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Volume 1, Issue 2: Section C
Resources 2/2



SECTION C: Resources (2/2)

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A. Dualdiagnosis
The new Dual Diagnosis Website is devoted
exclusively to this topic. The site includes
resources such as complete articles/chapters to
read or download; materials and services for
training and program development; a bulletin board;
up coming events; a live chat room; a bibliography;
an opportunity to subscribe to a new professional
listserv for dual diagnosis; and the development of
a national and international directory of dual
diagnosis treatment programs (please refer your
colleagues to this site to list their dual
diagnosis programs). Please visit the dual
diagnosis site, provide your comments, and link the
Dual Diagnosis site to your ow n if it is


Kathleen Sciacca, M.A.
Executive Director, Sciacca Comprehesive Service
Development for Mental Illness
Drug Addiction and Alcoholism ( MIDAA) New York City

B. FEDIX Alert Service
The Federal Information Exchange (FEDIX) Alert, a
new free E-Mail Service, has implemented that will
allow users who register with them to automatically
re ceive E-Mail announcements on new federal funding
opportunities within their particular interest
area. The registration includes keyword choices in
particular interest areas and then FEDIX will
automatically e-mail announcements to the e-m ail
address provided about announcements, funding
opportunities, and programs we put up on a daily
basis. We are pretty excited about it and we think
it will expand our horizons with user interface.
The Alert registration is on the ver y first page of

URL: (

PsyCom.Net, the sponsor of InterPsych's
psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and neuropsych
forums, announces the creation of a new electronic
jou rnal, The International Journal of
Psychopathology, Psychopharmacology, and
Psychotherapy (IJPPP).

Information about this new journal and a Call for
Papers is to be found at:


Ivan Gol dberg, MD

There is now a general service psychology PREPRINT
SERVER available in the field of Psychology.
PREPRINT SERVERS have been operating in Math,
Chemistry a nd Physics for several years. PREP is
the first (and only) general service PREPRINT
SERVER in the field of Psychology.
We recommend to all authors the posting of
preprints of their papers on the psychology

Compl ete details and instructions are given at the
website. You may post preprints of manuscripts in
preparation, works in progress, papers in
submission, papers in press, rejected papers,
reports of conferences, research reports, drafts
et c.

The PREPRINT SERVER is free, non peer-reviewed,
accepts all papers and does not require copyright
transfer. Papers may be removed at any time.

Please include an abstract. All papers are posted
within 48 hours. Illustrations are optically
scanned by PREP free of charge. Simply mailing a
Xerox copy to the Manager. To post your preprints
simply email papers (in plain ASCII) to:


Manager: George Hamm ond
78 Pleasant Street
Hyannis MA 02601

E. Psychological Advisor Newsletter
Psychological Advisor Newsletter is published by
the Medical College of Virginia, Department of
Psychiatry' s Internet Mental Health.


F. 3-D Cyberspace Hospital
The National University of Singapore has launched
the world's first Virtual Reality Hos pital on the

"3-D Cyberspace Hospital" allows you to virtually
wander through Cyberspace Hospital if your World
Wide Web browser is equipped to handle VRML
(Virtual Reality Mark-up Language) files. If not,
it is recomm ended that you install a copy of
"Live3D" plug-in from Netscape Communications to a
Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser. You can get a free
copy of "Live3D" from the "3-D Cyberspace Hospital"
home page (see below).

"3-D Cyberspace Hospi tal" is a collaborative R&D
effort between the Cyberspace Hospital Development
Team and the Internet Research and Development Unit
of the National University of Singapore.

In conjunction with the launch of "3-D Cyberspace
Hospital" we have also spruced up the "National
University of Singapore Medical Sign-Post" on the


Dr K C Lun
Associate Professor, National University Hospital
Director, WHO Collaborat ing Centre for Health
Informatics, Nat. Univ. of Singapore

G. Trans
Trans, a Montreal-based journal of psychoanalysis
(in French) is now putting online the whole
contents of its past issues. Issues number 1 and 2
are already waiting to be visited.


D. Scarfone M.D.
psychiatre, psychanalyste, Professeur a
l'Universite de Montreal Qc, Canada

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The first issue of JPCS: JOURNAL FOR THE
published at the end of May. The journal, which
will appear twice a year, is the publication of the
Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture &
Society (APCS), an international and
interdisciplinary non-profit organization devoted
to developin g and promoting the use of
psychoanalysis for beneficial social change.

Future Issues will feature special sections devoted
to the work of Homi Bhabha and Slavoj Zizek, for
which submissions are invited.

