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P. Society for Human Sexuality (SHS)
This is the automated mailing list for the Society for Human
Sexuality, a registered student organization at the
University of Washington. The list's purpose is to
facilitate open discussion of human sexuality and to
assist the Society for Human Sexuality in events planning.

Discussion is often frank and sexually explicit. To
subscribe to this mailing list, you must be over 18 years of
age; by subscribing, you are certifying that you are over
the age of 18, that it is legal for you to read sexually
explicit material in your area, and that you freely wish to
read such material.

Please see the SHS WWW page at if you
have any questions about SHS, or our activities.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe shs yourfirstname lastname

Owner: The Society for Human Sexuality
at University of Washington

Q. Update
UPDATE is an open, unmoderated discussion list maintained by
the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA). The
list is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of
information relevant to professionals working in the
Australian alcohol and other drugs field (international
subscribers are welcomed).

The list will provide regular news items from ADCA and will
be used by subscribers to announce important events,
research progress, conference announcements and other
important news. The list will not be of direct assistance to
those seeking assistance with alcohol or other drug

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe update

Owner: Frank Quinlan

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A. AAUP On-line Catalog and Bookstore
The AAUP On-line Catalog and Bookstore contains fully
searchable bibliographic data and descriptive text from more
than fifty scholarly publishers. Currently, 65,000-plus
titles are represented, and this number is expected to climb
rapidly to more than 100,000 titles from nearly 100 presses.

The free on-line catalog includes scholarly monographs in
the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences as
well as general interest trade books and regional titles,
reference works, electronic publishing projects, and
nearly four hundred scholarly journals published by AAUP
member presses. The entire contents of the on-line catalog
can be searched over the Internet by author, title,
keywords, and Library of Congress subject headings. Searches
can also be confined to specific subject areas or individual
publishers. After reading a book's description, the user has
the option of downloading a customized order form that can
be faxed or mailed to the appropriate publisher.


For more information about the AAUP, send e-mail to or contact

Peter Grenquist, Executive Director, AAUP,
584 Broadway, Suite 410, New York, NY 10012.

B. Behavioral Associates
We hope to make this web page a forum where people can post
their questions and commentaries on any variety of topics
relating to psychology. We encourage everyone to give not
only your feedback, but your opinions as well. Feedback that
is given by mental health professionals should not be
misconstrued as on-line psychotherapy.

While this is not meant to be on-line psychotherapy, we hope
to provide the public with a glimpse of how mental health
professionals might respond to particular real-life



C. Canadian Psychological Association
The Canadian Psychological Association now has an
interactive homepage featuring on-line membership,
documents, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science on-line
and much more. The site is new, so feel free to suggest
ideas for more content.


Managing Editor: Stuart Hickox

D. Classical Adlerian Psychology
* What is Classical Adlerian psychology?
* How does it differ from other approaches?
* Why it is important for democracy.
* Basic principles of Classical Adlerian psychology.
* Twelve stages of Classical Adlerian psychotherapy.
* Referrals and case consultation
* Professional training program for psychotherapists.
* Seminar on Case Analysis, July 19-23, 1996, in San
* Reading and study materials.
* "Close Encounters With Alfred Adler," by Sophia de Vries


Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.
Director, Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco

E. Interactive Testing in Psychiatry
ITP is an educational project for psychiatrists featuring
board-style questions and annotated answers online. It is
now available from the NYU Department of Psychiatry Home

Using your computer, CME credit is now available from the
NYU Department of Psychiatry pages for reviewing the
educational modules. Questions and answers online are
available at Interactive Testing in Psychiatry (ITP) pages.


Feedback is welcome!

From: Waguih William IsHak, M.D.

F. Internet Guide for the Health Professional
Our new book, "An Internet Guide for the Health
Professional," 2nd Edition, is now available.

You can download the fi rst edition from our Web site (free),
and also read selected chapters from the second edition. We
consider this book to be a valuable resource for
professionals. If you don't have Web access, please email to for more i nformation.


From: Michael Hogarth, MD David Hutchinson, RN

G. Journal of South Asia Women Studies
You can find the first issue of the JOURNAL OF SOUTH ASIA
WOMEN STUDIES (ISSN 1085-7478) on our web pages:


You can also download this issue in ASCII format from our
FTP server:


From: garzilli @HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU

H. The MedInstrument Network
A new Online network to increase the awareness of medical
equipment, instruments, products, and services. The
MedInstrument Network contains a growing database of
manufacturers that supply almost any medical-related
products and services. Hospitals, biomedical researchers,
clinics, and distributors can access the MedInstrument
Network free to locate their medical product needs whether
it's pacemakers or mRNAs.

