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The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online
John M. Grohol
Guilford Press, 306 pages, 1997, ISBN: 1-57230-229-1

This invaluable new book introduces you to the
world of mental health resources available right at
your fingertips. For both novices and experienced
surfers, this practical guide tells how and where to
find the information you need online. Written in
straightforward language, this book shows you
exactly how to take full advantage of the growing
online resources in psychology, psychiatry, and
related areas such as self-help and patient education.
Demonstrating in explicit detail the process of
conducting an information search on the Internet, the
author provides numerous examples drawn from
commonly asked questions on a variety of relevant
topics. A useful 'how-to' section gives general
information about getting around the
Internet--including descriptions of current search
tools for accessing the online world (such as
AltaVista, Yahoo!, and Webcrawler) as well as
those being developed for the future.

I. Basic Map and Tools for Finding Mental Health Information Online 
   1. Why and How to Look Online
   2. Knowing Where to Look Online

II. Getting Answers to Your Professional Questions
   3. Finding Disorders, Sub-Specialities, Clinical and
           Treatment Information Online
   4. Locating Employment Opportunities Through the Web
   5. Online Education and Continuing Education Resources
   6. Networking with Other Professionals Online
   7. Researching Online: References and Databases
   8. Professional Associations, Issues, and Ethics Online
   9. Book Publishers, Bookstores, and Journals Online
   10. Finding and Downloading Software Online
   11. Online Therapy and Behavior

III. Patient Education Resources
   12. General Consumer-Oriented Resources on the Web
   13. Consumer Mailing List Discussion and Support Groups
   14. Consumer Newsgroup Discussion and Support Groups

A. Glossary of Terms
B. Further Reading
C. How to Get Online
D. Creating Your Own Web Resource


"Wow. The words 'invaluable resource'
and 'must read' are bandied about quite a
bit in book reviews. But this time we mean it!
This reference guide is not only simply written
and incredibly handy, it's actually fun....For
anyone interested in roaming the vast plains
of mental health information on the
Internet, you could not ask for a better
      -Professional Counselor

"John Grohol -- part Johnny Appleseed, 
part Magellan -- is known to all of us
already online as the guide par excellence to,
and often the creator of, the best mental
health resources on the Internet. We will value
his book for the insight it offers into Dr.
Grohol's mental map of this uncharted domain.
For those not yet connected, the book is
the next best thing to being there. It explains
what all the excitement is about, and provides a
step-by-step initiation to this new medium
which is transforming the way we all live and
      -Gilbert Levin, PhD,
      Cape Cod Institute

The book is available for purchase directly through
the publisher and may be found in larger bookstores,
such as Barnes & Noble, or through ordering. The
cost is $21.95.

Guilford Press
72 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
tel: (800) 365-7006
or (212) 431-9800
fax: (212) 966-6708