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SECTION C: Resources (1/2)


This section describes mental health-
related resources currently available
on or announced on the Internet. Submit
all contributions or corrections for
the Resource Update section to:

Note: Information may be edited for length.

Leon C. Pereira, MA
Editor, Resource Section


B. Behavior OnLine
C. Convulsive-Therapy
D. Dual Diagnosis
E. g.crcsig
J. Moderation Management
K. NetPsy
L. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Q . PsychSA
U. victim-assistance

A. Dualdiagnosis
B. FEDIX Alert Service
E. Psychological Advisor Newsletter
F. 3-d Cyberspace Hospital
G. Trans


A. PowerMac Software for Experimental Psychology

A. Dendrite
C. Interactive Testing in Psychiatry
F. psychiatry-l
G. The Psychoanalytic Connection
H. Smoke-free

========= ==========================================

AUTINET is an open, unmoderated discussion list on
Autism, especially High-Function Autism (HFA) and
Asperger's Syndrome. Its aim is to be a point of
unity between Autistic/Asperger people, their
parents and carers, and psychiatrists, psychologists
and researchers in the field.

*Subscription Information*
Subject: subscribe

Owner: Peter Wise Peter.Wis

B. Behavior OnLine
Behavior OnLine is a community of mental
health professionals and other applied behavioral
scientists. It hosts conversations/interviews with
leading contributors to the field including:
* Warren Bennis: Fostering Leadership
* Steven Locke: Behavioral Assessment
* Aryeh Maidenbaum: Jungian Psychotherapy
* Donald Meichenbaum: Narrative-Constructivist Therapy
* Donald Nathanson: Shame and Affect Theory
* Henry Stein: Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy

Behavior OnLine offers forum discussion areas on
all of the above topics and others. It is the host
for a growing number of organizations in our
field includin g:
* Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy
* Silvan Tomkins Institute (for the study of affect theory)
* Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco
* Cape Cod Institute
* PROBOOKS ONLINE (a virtual bookstore with 50,000 titles)

Among its other features is a Gallery of products
and services and Guides to the Web section
that enables community members to add their evaluations
of the guides.


Editor/Publisher: Gilbert Levin, P h.D.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461

C. Convulsive-Therapy
There is a new Convulsive-Therapy mail-list
sponsored by the Association for Convulsive
Therapy. Our goal is the rapid an d convenient
communication of all topics related to the
professional practice of convulsive therapy.

We encourage participation by all interested
medical professionals and interested mental health
practitioners. The audience include s, but is not
limited to, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, other
medical specialists, nurses and others interested
in the use of convulsive therapy as a modern
medical treatment.

To maintain a professional level of discussion on
this list, subscribers must provide information
regarding their credentials. Active members of the
Association will be included upon request as their
credentials are on file. Non-members will need to
e-mail credential information to:

IATROS@CAIS.COM (the list moderator).

Please include name, title, institutional
affiliation, phone number and optionally any other
appropriate information you wish.

D. Dual Diagnosis
The credentiale d dual
diagnosis list is made available to professionals who are
interested in the theory, treatment, practice, and improved
service delivery systems for persons who have dual
disorders of mental illness, drug addiction and/or
alcohol ism in various combinations.

(message): subscribe dual-diagnosis

Attach or include resume or vitae in message.
Or mail to:
Kathleen Sciacca, 299 Riverside Drive, New York , N.Y. 10025.
Or fax: 212-666-1942,must call ahead,
212-866-5935 prior to sending fax.

[Ed: Also see listing under "Web Sites" below.]

E. g.crcsig
The Clinical Research Coordination Discussions
(g.crcsig ) list is an unmoderated mailing list for
discussions regarding the pleasures and pitfalls of
coordinating clinical research. Members of this
list must be involved in clinical research either
as a coordinator, principal investigator or
research administrators.

Appropriate topics might include: New study
* New or novel recruiting techniques
* Questions regarding FDA audits
* General interest bits and pieces

*Subscription Information*
To :
(message): subscribe

Owner: Martin Klausmeier
Health Tech., Rheumatology, Milwaukee, WI

ITHURS is intended to provide a forum for the
presentation of new ideas and results bearing on
the conception, analysis, and design of systems
which can make intelligent decisions in an
environment of uncertainty and imprecision.