My goal is to house all medical companies under one roof in
order to facilitate the healthcare professional and allow
them more time for life-saving matters. As a student doctor,
I understand that time is precious and would like to see
healthcare professionals and researchers take advantage of
this service. If there are companies that are related to the
medical or healthcare field and would like to make a
presence on the internet, please visit our site or send e-
mail to: for more information.

My purpose is not to charge outrageous fees to deter medical
companies away from the internet, but to facilitate the
presence of the medical industry on the internet by
providing the lowest guaranteed rate.


From: MedInstrument Network

The new issue of MERGER - the Newsletter of the Migration
and Ethnic Relations Group for European Research is
available online on the World Wide Web now. It has been
completely restyled and greatly expanded in comparison with
earlier issues. From now on all issues will be available on
the Web as well as in a printed version. You can have a look
at the online version at:


And for those who don't yet know: the WWW Virtual Library
Migration and Ethnic Relations can also be found at the
ERCOMER site. It contains links to more than 70 major
Internet resources in the field of Migration and Ethnic
Relations. The WWW V-lib Migration and Ethnic Relations can
be found at:


Webmas ter: Arthur Kosten

J. Neuropsychology Central
Neuropsychology Central is the WWW site devoted to the
subject of neuropsychology and related material. Please feel
free to browse, or link the page to your own page or


With slow modems or text browsers,

Webmaster: Jeffrey N. Browndyke

PREP the Psychology Preprint Bulletin Board is a FREE
Psychology Preprint Bulletin Board; a free public service
bulletin board for authors of academic Psychology papers.

PREP is committed to the principle that all bona fide
psychology research is entitled to immediate, free,
worldwide publication.

Physics, Math and Chemistry (the hard sciences) have been
operating free preprint boards for several years and are
posting thousands of papers per month. Until the
establishment of PREP (the 1st preprint board in
Psychology) this type of service has not been available to
Psychology authors/researchers.

If you have any papers ready for journal submission,
currently in submission, awaiting publication, drafts, works
in progress or rejected papers- we urge you to take
advantage of this simple, convenient method of circulating a
PREPRINT of you paper to the Psychology community.

PREP is designed to handle text and illustrations in a
simple "click and read" format. No specialized equipment,
software or computer expertise is required--we optically
scan all illustrations free of charge.

If publication of your work is dragging on and on, you can
have your paper, even a preliminary draft with hand
drawings, in world wide circulation, free of charge, in 48


PS: Please do not email us for submission instructions.
Complete step by step instructions are on the PREP page.

From: George Hammond
Editor in Chief

L. Psychiatric Society for Informatics
---------------------------------- -
We are now in the process of trying to form a new society to
promote informatics in Psychiatry. Please visit it and read
about our plans to create this organization. We appreciate
your comments which should be sent to:
Marvin Miller, MD at

Please also spread this notice to any forums where
potentially interested psychiatrist may be.


From: Milton Huang, MD
Psychiatric Informatics


A. Group Therapy Resources
Please help me find resources for brief focal psychotherapy.


* Physically ill (e.g., post-mastectomy, handicapped, AIDS)
* Psychiatrically dx'ed (e.g., PTSD, affective, anorexia)
* Behavior control (e.g., abusive, delinquent, gambler)
* Situational (e.g., parents of schiz, bereaved, victims)
* Location-based (e.g., school, inpatient, halfway house)
* Demographic (e.g., gay, elderly, cultural)


* Community agencies, self-help orgs ...
* Bibliotherapy, pamphlets, educational materials...
* Assessment forms, intake & outcome instruments...
* Lists of goals, objectives, problems, plans...
* Trainers, experts and consultants; local, national...
* National organizations, symposia, courses...
* Studies of efficacy, articles on leadership technique...
* Supplementary handouts, slides, videos...
* Electronic forums, newsgroups...
* Anecdotes, illustrative experiences...
* Reference works, bibliographies...

For example, what's a good source of pamphlets and what's a
good short story or novel to hand out to a group of men with
gender dysphoria? Where can someone find extra training for
leading short term group psychotherapy on the workplace
stresses of black white collar women?

