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SECTION D: Employment


This section is intended for listing current job
openings in positions relevant to our readers.
Submissions should be in the following format:
1) Position title, 2) Institution name, 3) Institution
location, 4) Full description, 5) 60-character line length
Send job postings to:
John M. Grohol, Psy.D., Assistant Editor(



================ ============================================
(Wales, UK)
(Boston, MA)
(Boston, MA)
(Boston, MA)
(Columbia, Missouri)
(Piscataway, NJ)
(Princeton, NJ)
(Albany, NY)
(Syracuse, NY)
(Pittsburgh, PA)
(Seattle, WA)

Institution: Macquarie University, School of Behavioural
Sciences, Dept. of Psychology
Location: Australia
The appointee will be required to contribute to postgraduate
teaching o n the MSc (Clinical Neuropsycbology) professional
program, as well as PhD and Honours supervision. Some
undergraduate teaching may also be required.

The successful applicant must have a PhD in psychology, be
eligible for membership of the APS College of Clinical
Neuropsychologists and have an active research program.

The position is available from I February 1997 for a fixed
term of five years with the possibility of conversion to

Enquiries to :Professor M Coltheart, tel: +61 2 850 8086
or E-mail:
or Dr. A Shores, tel: +61 2 850 8071
or E-mail:

Salary range: Lecturer (Level B) $43,042 to $51,113 per

Further information about the University, conditions of
appointment and the method of application should be obtained
from the Recruitment Manager, Personnel Office, Macquarie
University, NSW 2109 or by telephoning (02) 850 9746,
fa csimile (02) 850 9748.

Applications close 31 May 1996. Applications will not be
acknowledged unless specifically requested.
Equal Employment Opportunity and No Smoking in the
Workplace are University Policies.
================== ==========================================
Institution: Cardiff University of Wales
Location: Wales, UK
This is a fixed-term one year post for a statistician,
psychologist, human geographer, or any researcher with
experience of working either with the Census, in survey
analysis, or with educational or health data, preferably
with experience of using multi-level modelling packages
such as MLn or HLM. You will possess a good first degree
and either a relevant postgraduate qualification or relevant

You will collaborate with Dr Wynford Bellin (School of
Education) and Dr Gary Higgs (Department of City and
Regional Planning in an ESRC funded study relating Census
variables, survey data, and data on the incidence of Welsh
speaking in a multi-level spatial and social analysis of
South East Wales. The research would involve exploiting an
existing database to compare social areas implicated in
linguistic and cultural change in Wales. The aims of the
project include contextualising social changes and
producing research papers that would inform policy
development by unitary authorities.

Salary: #14317 - #21519 p.a.
Enquiries to or 44 1 222 874017
quoting ref 96/27

>From PSYCOLOQUY with permission.
==================================================== ========
Institution: Boston VA Medical Center/Tufts University
School of Medicine, National Center for PTSD
Location: Boston, MA, USA
============= ===============================================
Sciences Division of the National Center for PTSD,
Boston VA Medical Center/Tufts University School of
Medicine, seeks licensed or license-eligible community/
clinical psychologist with demonstrated administrative,
community, and clinical skills to coordinate development,
clinical programming, and administration of transitional
residence for women veterans with trauma-related problems.
This position offers unique opportunities to design an
innovative clinical and vocational program, organize
community resources, initiate treatment outcome and program
evaluation research, and work with an exciting
interdisciplinary team. Requirements include a Ph.D. from
an APA-accredited program, completion of an APA-accredited
internship, strong commitment to residentially-facilitated
treatment, excellent organizational/administrative skills,
leadership abilities, and expertise with complicated and
treatment refractory patients. Research expertise is
desirable. Interested applicants should immediately send a
curriculum vita, three letters of recommendation, and
relevant reprints to: Jessica Wolfe, Ph.D., Director,
Women's Health Sciences Division, National Center for PTSD,
Boston DVA Medical Center, 150 S. Huntington Ave., Boston,
MA 02130. Applications will be accepted until positions are
filled. The Department of Veteran Affairs is an Equal
Opportunity Employer.
Institution: Boston VA Medical Center, National Center for
Location: Boston, MA, USA
The National Center for PTSD at the Boston VA Medical Center
announces the availability of four postdoctoral fellowship
positions to begin September 1, 1996. The fellowships are
supported by the NIMH and are designed to train psychologists
in the scientific study of PTSD. Fellows will work in
the two divisions of the National Center for PTSD, the
Behavioral Science Division and the Women's Health Sciences
Division, both of which are affiliated with Tufts University
School of Medicine.

