SECTION D: Resources


This section describes mental health-
related resources currently available
on or announced on the Internet. Submit
all contributions or corrections for 
the Resource Update section to:

Note: Information may be edited for length.

Leon C. Pereira, MA
Editor, Resource Section


  B. CPParent
  D. mgdcare_cap 
  E. NetPsy
  G. Psycresearch-online
  J. Race-unity

   A. AAPA-Web
   B. Applied decision making
   C. Computerised Diagnostic Instruments for Psychiatry
   D. Elijah Program (tm)
   E. Lemon Tree bulletins
   F. Neuropsychology Central 
   G. Psych Plus
   H. U&I bulletins
   I. Who's Who in Mental Health

   A. Online Neuropsychology Project 

    B. Neuro-psych Forum


A.  CPParent 

   Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy

   CPParent is a mailing list for discussions of issues
relating to the parenting of children afflicted by 
Cerebral Palsy (CP). Children, as well as
parents, are invited to join in the
discussion. Discussion topics are
relatively loose--anything that
can help families affected by CP is



Owner: J. Paul Sheridan ps2@ganet.net


   Cognitive Science Discussion List

   COGSCI is an open, unmoderated discussion list 
about Cognitive Science. Topics
including artificial intelligence, linguistics,
philosophy, connectionism, psychology, conferences, 
lectures, publications. It is also possible to 
subscribe to a few topics only.

   (message): SUB COGSCI yourfirstname yourlastname

   Owner:  Michel Weenink WEENINK@PSYCH.KUN.NL



   Enuresis Support and Information Group (ESIG)

Enuresis is defined as involuntary emission of urine. 
Bed wetting is a form of enuresis. ESIG is a growing 
internet community of people connected to each other 
via enuresis. ENURESIS is an open, unmoderated
discussion list. Things such as how to deal with bed
wetting physically as well as psychologically are 
likely to be discussed. Archives of ENURESIS mail 
items are kept in monthly files. 
   You may obtain a list of files in the archives by 
sending the command INDEX ENURESIS

   To: LISTSERV@sjuvm.stjohns.EDU
   (message): SUB ENURESIS yourfirstname yourlastname
   Owner:  Eric Fricker ENURESIS-request@sjuvm.stjohns.EDU

D. mgdcare_cap

   Managed Care and Capitation

   The purpose of the mgdcare_cap list is to
be the site of a friendly and open discussion among 
physicians and practice administrators.
   Participation from the public, private and
academic sectors is welcome.

   When you sign on with mgdcare_cap,
you'll be able to exchange ideas, get advice, improve 
practice efficiency and participate in a forum on
managed care topics including:

* Tips for contracting and coping with managed care 
* Pros and cons of various HMOs, PPOs, IPAs, PHOs 
  and other networks 
* Find answers to vexing capitation questions 
* Mergers and acquisitions of physician practices 
* How to get reimbursed correctly under managed care

   mgdcare_cap is sponsored by Physician Network Insider, the
leading independent newsletter that provides cutting-edge 
managed care news relevant to physician groups.  Every two 
week, thousands of doctors rely on Physician Network Insider's
sophisticated advice on how to contract with managed care 
and at-risk reimbursement, and the pitfalls and pluses of 
many physician integration efforts.

   For more information about the publication Physician 
Network Insider, contact Carl Ayers at 301/816-8950 x363 
or send email to cayers@ucg.com

   (message): SUBSCRIBE mgdcare_cap yourfirstname yourlastname

   Owner: Carl Ayers  cayers@ucg.com

E. NetPsy

   Internet Psychology

   NetPsy is a forum for the discussion of the
psychological and psychotherapeutic services delivered
via all aspects of the Internet. This list is conceived 
of as a forum for psychologists and mental health workers 
interested in discussing the interactions, problems, and 
disorders arising out of the use of the Internet;  as well 
as the treatments developing to treat existing and
developing disorders via the Internet.

