SECTION E: Employment -- Special Section


This section is intended for listing current job     
openings in positions relevant to our readers.      
Submissions should be in the following format:      
1) Position title, 2) Institution name, 3) Institution  
location, 4) Full description, 5) 60-character line length 
Send job postings to: pni@badlands.nodak.edu    
John M. Grohol, Psy.D., Assistant Editor(grohol@coil.com)

This month, for a variety of reasons, I have
decided to forgo the usual job listings and talk a bit
about where one can go online to find employment resources
within psychiatry, psychology, and the mental health
field in general. I'd also like to take this opportunity
to announce my own resignation from my position as
the employment editor at PsychNews International and
my new role as an associate editor. I will move to
writing occasional articles for PNI and other duties
as needed. This is due to professional time constraints
as I expand a number of personal projects, including
a future book on online psychology.

The volunteer position of employment editor at PNI
is now open. If you'd like to be considered for this
job, please drop me a short note discussing your
interests and experience in this area. My e-mail
address is:  grohol@coil.com

                   o      o      o

There are dozens -- if not hundreds -- of places one
can go to find employment resources online. Most of
these resources, though, are broad, generally-oriented
indicies, not specific to the mental health, academic,
or professional fields. And most of them are on the
Internet's World Wide Web. If you don't have access
to the Web, your choices become notably more limited.
Resources such as PNI and Psycoloquy, then, are
invaluable for offering plain-text versions through
mailing lists and newsgroup. Psycoloquy is a peer-
reviewed journal which also occasionally carries
job announcements. You may subscribe to the mailing
list for Psycoloquy by sending a one-line e-mail
to:    listserv@pucc.princeton.edu  In your e-mail,
write: sub psyc Firstname Lastname

A couple of Usenet newsgroups also exist for
the Web-impaired. Both misc.jobs.offered
and misc.jobs.offered.entry are good newsgroups
to peruse regularly. Bionet.jobs, while a little
off the beaten path, can also offer an occasional
glimmer of hope. And employment positions are
often posted on sci.psychology.announce as well
as occasionally on sci.psychology.research,
sci.med.psychobiology and even sci.cognitive.

Web resources, on the other hand, are wide and
varied, offering the best chance of finding a
potential position. Unless noted otherwise,
all job databases are free to use, although
sometimes they request you register with them
first. Here's an abbreviated listing of
some of the better ones:

Academe This Week (Academic)
Classified ads of job openings from this weekly,
academically-oriented newspaper, for psychology
and social work.

America's Job Bank (General)
Large database of thousands of jobs, mostly
clinically-oriented and administrative in the
social sciences and healthcare industries.

APA Monitor (Psychologists)
Classified ads include both clinical and
academic positions in psychology throughout
the world.

CareerMosaic (General)
Not much found in this database, but who
knows? It may have what you're looking for...
Also has searching of Usenet newsgroups.

CareerPath (General)
Searches 10 large-city U.S. newspapers'
classified ads which are online.

JobLink - Mental Health Net (Field-related)
A smallish listing of positions posted to a
bulletin board, ranging from psychologists to
professors. Also links to a listing of dozens
of other Web sites, from which this list is

Mental Health Infosource (Psychiatry)
Listing of practice opportunities for psychiatrists
throughout the U.S. Also lists relevant fellowships.

The Monster Board (General)
Despite it's unusual name (or maybe because of it?),
this is a large database of employment opportunities,
in both practice (psychology, psychiatry and social
work), and education.

Online Career Center (General)
Another general database which is easy to use and
brings up some useful results, mainly practitioner-
oriented positions.

Positions in Psychology (Psychology)
A register of a few dozen positions throughout
the world, mostly in academia and North America.

These are some of the most common and useful
resources to examine. If you know of one that
isn't listed here (or from the larger list
this abbreviated version was taken from
on Mental Health Net at
http://www.cmhc.com/guide/pro04.htm), please
drop me a short note and let me know of it.

These types of resources are an excellent
example of how useful online information has
become. Databases that are international in
scope are now easily accessible from anywhere
in the world. Jobs which you may never realized
existed are now at your fingertips.

Good luck in your job hunting!