The primary objective of the two-year training program is to
prepare individuals for academically-oriented careers in
clinical psychology studying the effects of exposure to
traumatic stressors. Fellows will be required to: (a)
participate in ongoing research projects of program faculty,
(b) initiate an independent research project, (c) prepare a
grant for submission to federal funding agencies, and
(d) provide direct clinical services to PTSD patients under
the guidance of a clinical supervisor. In addition to these
requirements, fellows will have opportunities to conduct
secondary analyses on existing data sets.

Each fellow will be assigned a senior faculty member who will
serve as his or her mentor, although collaboration will be
encouraged with multiple faculty members. Training will
include a fu ll complement of didactic lectures and practical
training experiences addressing topics central to the
contemporary study of traumatic stress. The program will
emphasize the influence of gender and ethnicity on adaptation
to psychological trauma. In addition, ancillary training is
available through the Behavioral Neuroscience Program at
Boston University.

Fifteen core faculty members are currently active in the
training program and bring to it expertise in a wide variety
of areas in PTSD research with veterans and civilians,
including: (a) development and validation of assessment
instruments, (b) psychophysiological research with an emphasis
on measuring emotional-processing, (c) the identi fication of
risk factors for PTSD using multivariate analysis including
structural equation modeling, (d) information-processing,
(e) the impact of PTSD on spouses and families, with a focus
on domestic violence, and (f) cognitive-behav ioral treatment
methods. In addition, adjunct faculty with expertise in
minority issues, substance abuse, and psychopharmacology will
actively contribute to the training program.

The National Center for PTSD-Boston is widely known for its
research accomplishments in the area of traumatic stress and
it possesses outstanding resources in support of its mission
to study PTSD. These resources include technical support
personnel, well equipped psychophysiological and c ognitive
research laboratories, advanced computing facilities, and a
broad range of professional expertise. The working atmosphere
at the National Center is collaborative and supportive. Past
post-doctoral fellows have taken positions in academic

Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed
until all positions are filled. The salary and benefits
package is competitive. A completed application should
include a personal statement of professional goals and
interests, a curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference.
Minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
Applicants must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D.
prior to starting the program. Applications should be
submitted to Terence M. Keane, Ph.D., National Center for
PTSD (116B-2), Boston VA Medical Center, 150 S. Huntington
Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, 02130. The Boston VA Medical
Center is an equal opportunity e mployer.
Institution: Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Inc.
Location: Boston, MA, USA
======================================= =====================
Executive Director

General Statement of Duties:
Plans, supervises, and evaluates the implementation of
the agency's policies programs and activities as established
by the board of directors.

Hires, trains and supervises management and administrative
staff; provides overall management of personnel and
administrative issues.

Oversees the fiscal management system and regular reporting
of financial activities to the board and othe r appropriate

Oversees fundraising activities, including developing
affiliations with funders and other potential donors;
oversees coordination of the Annual Silk Road Event.

Represents the agency publically; pla ns and implements
outreach activities. Provides technical assistance to
community members and providers.

Oversees all activities of grant management, including
negotiating, administering and monitoring grants and

Coordinates work with all board committees as appropriate.
Particpates and reports on activities in monthly board

At least 3 years experience in management, administration and

Master's Degree in Administration, Social Work, Public
Health or related discipline preferred.

Demonstrated leadership skills. Experience working with
boards of directors. Demonstrated ability to work with
multicultural staff.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing;
ability to express thoughts clearly. Bilingual in an Asian
language preferred.

Knowledge or experience in providing doestic violence
services. Commitment to the mis sion of the agency of ending
domestic violence. Familiarity with service delivery to
Asian communities preferred.

Experience in community organizaing or coalition-building,
preferably in the Asian communities.

Please send r esume and cover letter to: Personnel Committee,
Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Inc.,
PO Box 120108, Boston, MA 02112; Fax: 617-338-2354
Institution: University of Missouri, Columbia,
Mom/Kid Trial Project
Location: Columbia, Missouri, USA
The Mom/Kid Trial Project is a 5-year grant from the
Maternal and Child Health Bureau which is beginning its
third year. Our current Postdoctoral Project Coordinator
has just accepted a faculty position on campus and thus
we are looking for someone with similar enthusiasm for
parenting research and skill with large data sets. The
position will be open in June of 1996, although start
date would be negotiable.
The MKT project involves the full-time Project Director, a
full-time Home Visitor, a full-ti me Research Specialist, and
a half-time masters level Group Facilitator. We have an
executive secretary who does work for the project and we
typically have one or two stenographers working for a few
hours on the project as well. Three graduate students have
20 hour a week positions, and around 25 undergraduates
devote 5 hours each week to the project for two semesters.
This is a considerable staff to supervise. On the other
hand, all of the staff members except the undergraduates, are
very experienced and have a long history with the curriculum
and with the project. The staff works together extremely
well, and have different backgrounds that complement one
another and a commitment to the welfare o f children that
helps "glue" us together.