   NetPsy is an open, unmoderated
list, but it is NOT a support group
and it is NOT a forum for anyone
seeking psychological services over
the Internet. The list owners do NOT
advocate using the Internet to
provide therapy, but only wish to provide
a forum to discuss the ways
that the Internet is being (and can be) used
to create or maintain
personal and/or professional and therapeutic

   To: listserv@sjuvm.stjohns.edu

(message): subscribe NetPsy Yourfirstname Yourlastname

Owners: Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.    drm@cts.com
        Storm A. King              stormk@netcom.com


   The Parkinsn Information and Exchange Network is an 
open, unmoderated discussion list for people with 
Parkinson's, their families and caregivers, and health 
care professionals with an interest in Parkinson's.


To: listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca
   (message): SUBscribe PARKINSN Firstname Lastname

   Owner: Barbara Patterson 

G. Psycresearch-online

   Psycresearch-online is a forum instituted to
address issues related to the use of the Internet for 
psychological research, assessment, and data
collection. This mailgroup was conceived
of as a forum for researchers in
all mental health related fields, as
well as, individuals representing
computer programming, data management,
telemedicine, and other integrative fields.

   Psycresearch-online is an open forum, but this forum 
is not intended for any individuals seeking psychological 
services over the Internet, nor is it a place for
posting general information related to psychology. 
Individuals subscribing to this group are assumed 
to have a general knowledge of Internet structure and HTML.

   Examples of relevant topics to this
mailgroup include the following:
* Methodological considerations and
  obstacles to online testing and data
* Advanced web development techniques for online 
  research and data collection 
* Database applications and Internet connectivity between
  subject and experimenter 
* Ethical and legal implications of online data
* Collaboration and data sharing via the Internet 
* Telemedicine and "teleassessment" issues 
* Data security and anonymity


To: Majordomo@premier.net
   (message): subscribe psycresearch-online 

   Owner: Jeffrey N. Browndyke cogito@premier.net


   An E-Mail Group Forum for Psychologists
Practicing in California!

   PsyFORUM, the E-mail list for licensed
psychologists, and academic and
research psychologists specializing in
mental health and behavioral health
issues. While we have a decidedly
California focus and flavor, (...and
please forgive our 'egocentrism!)
we think we address issues of interest to
all professional psychologists.  
We trust you will find this Forum
stimulating and useful to you in your 
professional practice.  We encourage
you to post messages to the list 
at any time.

   PsyFORUM is a mail list forum open ONLY to 
licensed psychologists, and to
selected unlicensed psychologists from
academic and research organizations.
   PsyFORUM is "closed" to the general
public and to members of other mental
health professions. This is unlike, for example, 
the InterPsych mail lists which are
multi-disciplinary. Although at times you 
may see postings on PsyFORUM
from persons who are not psychologists, 
these are postings forwarded from another list, 
or are invited postings. PsyFORUM  postings 
are not distributed outside the community 
of practicing psychologists and of
researchers or academicians involved 
in the supporting research of our

   We REQUIRE that you DO NOT forward or re-post messages you
receive from PsyFORUM  to other mail lists, or to persons 
you do not know to be licensed psychologists. At some times, 
information which list members post to the
list may be considered confidential, either as
patient-related information, or as politically-related 
efforts to preserve the practice of psychology in
environment increasingly unfriendly to our success. 
If you have any question concerning this
policy, please contact me, D.F. Tweedie, Ph.D.,
PsyFORUM  mail list Moderator, at the Internet address

PsyFORUM is an independent, unaffiliated mail group 
forum for California Licensed psychologist which was 
established originally under the name

PsyNetCA@aol.com by MarleneMaheu, Ph.D. 

   If you'd like to join,'snail' mail or fax 
(619/776-6546) me a copy of your current
that you will abide by the terms of the list and 
your preferred E-mail address. When you are
signed on you will receive a "Welcome" letter 
which explains those terms.
   If you disagree, it will instruct you how to 
"unsubscribe" if you do not want to abide by the 

   Lets thrive, not survive!

