useful interpretation of persons at the
interface of two cultures must become more productive than those
which have been offered in the past, and I believe that personal
construct psychology -- which is compatible with modern
constructivist cognitive psychology -- offers a sound approach
to producing a more fruitful analysis.

     I have used Italian-Americans as the model case, since I
have built up a knowledge base on Italian-American history.
Further, it does make a very good case.  The offspring of
Italian immigrants have done very well in The USA, despite the
general illiteracy and poverty of their forebears.

     I have decided that I would not attempt to seek out
publishers, etc.  I am too advanced in years to spend my time on
that process, particularly since I have little confidence that
reviewers will resonate with personal construct psychology
approaches. Also, of course, I am not sure that a reader, no
matter his orientation, would find my analysis to be cogent and

     Therefore, I decided to publish my material to the

     The addresses of the two papers I have so far published to
the web are:
     (1) http://www.capital.net/~mancusoj/suzzpell.html and
     (2) http://www.capital.net/~mancusoj/torgrevu.html

     I will appreciate any comments or reactions which anyone,
particularly professional colleagues, can offer.

Jim Mancuso

James C. Mancuso       Dept. of Psychology
15 Oakwood Place       University at Albany
Delmar, NY 12054       1400 Washington Ave.
Tel: (518)439-4416     Albany, NY 1222


Online Psychology Article Listing (OPAL)


I am writing to announce a new internet resource for the 
psychology community.  I've seen your web site of 
psychology links and I hope you will include this 
new resource in your list.


OPAL (Online Psychology Article Listing) is a searchable 
index of full-text online articles related to psychology.  
OPAL is a free resource that seeks to increase the 
dissemination and utilization of online research in 
psychology.  It is not a hosting service, but simply
a searchable database of abstracts and reference 
information that provides links to the original article.  
OPAL is different from existing resources in several ways:

* OPAL is searchable (by abstract, title, author, or year)
* OPAL only includes articles whose full text is available online
* OPAL only contains scholarly (empirical or review) articles

OPAL is in its early stages and at this time contains 
about 100 articles.  With participation from journals and 
individuals that make articles available online, the database 
will continue to grow.

I look forward to any feedback or suggestions about OPAL.

Mike Brezsnyak

Social Psychology Network

Social Psychology Network now has a customized search 
engine that will permit full-text searching of:

   --Web pages from all 3,500 links listed in the network
   --PhD Programs in Social Psychology (e.g., by keyword)
   --More than 400 social psychologist home pages

This page contains a list of U.S. and Canadian clinical psychology 
programs rank-ordered by how well their graduates performed on the 
Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology between 
1988 and 1995 (adapted from an article in the APS Observer).

The Online Psychology Career Center has added several new links, 
including a page showing the relative size of the job market 
within subdisciplines of experimental psychology (something students 
often wonder about).  The data on this page are based on job 
advertisements appearing in the APS Observer Employment Bulletin 
between 1991-1996 (adapted from an article in the APS Observer).

Social Psychology Network (SPN) currently receives an average 
of 1,450 page accesses each day and recently passed a cumulative 
total of 1/2 million page accesses.  Please consider adding a 
link to the new resources above or to any other SPN pages that 
might interest your visitors, and please feel free to suggest 
pages of your own that you would like to see featured in Social 
Psychology Network.  I am hoping to expand SPN significantly over
the summer and would welcome your input.

Thanks very much for your consideration!


Scott Plous
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

The Szasz Site
We invite you to visit
The Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
("The Szasz site")


     The purpose of this site is to advance the debate about
Thomas S. Szasz's basic ideas and their practical implications.

With initial contributions by:
   George J. Alexander, J.D., J.S.D., Nelson Borelli, M.D.,
John Dollard, M.D., Abraham Halpern, M.D., Timothy Leary, Ph.D.,
Ron Leifer, M.D., Karl Menninger, M.D., Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.,
Richard Vatz, Ph.D., Harry I. Weinstock, M.D., and Leo Elliott.

Important contributions by many others will be included in the
near future.  Updates to the site will be made regularly.

Produced and owned by Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.
Webmaster: David DeBenedetto.


Alternatives via alternatives-subscribe@makelist.com
Alternatives - alternative vs traditional classroom education

Alternatives has changed servers.

Alternatives is an open, unmoderated discussion list for 
those who have children involved in non-traditional classroom 
settings or are interested in this type of educational 
experience.  Alternative programs are often found within 
the public school system but function as an independent

To subscribe, send an email to: 

Becky Isherwood  

Online Cancer Support Group - was CANCER

This list was formerly known as CANCER@RWNEILL.COM 
and has now changed to the new LISTBOT web 
interface system which will provide subscribers and
the list owner with many new features and choices.

CANCERSUPPORT via http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/

Online Cancer Support Group

CANCERSUPPORT is an unmoderated online cancer support
group for cancer patients, caregivers, and professionals
invovled with all types of cancer.