There are two separate parts of the grant, and only the
Project Director and the Research Specialist are involved
in both. The treatment team, comprised of the Home Visitor
and the Grou p Facilitator, is responsible for treatment
delivery and curriculum development. They have no knowledge
or contact with the assessment portion of the project. In
contrast, the three graduate students are responsible for
pretesting and posttesting the subjects. This typically
involves two or three pre- and two or three post-sessions,
which are conducted in pairs with undergraduates. This group
has no knowledge of the curriculum.

The Project Director oversees the staff, without having any
direct treatment or assessment responsibilities herself.
She is responsible for data collection quality and
completeness, which is a massive undertaking. She also is
responsible for managing the nearly $2 mil lion budget, and
maintaining contacts with state and local officials who assist
us with AFDC waivers (so that our paying the subjects does
not interfere with their funding), obtaining data on abuse
status, and such issues.

This is a superb opportunity for someone who wants to be
involved in research on parenting skills training, in
working with low income families, or wants involvement in
abuse and neglect treatment. There will be multiple
opportunities for publication, as well as acquiring research
skills ranging from clinical interviewing to observational
technology. There will also be the opportunity to conduct
independent research if desired. Finally, our in-house
clinic includes a p ostdoctoral licensing program for those
individuals wishing to be licensed for clinical practice.

The University of Missouri-Columbia, is the flagship campus
of a four campus state university. Set in rolling green
hills between St. Louis and Kansas City, and bounded by the
Ozark mountains and lakes, this city of 60,000 offers an
excellent concert series, theatre, ethnic cuisine, typical
of a much larger city. Low crime, pollution, and cost of
living make Columbia an ideal place to live.

There should be a similar, second postdoctoral position
in December of 1996. This second position involves another
project that is very similar in size and scope, but will
involve only unintentional injury. This grant is just being
resubmitted now, after a fairly favorable first review.
Thus, I am uncertain what will happen but want to be
prepared in case we are funded. That project would involve
9 graduate students and Research Specialis ts going into the
field to do observations of mothers and their toddler-age
children. We are looking specifically for the maternal and
child-based risk factors that may lead to injury, as well
as an examination of the factors that prompt maternal
intervention of various types. The project director's
responsibilities would be quite similar to those of the
Mom/Kid Trial. This project will be a 5-year long NICHD
project, if funded.

If these brief descriptions c ause you to want to know more
about the positions, the PI, Lizette Peterson, can be
reached at 573-882-6083 and her email is
PSYLIZ@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU Thanks for your interest.
========================================================= ===
Institution: Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey,
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and CMHC
Location: Piscataway, NJ, USA
================================= ===========================
Full-time, licensed neuropsychologist with a Ph.D. and a
strong research and clinical background working with children
& adolescents with psychiatric disorders. Position involves
a combination of half-time cl inical neuropsychiatric
assessment of children and adolescents with psychiatric
disorders and half-time collaboration in research development
involving neuroimaging, neuropsychiatric and neuropsychologic
assessment of young people with n eurobiologic-based
psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, conduct
disorder, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder).

Applicants must hold APA-accredited Ph.D., APA-accredited
internship and appropriate fellowship, in addition to
relevant experience in a medical setting. Preference will
be given to a record of research accomplishment and grant
activity. UMDNJ is committed to increasing representation
of members of minority groups on its faculty and encourages
applications from such candidates. Inquiries and
applications consisting of curriculum vitae, a letter
describing current activities and career goals, and
names and phone numbers of three references should be sent
to: Robert L. Hendren, D.O., Director, Division of Child
and Adolescent Psychiatry, UMDNJ-RWJMS, 675 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-5635 or phone (908)235-4416
for additional information.

Starting date of July 1, 1996 is pref erred.
Institution: Princeton University, Dept. of Psychology
Location: Princeton, NJ, USA
=================== =========================================
Applications are invited for a research assistant to work on
visual perception, attention and memory. Programming skill
with Macintosh computers essential, and B.A. or courses in
Psychology preferr ed.

The person appointed would help in the daily running of a
laboratory, programming experiments to be run on Macintosh
computers, cooperating with graduate students, organizing
a subject pool and running subjects, analyzing data, ta king
part in lab meetings and discussions, and doing some library
searches. The position offers opportunities for participation
in research design and reporting. The holder would gain
some experience of research in perception and cognition , which
could be a useful preparation for graduate school or
professional training in related areas. We hope also to
initiate some work on brain imaging and testing patients
with deficits in perception, attention or memory. The
pos ition is for one year in the first instance, but the
preference would be to renew it at least for a second year.
Salary will be commensurate with experience. Starting date
around August 15th,1996.