Participating in ITHU RS are scientists and
engineers from many countries and many disciplines
such as Accounting, Artificial Intelligence,
Banking, Computer Science, Control Engineering,
Creativity, Decision Theory, Economy, Finance,
Man-Machine Communicat ion, Law, Logic, Management,
Mathematics, Medicine, Operations Research,
Psychology and others.

Topics include:
* Applications of soft computing
* Intelligent hybrid systems
* Fuzzy logic
* Neural networks
* Genetic algorithms
* Distributed artificial intelligence
* Fuzzy expert systems
* Tabu-search
* Learning techniques
* Chaos theory
* Pattern recognition
* Clustering and others.

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUBSCRIBE ITHURS yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Enrique Lopez Gonzalez

Jews in Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs (JACS) is
an online forum for J ews and their families whose
lives have been affected by alcoholism and drug
abuse to share issues of their recovery. We also
welcome involvement and membership from rabbis and
treatment professionals who are involved or
concerned with chemical dependency in the Jewish

The JACS list is, simply put, a gathering of Jews
recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse, some of
whom may be exploring their personal brand of
Jewishness as part of their recovery. J ewish
is meant in the most inclusive way.

The JACS list is not a treatment program or an
alternative to treatment, not a 12 Step program or
a substitute for a 12 Step program - but an
additional resource for recovery. Most list mem bers
are active in the 12 Step fellowships of AA, NA,
Alanon, Nar-Anon, COA, ACOA.

We operate with a very deep respect for anonymity
and twelve-step traditions. No archives are kept
and the subscription list is available to the
listowners only. Subscribing and posting through
remailers is OK.

(message): subscribe jacs firstname lastinitial

Owner: Suzanne S.

- ----------
The Journal of Universal Peer Review (JUPR) has
been created to satisfy two needs of information
dissemination in this age of Computer Mediated
Communication. The first is a more rapid
dissemination of information while assu ring the
quality of that information. JUPR will publish
article abstracts along with the comments of
reviewers. The article will be discussed in the
public forum, JUPR-DIS. Within a month of the
original dissemination, the article will have been
reviewed, evaluated and its worth established in an
open debate.

This leads directly into the second need satisfied
by JUPR. In the current peer review system, the
decision with respect to the quality of any
scientifi c work is in the hands of anonymous
reviewers to whom there is no real appeal. Many new
ideas are rejected because they go against
traditional thought or are out of the zeitgeist.
JUPR will give voice to authors and the whole
readershi p and who will have the opportunity to
discuss the critiques of reviewers. The first
article for JUPR, Suicidal Ideation in Cyberspace
by Storm King has been disseminated.

Note: JUPR-DIS is for the discussion of articles
only. Disse mination of article abstracts and
reviews will be via the JUPR list. Subscription
procedures for this list are the same as for JUPR-

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUB JUPR-DIS yourfirst name lastname

Owner: Bob Zenhausern DRZ@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU

The LEARNING (Behavior, Models, Theory) list was
formed in order to develop a collegial relationship
between theorists, clinicians, and other observers
of behavior for the development of clear
descriptions of replicable behavioral phenomena and
experience in humans. Then, modelers of behavior
will have access to more detailed descriptions of
replicable behavior and o ther phenomena of the
human brain/behavior system. With this data,
hypothetical constructs or processes can be
offered, discussed, and cataloged as a means to
account for our whole range of behaviors and

It is hoped that the LEARNING list can be a forum
where modelers and others can discuss assumptions,
problems, and strategies in creating models that
will account for all or part of observed
brain/behavioral phenomena.

(message): SUBSCRIBE LEARNING yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Garry A. Flint

J. Moderation Management
MM is a list for a new recovery program and self-
help network for people who want to reduce their

The purpose of Moderation Management (MM) is to
help people reduce their drinking to a level which
no longer causes life problems. This level could be
a reduced-drinkin g goal or total abstinence. MM
provides educational materials and continuing
support to those who choose moderation. Those who
choose abstinence are referred on to AA, SMART, RR,
or WFS.

MM believes that each individual has the righ t and
the responsibility to self-select a recovery
option. Most importantly, MM encourages people who
are concerned about their drinking to take action
to change at a very early stage, rather than wait
until their drinking problems bec ome severe. MM's
program is based on behavior modification, self-
management techniques, mutual support, and taking
small steps to find balance and moderation in other
areas of life. A published handbook is available,
describing the pr ogram and the research it is based
on in detail.