   Owner: D.F. Tweedie, Ph.D. calpsych@ix.netcom.com

C. race-unity

   Race Unity

   The moderated email list, race-unity, is intended as a 
place for positive discussions about activities, projects,
proposals, ideas, etc.  to promote harmony and interactions 
between the various races.

The list is sponsored by the Baha'i Computers and 
Communications Association (BCCA).

   To: race-unity-request@bcca.org

(message): A request to join race-unity

   Owner:  Janet Walker   JANET@nosc.mil


A. AAPA-Web 

   Asian American Psychological Association

   The AAPA-Web is the web-site of the Asian American
Psychological Association (AAPA). The AAPA is a 
national organization for psychologists
dedicated to serving the Asian American community. The
AAPA-Web contains the latest news and announcements 
from AAPA, purpose and history of AAPA as
well as information about membership, the annual
convention, and the newsletter. It also includes 
information that pertains to the Asian
psychological issues such as books and journal
articles, latest events, the classifieds, and 
links to other resources on the Internet. The AAPA-Web 
is also the official web-site of Richard
Suinn's 1996 American Psychological
Association presidential election

URL: http://www.west.asu.edu/aapa

Richard J. S. Kim, Ph.D. rjkim@earthlink.net

B. Applied decision making

   I operate a web site on cognitive psychology,
applied social psychology and
applied ethics that may be of interest.
You will find on-screen movies,
cartoon animation, teaching activities,
and research resources such as the
full text of articles, and links to
related sites. There is also free
HyperCard software for simulating
tragedies of the commons or social-
temporal dilemmas.


   Craig Summers, Ph.D.   

C. Computerised Diagnostic Instruments for Psychiatry

   The Anxiety Disorders Unit at St
Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia is a  
World Health Organization Collaborating Centre 
for Mental Health. The Website includes details
and ordering information for the Composite  
International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI), 
a computerised diagnostic instrument which 
can be administered by an interviewer or 
completed by the patient. It returns
psychiatric diagnoses according to DSM or 
ICD criteria.
   Also onsite: free-to-download hypertext resources 
for the management and treatment of psychiatric 
disorders, details of the 5-Volume "Management of
Mental Disorders" handbooks, and details of the treatment, research and educational programs available at the unit.


   Contact: Brendon Boot  brendonb@crufad.unsw.edu.au

D. Elijah Program (tm)

Elijah Program (tm) offers hope to dysfunctional families. 
Individual, family and community based behavioral 
modification programs and other programs.

   URL: http://home.aol.com/ElijahProg

   Contact: Phil Blansett  PLBlansett@AOL.COM

E. Lemon Tree bulletins

The Lemon Tree Learning Project, auspiced by the VMIAC, 
is basically a consumer participation training project. 
It works with staff and consumers of various mental 
health-related services aiming to increase consumer 
participation within those services.

   Lemon Tree bulletins, produced
monthly, are available by email
   (write c/o tapestry@netlink.com.au to
request them)



   Ria Strong   tapestry@netlink.com.au

F. Neuropsychology Central

   Neuropsychology Central is a WWW site devoted
to the subject of neuropsychology and related 
material. Included in this page are links to
professional organizations, pre- and
post-doctoral program information,
individual neuropsychologist pages,
assessment information, and sections
covering different aspects of this
ever growing field (e.g. cognitive,
developmental, geriatric, etc.). A
reader survey and an online forum have 
been included to facilitate the
expansion of this useful link.