For more information, contact Anne Treisman, telephone
609 258 4648, E-mail
If you are interested in applying, please send a resume
and ask three people to send reference letters, either
by e-mail or ordinary mail, to Anne Treisman, Departm ent
of Psychology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
08544-1010. Princeton is an equal opportunity affirmative
action employer.

>From PSYCOLOQUY with permission.
Institution: Phobia and Anxiety Disorders Clinic
Location: Albany, NY, USA
Two-year postdoctoral training in clinical research is now
available at a large federally funded anxiety disorders
clinic with an international reputation. Successful
candidates will be involved in one or more NIMH or NIDA
projects in administrative, clinical, and research
capacities and will gain experience in preparation and
writing of grants. Supervision of clinical psychology
doctoral students, psychiatry residents, and under-graduates
is expected along with the opportunity to offer courses at
the graduate or u ndergraduate level. Professional positions
may be available at the end of the postdoctoral period.
Applicants should have completed Ph.D. by the start of
employment. License eligible a plus. Salary: $30,000 or more
based on experience plus generous fringe benefits. Send vita
and three letters of recommendation to David H. Barlow, Ph.D.,
Phobia and Anxiety Disorders Clinic, 1535 Western Avenue,
Albany, NY 12203. As of September 1, 1996, the Clinic will
become the Bo ston Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
at Boston University.
Institution: Syracuse University, Dept. of Psychology
L ocation: Syracuse, NY, USA
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY invites applications for a Visiting
Assistant Professor position in human experimental psychology
beginning Fall 1996. The posi tion is for one year with the
possibility of extension to three years. Lab facilities are
excellent, and salary would be competitive. Candidates should
have a Ph.D. by September 1, 1996, but ABDs will be
considered. The position entails teaching an undergraduate
laboratory and classroom course in cognitive psychology, and
possibly other undergraduate or graduate-level specialty
courses in experimental psychology. Teaching load is two
courses per semester. Applicants ar e directed to send a
letter of application, vita, preprints/reprints, and to
arrange for three letters of reference to be sent to:
William J. Hoyer, Department of Psychology, Syracuse
University, Syracuse, NY 13244-2340. The review proc ess will
begin in early April, and continue until the position is
filled. E-mail:
Tel: (315) 443-3663 or Fax: (315) 443-4085

>From PSYCOLOQUY with permission.
============================================ ================
Institution: Carnegie Mellon university, School of
Computer Science, HCI Institute
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
================================= ===========================
The ATC-Soar project is a modeling effort aimed at
understanding the cognitive processes people use while
learning to perform highly interactive computer tasks. We
are developing a large-scale cognitive model written in
Soar (and C) of human learning on the Kanfer-Ackerman
Air Traffic Controller Task (TM) (a simplified air traffic
controller-like task). The model integrates several cognitive
abilities developed in previous work including per ception,
planning, problem solving and several different types of
learning. There is a large set of existing experimental
data with human users which serve to inspire and test
the model.

The project has two main goals. One goa l is to continue the
development of unified theories of cognition (i.e.,
Newell's 1990 "Unified Theories of Cognition"). Another is
to lay the theoretical ground work for practical methods
for evaluating the learnability of human-comput er interfaces.
We are especially interested in extending GOMS by
incorporating a model of learning.

Primary responsibility will be to continue the development
and testing of the Soar model. Our ideal candidate is a
computer scie nce PhD. with a background in machine
learning, experience programming in Soar or other
production rule-based cognitive modeling environment, with
an interest in unified theories of cognition and/or HCI.
Psychologists with very strong computer science backgrounds
and experience with cognitive modeling are also a close
match. Candidates with other strong CS backgrounds
interested in seriously exploring these issues
will also be considered.

The appointment woul d be for one year, beginning in June of
1996, an additional year would be contingent on on
availability of funds and performance. Send a vita, a
statement of research interest, three letters of
recommendation, and selected reprints to D r. Bonnie E. John,
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh PA 15213. E-mail applications are acceptable,

CMU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.
>From PSYCOLOQUY with permission.
Institution: University of Washington, FAST-Track Program
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
============================= ===============================
Data Analyst for University of Washington prevention
intervention project for children (FAST Track). Must have
Ph.D. with strong quantitative skills, emphasis in
multivariate and longitudinal analyses, e xperience with SAS
preferred. Application is open until position is filled.
AA/EOE. Send vita, letter of interest specifying your
qualifications, and recommendation letters to Mark Greenberg,
Ph.D., University of Washington, FAST-Track , 146 N. Canal St.,
Suite 111, Seattle WA, 98103.