MM meetings are small discussion groups, free of
charge, anonymous, and held once per week. MM on
the 'net is a great way to keep up on recent MM
developments, to discuss the program, make comments
& suggestions, philosophize, and find out where
groups are forming. MM on the 'net is an open list
intended for anyone interested in MM Network,
including members, MM chairpersons, and professionals.

Moderation Manage ment Network, Inc. is a non-
profit, tax-exempt, 501-c-3 charity, founded in
1993. Mailing address: PO Box 6005, Ann Arbor,
Michigan 48106 USA. Telephone: 313-677-6007.

SUBSCRIBE MM yourfirstname l astname

Owners: Audrey Kishline
Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

K. NetPsy
NetPsy, Internet Psychology, a forum for the
discussion of the psychological and
psychothera peutic services delivered via all
means on the Internet. This list is conceived of as a
forum for psychologists and mental health workers
interested in discussing the interactions,
problems, and disorders arising out of the use of
the Internet; as well as the treatments developing
to treat existing and developing disorders via the

NetPsy is an open, unmoderated list, but it is NOT
a support group and it is NOT a forum for anyone
seeking psychological se rvices over the Internet.
The list owners do NOT advocate using the Internet
to provide therapy, but only wish to provide a
forum to discuss the ways that the Internet is
being (and can be) used to create or maintain
personal and/or pr ofessional and therapeutic

Examples of relevant topics include:
* Ethical and legal considerations
* Online demographics
* Influences of the online community in
the lives of users
* The development of onl ine love affairs and relationships
* Innovative uses of online technology to treat
disorders as classified in DSM-IV
* Reviews of resource sites, newsletters, and mail
groups related to mental health online;
and short editorials or comments on various topics
of relevance to psychology online.

(message): subscribe NetPsy yourfirstname lastname

Owner & co-moderator: Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
co-moderator: Storm A. King
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

L. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
discussion of this human change model. Access to
the list is through the moderator to ensure that
the focus of the list--discussion of NLP by
practitioners and those who would like to find out
more--is maintained.

*Subscription Information*
T o:
(message): e-mail request for information and subscription

Owner: Jeff Oliver
Edith Cowan
University, Western Australia

OKPSYFAC is devoted d iscussionof topics of
interest to Oklahoma PSYchology FACulty.

(message): SUBSCRIBE OKPSYFAC firstname lastname(yourSchool)

Owner: John W. Nichols

OKPSYSTU is devoted to OKlahoma PSYchology
STUdents. Proposed topics for discussion might
include (but are not limited to) requests for
specific information, sources of information, ideas
f or activities and/or fundraising for student
organizations, posting of information about
four-year and graduate schools with good psychology
programs, notices of local, state, regional or
national meetings, literature reviews or
biblio graphies, discussion of planned or on-going
research, information about research and study
opportunities, and posting of appropriate job

SUBSCRIBE OKPSYSTU yourfirstname lastname (yourSchool)

Owner: John W. Nichols

PsiBeta is the official discussion list of Psi
Beta, the national honor society for students of
psychology at two-year colleges. Psi Beta members,
advisors and chapters can use PSIBETA to
communicate with other members, advisors and
chapters. They can also communicate with the
national office, and the national office with them,
quickly and at no (or little) cost.

Proposed topics for discussion might include (but
are not limited to) requests for specific
information, sources of information, ideas for
activities and/or fundraising, posting of
information about four-year schools with good
psychology programs, notices of regional or
national meetings, literature reviews or
bibliographies, discussion of planned or on-going
research, information about research and study
opportunities, and posting of appropriate job

(message): SUBSCRIBE PSIBETA firstname
lastname (yourStatus) (yourSchoolOrOrg)

Owner: John W. Nichols

PsyBUS is an electronic mailing list designed to
network licensed professionals in the challenging
environment of today's private psychotherapy
practice. Using the technology of the Internet, we
connect practicing psychotherapists and related
professionals to discuss the development and
marketing of practice-related products and
services. There are no fees to join or participate.