Archives of CANCERSUPPORT can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe, use the web interface and enter your email
address at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and you will
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to and return in order to be confirmed for the list.

Robert W. Neill, Jr.

Cancer News & Information List

This list was formerly known as CANCERWIRE@RWNEILL.COM 
and has now changed to the new LISTBOT web interface 
system which will provide subscribers and
the list owner with many new features and choices.

CANCERWIRE via http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/

Online Cancer Support Group

Cancer news and information including general cancer news,
clinical trials, support groups, Internet resources, and other
information for cancer patients, caregivers, and medical

Archives of CANCERWIRE can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

To subscribe, use the web interface and enter your email
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Robert W. Neill, Jr.

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Online Support Group - was CML-L

This list was formerly known as CML-L@RWNEILL.COM and has 
now changed to the new LISTBOT web interface system which 
will provide subscribers and the list owner with 
many new features and choices.

CMLSupportGroup via http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Online Support Group

CMLSupport is an information list and online support group 
for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals interested 
in and involved with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia which 
provides an opportunity to meet and communicate with other 
cancer patients through email on a daily basis.

Archives of CMLSupportGroup can be accessed from the web
site at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

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Robert W. Neill, Jr.

Online Support Group For Victims Of Violent Crimes

This list was formerly known as CRIMEVICTIMS@RWNEILL.COM 
and has now changed to the new LISTBOT web interface 
system which will provide subscribers and the list 
owner with many new features and choices.

CrimeVictims via http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/

Online Support Group For Victims Of Violent Crimes

CrimeVictims is an online support group and mailing
list for victims of violent crime.

Archives of CrimeVictims can be accessed from the web site at
http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also available at

To subscribe, use the web interface and enter your email
address at http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and you will
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Robert W. Neill, Jr.

ECOPSYCHOLOGY on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu OR
ECOPSYCHOLOGY or listserv@listserv.net

New list address:  listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
New listowner address: claudir@rdz.stjohns.edu

Answering Earth's Call:  
Integrating Mind and Nature with Open Hearts

The ecopsychology mailing list is for sharing artful, 
spirited and scientific discussion on a wide range 
of topics related to this newly emergent field. This 
is an opportunity to meet with peers for personal 
and professional development through our inherent 
shared affinity with nature. An in-depth exploration
of our relationship to each other and to Earth is 
encouraged, as well as a discussion of how to develop
ecopsychology into a thriving profession in education 
and elsewhere.

This list is moderated.


Ecopsychology is an emerging, multidisciplinary field, 
where psychology and ecology are used to examine 
the psychological and spiritual roots of the 
environmental crisis.  Ecopsychologists view humanity as
interdependent with all other life forms, including Earth 
itself. By reawakening this consciousness, we act 
effectively to care for the Earth and all life.

To subscribe, send an email to:
In the MESSAGE body, enter: 

Claudia Robinson

Discussion of Interstitial Cystitis

The ICSUPPORT list has changed servers and subscription addresses.

The Interstitial Cystitis Support Email List is for people 
that have, or have family that have, or patients that have 
this condition. You may share remedies, medical procedures, 
and anything related to IC, including how it has changed your 
life and how you have been dealing with the changes.  You
can come to vent and share, seek support or give support.

ICSUPPORT is an unmoderated list, 
however there is a no flaming policy.

To subscribe, send an email to:
In the MESSAGE body, enter: 

L Brodeur

Online Leukemia Support Group - was LEUKEMIA

This list was formerly known as LEUKEMIA@RWNEILL.COM 
and has now changed to the new LISTBOT web interface system 
which will provide subscribers and the list owner with 
many new features and choices.

LeukemiaSupportGroup via http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/

Online Leukemia Support Group

LeukemiaSupportGrou is the online leukemia support group 
and mailing list for patients, caregivers, and professionals 
who are interested in and involved with all types of leukemia 
which provides an opportunity to meet and communicate with 
other cancer patients through email on a daily basis.

Archives of LeukemiaSupportGroupGroup can be accessed 
from the web site at
http://www.rwneill.com/publishing/ and are also
available at http://reference.com

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Robert W. Neill, Jr.

LMW-L on listserv@unl.edu  Lambda Midwest Email List
Lambda Midwest Email List

The Lambda Midwest Email List has changed it's coverage, 
Web site, subscription information and list owner's email 

LMW-L, LAMBDA MIDWEST, is for discussion of events, 
organizations, actions, issues and concerns of concern 
to the queer community (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered) 
in the Midwestern United States (comprising Iowa, Nebraska, 
Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota. Michigan, 
Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio.
Oklahoma, and surrounding areas).  
Details on LAMBDA MIDWEST are at:

New subscription and mailing Details are as follows:

To get more information pertaining to using the list server 
running this list, send e-mail to "listserv@unl.edu" and 
place help as the body of the text.  This should be the 
only word in the message.