   Jeffrey N. Browndyke   cogito@premier.net

G. Psych Plus

   The Psych Plus resources page, presented by VMIAC, 
has been revised and expanded. The VMIAC is a consumer/
survivor-run advocacy organisation for people with
experience of mental health problems and/or the 
psychiatric system.  It is based in Melbourne, 

   The site includes information about:

* mental health and people with disabilities 
* mental health and substance abuse 
* mental health and homelessness 
* mental health and people from minority ethnic backgrounds 
* mental health and indigenous people 
* mental health and gays and lesbians 
* mental health and young people 
* mental health and older people 
* mental health and women


   Ria Strong   tapestry@netlink.com.au

H. U&I bulletins

Understanding and Involvement (U&I), auspiced by the VMIAC, 
is an award-winning action research project investigating 
the establishment of consumer feedback mechanisms within an 
acute psychiatric hospital setting.

   All U&I bulletins may be obtained by email (write c/o



   Ria Strong   tapestry@netlink.com.au

I. Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web

   "Who's Who in Mental Health on
the Web" affords you the opportunity to add
a free listing of your practice and networking 
skills to a publicly-accessible database which
is searchable by any keyword, phrase, city,
state, zip - actually the search criteria are 
unlimited since every word of every entry is

   Include your email address or home page URL, 
and your data will be instantly accessible by 
anyone who searches. You have the option to
include as much or as little information as 
you choose, which enables your entry to be 
custom-tailored to your preferences.

   At the time of completing your listing, 
you may specify a password which will enable 
you to update your information at any time in 
the future when it changes.

    Please visit the new site and add your listing today.


Linda Chapman, MSW, LCSW


A. Online Neuropsychology Project 

   Participants are needed for a neuropsychology 
research project conducted via the Internet. The 
"Online Neuropsychology Project" is a survey intended
for all Internet users regardless of age, location, 
race, education, or injury status. General background 
questions, as well as questions centering around 
autonomic nervous system activity and head injury
symptom report will be asked.  Participant survey 
responses are anonymous, and you are free to 
discontinue the survey at any time. Total
survey completion time is about 10-15 minutes.  

   All participants completing the survey will 
receive a special gift.



   Jeffrey N. Browndyke cogito@premier.net



   Old address: MEDITECH-L@nic.iii.net
   New address: Meditech-L@mail.zipnet.net.

   MEDITECH-L is a mailing list
and discussion group for any users or
potential users of Meditech's
Medical Information Software.

   The purpose of MEDITECH-L is to bring
together Hospital Information
System Professionals and End Users for
discussion relating to Meditech's software.

   Subscribers to this list
may be IS professionals, Physicians,
Residents, Medical Students,
Nurses, Hospital Administrators, or
anyone who uses any of the wide
range of Meditech Modules for various
hospital computing tasks.


   Owner: Joseph Lapolito   jml@zipnet.net

B.  Neuro-psych Forum 

  The NP list has been moved to PsyCom.Net:

  To: majordomo@psycom.net

(message): join neuro-psych

  Owner: Ivan Goldberg, MD   Psydoc@PsyCom.Net


changed subscription requirements.

Survival was created in March 1996 to provide a forum 
for discussing topics related to domestic violence, 
child abuse, sexual assault and crisis/trauma intervention. 
The goal of Survival Mailing List is to provide a safe 
information and support network for victims of abuse
and individuals who work in the field of abuse.

   Subscription to Survival Mailing List isn't automated. 
Please read the following summary and follow instructions
should you decide to join the list.

   Should you decide to join Survival, you will be asked 
to complete a short application and to sign a Code of 
Ethics and List Agreement.
   These forms will be sent to you when you request 
membership.  They must be signed and returned to the 
listowners via e-mail, or postal mail, within 14
days or your account will be removed from the list.

   Survival Mailing List no longer requires a mandatory 
subscription fee. However, the list is being maintained 
on a very limited budget and any contributions to
assist in the upkeep of the list will be
greatly appreciated. Any excess
funds will be applied to area
educational programs to prevent domestic

   To: majordomo@facteur.std.com
   (message): subscribe survival
   For more information, please contact one of the

   Owners:  DJ Lowery   chaos@smartnet.net
            D. Know     wraith2@ix.netcom.com