PsyBUS Digest discusses the dev elopment and
marketing of alternative income sources for mental-
health professionals. Subscribers exchange
suggestions, expertise, mistakes, successes, and
ideas about developing mental-health related
products and services on and off the Net. They
help each other earn their livelihoods reputably by
creating quality resources for mental-health
consumers who will benefit from professional
efforts to develop self-help tools. Financial
aspects of managing private pract ice are also

Subscribers review each other's copy for brochures,
business cards, & press releases. They help each
other find publishers for their books. They
discuss how to make professional audiotapes and
videotapes inexpensively and efficiently; give each
other tips on printing resources and costs; discuss
how much to spend on print media; suggest where
and how to advertise on the Internet; form
relationships for co-marketing; and much more.

P sychotherapy service and product developers are
invited to post their advertisements on this list,
but only with the agreement that they understand we
use such ads as examples to discuss design, layout,
copy, and the specific marketing app roach taken by
the announcement's author.

(message): subscribe PsyBUS yourfirstname lastname

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Editor-In-Ch ief
Self-Help & Psychology Magazine

Q. PsychSA
The aim of this list is to provide an opportunity
to interact and network with psychologists,
students, practitioners and others interested in
psychology in Sout h Africa. It is also a forum
where information relevant to psychology can be
shared (jobs, conferences, research
projects/interests, workshops, courses and
questions). The list is run as a project of the
Psychological Society of Sout h Africa - PsySSA.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe psychsa yourfirstname lastname

Owner: JW P. Heuchert, PhD
Psychology Department
U niversity of the Witwatersrand
South Africa

RESEARCH is a list for the discussion of research
and theory on the psychology of the Internet. The
topics that are appropriate to this list are
broadly defined, but can include such things as:
- How to conduct psychological research via the
- Theory behind virtual support groups
- On-line psychotherapy
- "Internet Addiction Disorder"
- Psychology of various on-line phenomenona,
such as flame wars, relationships, etc.

(message): SUBSCRIBE RESEARCH yourfirstname lastname

Owner: John M. Grohol Psy.D.

I am pleased to announce the creation of a mailing
list called SELFHELP to discuss issues and topics
that commonly occur amongst the leaders of mutual
self-help support groups on-line today. These
leaders may be forum leaders, mailing list owners,
or people who are the "glue" that hold together
discussion on newsgroups or other discussion

The topics that are appropriate to this list are
broadly defined, but can include such t hings as:
* How to build group cohesiveness
* How to build group membership and contributions
* How to handle an emergency or crisis on-line, such as a
member's threat to commit suicide
* How to handle various on-line phenomenon, s uch as
flame wars, relationships that form within the group

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUBSCRIBE SELFHELP yourfirstname lastname
Owner: John M. Grohol Psy.D.

Survival was created in March of 1996 to provide a
forum for discussing domestic violence, child
abuse, sexual assault, crisis/trauma intervention,
and other directly related topics. The goal of
Survival is to prov ide an information and support
network for one another.

After a 2-week trial period, a nominal subscription
fee must be paid to remain on list. A portion of
these fees will go toward educating the public
about domestic violence.

*Subscription Information*
message): subscribe survival

For further information about Survival, send a
message with "Survival Info" in the subject line

Owner: DJ Lower y
Survival Adult Abuse, Inc.

U. victim-assistance
The Victim Assistance/Intervention List is a closed
list, specif ically for the staff and volunteers of
the many direct victim assistance programs run by
police, judicial or govermental agencies and by
public organizations, as well as associated
professionals. This list is meant to be an aid to
cont act and communication, and a forum for
discussion of the many problems and situations
which can occur in the limited time a V.A. person
has to work with a victim.

Interested subscribers will be asked to fill
out a questionnaire; sub scribers who are not directly
involved in victim-assistance work or an associated
professional field will be accepted at the
discretion of the listowner.

(Message): subscribe victi m-assistance yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Randy McCall
Victim Services of Windsor/Essex County

The purpose of WEBPSYCH is to open communication
and create a communi ty among the leaders and/or
Webmasters of psychology and mental health
Websites. The Webpsych Partnership is a free
organization created to allow members to join
together in collecting information and distributing
it amongst its member s, as well as offering quality
guidelines for membership sites.

The topics that are appropriate to this list are
broadly defined, but can include such things as:
- Distribution of new Web site announcements
related to psychology or mental health
- Discussion of how best not to replicate resources on-line
- The future direction of such resources
- How to ensure viability in an ever-changing marketplace
- Innovative ways to increase Web traffic at a site
- Con tinuation and commitment to offering free resources

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUBSCRIBE WEBPSYCH yourfirstname lastname

Owner: John M. Grohol Psy.D.