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A. Abpart-l (Partners of survivors of abuse)
B. APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin
C. CD (Controlled Drinking)


A. abpart-l

Partners of Abuse Survivors

New Server: listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

The abpart-l mailing list attempts to cater to those
closely tied to survivors of abuse, be that abuse
sexual, physical, mental, emotional, etc. There are good
resources available on the Net for the survivors, but
often overlooked are their partners. The abpart-l list
is intended both as a support group and an informational
exchange forum.

To: listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
(message): abpart-l yourfirstname lastname

Owner: abpart-l-request@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

B. APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin

The APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin is now on the American
Psychology Association web site at:


You can view announcements that are new this month as well as announcements
previously published in the e-mail version that are still current. The
Funding Bulletin site will be updated every week with new RFAs and RFPs.
Also included are announcements of conferences and symposia of interest to
research psychologists.

You may register on the site to have URL-minder, an e mail robot, send you
notification every time the Funding Bulletin is updated with new
announcements. When you receive e-mail from URL-minder each week, simply go
to the Funding Bulletin web site and see what's new.

For questions on the APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin please
contact me at this address or at cxr.apa@email.apa.org.

Catharine Robertson
Editor, APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin
American Psychological Association


Cybercenter for controlled-drinking/drug use discussion

CD is a list devoted to discussion of controlled
drinking and controlled drug use. It was created for
researchers, clinicians and the lay public. "_Controlled
drinking_ has become the umbrella term for the notion
that abstinence need not be the only reasonable goal for
the heavy drinker seeking help" (Herbert Fingarette,

The list is non-profit and does not cater to the
interests of any particular self-help program or
professional treatment organization. It is loosely
affiliated with nuvusy@maelstrom.stjohns.edu, a list
dedicated to discussion against the "therapeutic state"
(Thomas Szasz).

The beliefs and values likely to be shared by
subscribers to this list include the following:  Alcohol
and drug use are behaviors, not diseases. There's a
difference between what drugs do to the body and how
drugs get into the body. Substantial medical and
scientific literature exists supporting the idea that
people labeled "alcoholic" and "addicted" control their
use of drugs for psychological, environmental and
existential reasons - not primarily physiological ones,
nor because of the "power" of drugs.  Behavior is a
function of free will and moral values. It is not
determined. Drug prohibition as a response to drug use
has not been a successful policy. Drugs are neither good
nor bad. The difference between a "problem drinker" and
a "dependent drinker" cannot be determined at a
biological level alone, and involves self-labeling and
social construction.

Announcements, discussion and debate regarding those,
opposing points of view, and related issues are welcome.
A reading list is included in the welcome message.

(message): SUBSCRIBE CD yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.   jschale@american.edu
       Barry Trub    astrub@norfolk.infi.net


New Server: Listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

"Although we may not know it, we have, in our day,
witnessed the birth of the Therapeutic State.  This is
perhaps the major implication of psychiatry as an
institution of social control."  (Thomas Szasz, 1963)

NUVUPSY is a forum to share points of view critical of
the "therapeutic state" and institutional psychiatry,
and those supportive of contractual psychotherapy and
psychiatry.  We're interested in discussions concerning
the relationship between liberty and responsibility and
its implications for clinical, legal, and public policy.
The list will serve to promote alternative views to
explaining unwanted behaviors.

Sociological perspectives on the medicalization of
deviant behavior are welcome. Other topics for
discussion include but are not limited to: The myth of
addiction as a disease; the ideology of biological
determinism; the obsolescence of the schizophrenia
hypothesis; coerced treatment for addiction and First
Amendment rights; criticism of psychiatric drug
prescriptions;  etc.

NUVUPSY Board of Advisors include:  Bruce K. Alexander,
Phil Brown, Robert C. Carson, David J. Essex, Louis B.
Fierman, Robert E. Haskell, Reid Klion, James C.
Mancuso, Roberta Russell, Theodore R. Sarbin, Jeffrey A.
Schaler, and Richard E. Vatz.

(message): SUBSCRIBE NUVUPSY yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.   jschale@american.edu
       Martin W. Smith    mws@metis.no


S.M.A.R.T. Recovery


S.M.A.R.T. Recovery, a new, non-twelve step, abstinence-
oriented, mutual help group.

Smart Recovery currently sponsors approximately 200
mutual help groups across the United States. These
groups aim to help their members abstain from alcohol
and other drugs by means of cognitive-behavior,
especially REBT, principles. Meetings are typically
small discussion groups in which individuals focus on
enhancing and maintaining motivation for abstinence,
identifying and coping with the addictive mentality,
learning new ways to manage emotions, thoughts, and
behaviors, and developing a lifestyle consistent with
long-term goals. Addiction is understood as a bad habit,
rather than as a disease. Belief in a higher power is
not required. Typical length of attendance is expected
to be up to two years. SMARTREC is the place for Smart
Recovery discussion, activities and group locations. It
is the official mail list for Smart Recovery, Inc.

Smart Recovery is a non-profit organization,
incorporated in 1992.  Its Central Office is located at:
24000 Mercantile Road, Suite 11, Beachwood, Ohio  44122
Telephone: 216-292-0220. E-mail: srmail1@aol.com Fax:

(message): SUBSCRIBE SMARTREC yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.   jschale@american.edu
       Tom Parmenter    tompar@world.std.com


Cross-Cultural Psychology


The  scholarly conference C-PSYCH (Cross-Cultural Psychology)
(short: CP)  is a forum for the exchange of  ideas,  opinions,
and   information    among   all  individuals  -- researchers,
practitioners, students, and the lay public -- interested  in 
cross-cultural psychology.

This  forum is particularly designed to discuss generic issues
and research in cross-cultural psychology and its intertwining 
disciplines,  such  as  developmental, cognitive, personality, 
social psychology, and methods.

Discussion  in  related  fields,  such  as  minority   issues, 
migrants, refugees, and indigenous  psychologies are welcomed.
So  is  the   participation  of  neighboring  disciplines  in 
anthropology, education, medicine, nursing, sociology, social
work and others.

The   discussion  of  topics  of  clinical  relevance  is  not
actively encouraged, but tolerated, because this is explicitly 
_not_ a  major  topic of CP. One rationale for the restriction
is to avoid  extensive overlap  with CP's mother  list  trans-
cultural psychology@listserv.nodak.edu.

A main focus of CP lies in the discussion of both quantitative
and  qualitative  methodology,  research as such, and  generic
issues in the study of cultures.

The list  and  its monthly  archives are  open  to  subscribers.
It  is  possible  to subscribe to  the list  in index  (table of 
contents)   and  digest  (one mailing with  all messages for the
day) formats. 

C-Psych Coordinators:
Bjarne Fjeldsen, Elsa Germain, Sunkyo Kwon, Fred Leong 

(message): SUBSCRIBE C-PSYCH yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Sunkyo Kwon   fu03c2dj@zedat.FU-Berlin.DE