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY 
of mail to listserv@unl.edu

subscribe LMW-L Your Given Name

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. 

Rodney Allen Bell, II  
Carol J. McNeely       

THE-OUTER-CORE has moved! It is now   OUTERCORE@juno.com

OUTERCORE via catherine_odette@juno.com
OUTERCORE - Morbid Obesity (formerly: THE-OUTER-CORE´)

This is a list for people who are dealing with the 
catastrophic effects of morbid obesity, especially those 
who have been inpatients at Jewish Memorial Hospital in 
Boston, MA, in the Complicate Obesity Rehabilitation
Environment (CORE).

This list is not automatic.  
Write to the owner for further information.


PAIN-L on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

CHANGE: The content of this forum has changed from 
an emphasis on Chronic Pain to that which "causes" 
Chronic Pain which now includes a much greater
emphasis on politics. This has become essentially 
a political forum about the environment, including 
radication sickness, pesticide use, chemical
effects on health, and all those things which 
are affecting our health from a political point of view.

Check out some of the articles and commentary at:

Selected articles from this forum are also gated to 
p.news.discuss on PeaceNet.

To subscribe, send the following command in the 
BODY of mail to LISTSERV@maelstrom.stjohns.edu


OR, Send e-mail request to join to: golem@atlantic.net

The Golem  

Parentlife via parentlife-l-subscribe@makelist.com
A list to discuss parenting in today's world

Parentlife has changed servers.

Parentlife is an open, unmoderated discussion list 
for parents who are dealing with the daily reality of 
parenting in today's fast-paced and sometimes confusing 
world. This is a supportive forum where parents can
gain encouragement and advice, as well as share their 
parenting experiences with the list.

To subscribe, send an email to:  

Becky Isherwood

Psyche on majordomo@mailinglist.net
Psyche has changed servers.
Also, the owner's email address has changed.

Psyche is intended to help and support those who suffer 
from depression, anxiety, phobias, etc. The focus is on
learning how to cope, deal, and heal by sharing ideas, 
strategies, information, and anything else that might 
be useful.

To subscribe, send an email to:
In the MESSAGE body, enter: 
subscribe psyche
subscribe psyche-digest


SPOL at listserver@ourfriends.com
Single Parents OnLine Mailing List

Change of Server

SPOL via listserver@ourfriends.com

SPOL is a support/discussion list for single parents.  
All male and female single parents are welcome, 
regardless  of whether you have custody of your 
children or not. You can be divorced, separated, 
widowed or have never been married at all.  We 
discuss many different issues concerning  single 
parenting, and share information to help each other.

To subscribe, send an email to:
In the MESSAGE body, enter: 
subscribe spol

Judy Haskell

Trauma Information Pages
The Trauma Information Pages have moved.

The correct URL for this site is:


This new domain name is now the permanent home of 
this important mental health resource for emotional
trauma, PTSD, and disaster mental health.

Please update your links, and accept my apology 
for this inconvenience.

The new address features a faster local search engine
(with detailed help file and search examples), as well
as easier navigation from sub-pages. There are also 
many added links since the February update.

The Trauma Information Pages site concentrates on 
emotional trauma, including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 
(PTSD) and disaster mental health response, whether 
following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large
scale natural disaster.

The primary target audience is clinicians, researchers, 
and students interested in traumatic-stress, but 
information and supportive links are provided for trauma 
survivors (and friends) as well.  Much of the 
comprehensive information at this site can easily be 
translated into five foreign languages using 
Alta Vista's translation service.  This award-winning 
site began on 19 April 1995 (one month after the 
Oklahoma City bombing), and is updated monthly by 
a licensed psychologist specializing in emotiona 
trauma and related issues.

David Baldwin, PhD

venous at majordomo@ohsu.edu
IV Therapy

The ivtherapy-l list has changed it's name 
and majordomo address.

This list is primarily for iv therapy nurses and 
other interested health care professionals interested in 
venous access and vascular devices.

The new name of the list is "venous".  

To subscribe, send a message to
majordomo@ohsu.edu and say in the BODY

subscribe venous

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Kuykendall, the list owner
at the following e-mail address:

Sarah Kuykendall, R.N., B.S.  
Oregon Health Sciences University

Working with Older Adults

APA has developed a information booklet for psychologists 
and other mental health practitioners working with older 
adults.  The 40-page booklet includes information on 
demographic realities of the increasing older population, myths 
and realities of aging for older Americans, psychological 
problems experienced by some older adults, psychological 
assessment and interventions for older adults, and broad 
professional issues of concern to psychologists working with 
older adults.  The booklet is intended for practitioners 
without specialty training in geropsychology.
The seven-person workgroup that developed this booklet 
in 1997 was convened by APA President Dr. Norman Abeles.
The APA publication is "What Practitioners Should Know 
About Working With Older Adults."  To obtain your free copy, 
call APA at (800) 374-3120 or send an e-mail message to