EDITOR: Mark Bracher
English Department, Kent State University,
Kent, OH

SUBMISSIONS of the following types of material are
invited: ARTICLES employing psychoanalytic thinking
to address psychological ro ots or consequences of
significant social or cultural phenomena (JPCS is
not interested in discussions of either
psychoanalytic theory or cultural phenomena apart
from social issues); FIELD NOTES offering short
psychoanalytic takes on timely issues in various
fields; INTERNATIONALNOTES providing psychoanalytic
insight into notable social and cultural phenomena
in a particular location; BOOK REVIEWS of recently
published psychoanalytic studies of crucial social
and c ultural phenomena.

Membership in APCS includes a reduction in the
annual conference registration fee and subscription
to JPCS published twice a year.

APCS MEMBERSHIP FORM may be obtained from:
Marshall W. Alcorn, Jr.
Executive Director, APCS


A. PowerMac Software for Experimental Psychology
---------- --------------------------------------
Last summer, I compiled a list of experimental
software packages developed for the PowerMac,
including information about the interface, cost,
distributor, support, and recommendations. I have
put this information up on a Web page in order to
solicit current feedback from users and make the
information more easily available.

I would appreciate any comments from any users or
developers of Powermac software for experimental
psy chology, about the items on my list, and any
additional items that could be included, including
pointers to other reviews, etc.



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A. Dendrite
Dendrite was down for several months due to
majordomo system failure. It's back. P lus, a web
site now lists the main announcements.

Dendrite was formed as a one-way low-volume (about
once a week or so) way to broadcast actions people
can take for human rights in the "mental health"
system. Examples:
* Fightin g USA Medicare funding of forced
electroshock (E.C.T.) against the expressed wishes
of the subject. * Breaking the silence about
"Involuntary Outpatient Commitment."

These human rights alerts are from Support
Coalition, an independe nt alliance of grassroots
groups in USA, Canada, UK, and New Zealand. Support
Coalition publishes Dendron News. Alerts are also
posted on Support Coalition's web page,


To: major
(message): subscribe dendrite

Owner: David Oaks
Support Coalition Co-coordinator

HYCEPH-L is an unmoderated information and support
forum for pe ople with hydrocephalus, their friends
and family members, health care professionals
and anyone else with an interest in the condition.
The purpose of the list is to share information and
support in dealing with hydrocephalus. While
pr ofessionals are welcome, the focus of the list is
on the experience of dealing with hydrocephalus,
not professionally oriented concerns.

New address:

(message): sub hyceph-l yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jayne Butler

C. Interactive Testing in Psychiatry
NYU Department of Psychiatry's Interactive Testing
in Psyc hiatry (ITP) was updated to its New and
Improved version! A very user friendly program to
take Board Style questions just by clicking on
radio buttons. ITP calculates your score, gives you
the correct answer to every question and you can
earn CME credit.


Waguih William IsHak, M.D.
NYU Department of Psychiatry

This InterPsych list has been moved to a different
server. The members hip, topics, and forum leader
(Dr. Myron Pulier) are the same. The new server
should provide more rapid turnaround time and more
options. Please note that the list is named P-

To: listserv@sjuvm.stjohn
(message): SUBscribe P-SOURCE yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Myron Pulier

Psybernet Mailing List aims to help us become
conscious of the effects of email groups and lists
on the psyche. The list is a starting point for
professional depth psychological work on the net.

Topics include:
The art of leadership in communication networks.
* Creating communication environments.
* Gender issues.
* Imagination, metap hors, archetypes,
dreams, myths, personal identity, psychotherapy,
and the unconscious.
* Special focus on how these
psychological phenomena relate to cyberspace.

It is a place where the development of
relationships aroun d these interests is an
important part of the work. The aim is to foster
experiential learning.

The list is part of the Psybernet project which
includes professionally facilitated psychological
email groups, announcements about topi cs, fees,
dates for these groups will be made in this list.


Old Server:

(message): SUBSCRIBE PSYBER-L yourfirstname

Owner: Walter Logeman

F. psychiatry-l list
The psychiatry-l list has moved to t he listserver
at St.Johns University. Same Forum Leader (Dr.
Donald Klein), same membership, just a new site.
If you need technical assistance, you can send
mail to:

New server: listserv@sjuv

G. The Psychoanalytic Connection
Among other things it now includes indices of
professional journals, a growing online calendar of
events, information about online continuing
p rofessional education, and lots of space for
information about clinical services and training


Todd Essig, PhD

H. Smoke-free
Smoke-free, a support list for people trying to
quit smoking, is being replaced by nosmoke running
on maiser. (The name change is because of
requirements on the new system.)
For more information send e-mail to the listowner.

Old List: S
New List:

(message): subscribe nosmoke youremailaddress