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Section 2:     EDITORIAL

               Leon Pereira, Ph.D.

Section 3:     FEATURE ARTICLE:
               Bait and Switch in Project MATCH:
               What NIAAA Research Actually Shows
               About Alcohol Treatment

               Stanton Peele, Ph.D.

Section 4:     FIFTH COLUMN:
               To Speak Against

               Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

Section 5:     COMMENTS:
               Reflections on "To Speak Against"
               Identifying Doublespeak
               Donald P. Corriveau, Ph.D.

Section 6:     RESOURCE UPDATE


Executive Editor,
Acting Editor-in-Chief:      Leon Pereira
Editor-in-Chief (on leave):  Sunkyo Kwon
Managing Editors:            Joe Plaud

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Resource Update:             Leon Pereira
Assistant Editors: Don Corriveau, Will Reus
Associate Editor:  John Grohol


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DONALD P. CORRIVEAU, is Chairperson of the Psychology 
Department at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
His early research interests were in the areas
of Social Skill Training and Behavioral Medicine. 
Currently, his clinical and research interests are in the
area of pain management.  He is also particularly 
interested in the Internet's potential for continuing 
education experiences.  He is co-founder of WebEd, 
a virtual educational facility devoted exclusively to 
offering continuing education experiences in distance
learning formats.  In his role as Provost,  Dr. Corriveau 
has recruited an international faculty.  His mission is to 
have professionals share their skills and experiences with 
other professionals throughout the world.  His university 
home page describes his academic and personal interests and 
can be found at http://www3.umassd.edu/dcorriveau/  
WebEd is found at http://ceus.com

H. WILL REUS, MD, PhD., is a psychiatrist at the University
Hospital St. Radboud Nijmegen, the Netherlands, presently Head 
of the Outpatient Clinic of the Department of Psychiatry, and
in private practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy/behavior
therapy. He is a member of the Royal Dutch Society for
Medicine, the Dutch Association for Psychiatry, the Dutch 
Association for Psychotherapy, the Dutch Association for
Behavior Therapy, and the Dutch Association for Biological
Psychiatry. Dr. Reus also serves as Secretary of the Board of 
the Division Nijmegen of the Royal Dutch Society for
Medicine, as Chair of Board of the Society for Reunionists of 
the Faculty of Medicine Nijmegen, and as Member of the Board 
of the Dutch Association for Outpatient Clinic Workers.


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