I'd appreciate any leads or advice. Anyone who has put
together questionnaires or presentations for their own
groups, please tell me about it and maybe I could refer to
that material in the book.

From: Myron Pulier, MD

B. Internet Neuroscience
A group of colleagues and I are to establish a Web based
journal of general neuroscience called Internet
Neuroscience. If you would like to be involved in any
capacity (administration, reviewing, programming, HTML
authoring, editorial board etc) please contact Ian Pitchford

From: Ian Pitchford I.Pitchford@sheffie

C. Mental Health Organizations and Meetings
At the URL below is an improved version of the Mental Health
Organization and Meeting calendar resource, listing over 500
organizations and loads of symposia and meetings, accessible
by date, by city (NEW!) or by sponsoring organization name.
I have added an automatically generated alphabetizer to make
things easier.

It would be nice to list them by topic area if anyone would
be willing to help classify the meetings and organizations.
I'd appreciate suggestions for improving this WWW resource.

From: Myron Pulier, MD

D. PTS D Group Therapy Manuals
Through informal conversations with clinicians, we have
noted a consistent interest in group treatments for PTSD and
common comorbidities (e.g. depression, substance abuse,
sleep disturbance, anger, personality disorders, anxiety
disorders) and in having access to manuals with detailed
protocols that could be used for this purpose. We are aware
that many of our colleagues have not only developed group
treatment approaches (e.g. related to anger management,
sleep disturbance, PTSD memories) but have written manuals
that would assist others to start similar groups.

The National Center for PTSD Education Consortium believes
there is a substantial interest by other clinicians in
obtaining such materials if they could easily identify and
access the information. Our desire is to assist in this
effort by establishing a library of treatment and
psychoeducational group manuals that would be made available
to clinicians in specialized VA-based PTSD treatment
programs, and to other trauma specialists and clinicians on
a case-by-case basis. To accomplish this goal, however, we
need your assistance. If you have developed such a manual
and are willing to share it with others, we would appreciate
it if you would send a copy for the library to:

Please make certain that the name of the author(s) of the
manual is clearly displayed on the materials, along with any
institutional affiliation. When we receive requests for the
manual, we will take responsibility for duplication and
distribution to the interested party.

If you have developed such materials and are willing to
share them with interested clinicians, but would prefer to
be contacted directly by interested parties, we would still
appreciate having a copy of the manual for our library for
information purposes. It will not be duplicated for
distribution and all interested individuals will be referred
directly to you. We also realize that some manuals may have
been copyrighted and, therefore, will not be obtainable
through the library. Requests for these manuals would be
referred directly to the publisher or contact person.
However, we would like to have descriptive information about
your published materials as well.

Finally, if you are aware of others who may have written
manuals for their groups, we would appreciate their names,
addresses, and phone numbers so that we might contact them.

From: Bruce H.Young, MSW LCSW, Disaster Outreach Coordinator
Editor, NC PTSD Clinical Quarterly
National Center for PTSD, 3801 Miranda Ave 323 (E112), Palo
Alto, CA 94304, USA

Douglas A. Yelmen, MSW
PAVA VHS, MP122, 3801 Miranda Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304

E. Self-Help & Psychology Magazine & Newsletter
Online (websites, newgroups, email lists) and offline
resource lists (books, bibliographies, self-help
organization addresses, hotline telephone numbers, etc.) are
being sought by Self-Help & Psychology Magazine &
Newsletter. Our resource lists typically average 15-20
lines. They are featured in our free newsletter distributed
via email.

Please submit your compilations of resources for either the
general population or professional community. For example,
we are interested in giving our readers lists they can use
to find support for specific problems they face (websites
related to seasonal affective disorders, chrone's disease,
ADHD, etc.). Another example might be online support email
lists organized by topics (fibro-m, depression-l)
Professional resource lists might range in scope from
offline journal article bibliographies to online websites
organized by topic.

Your resource lists will be posted in our free email
newsletter (available upon request only) and possibly in the
magazine. Professional resources will most likely be posted
in our online SH&P magazine's Professional Corner. In
exchange, we will happily acknowledge you as the source (if
you'd like).

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe SHPM youremailaddress yourfirstname


From: Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.


A. journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

The journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT) has
changed to a brand new server.

Old URL:
New URL:

Owner: Joe Plaud Plaud@Badlands.NoDak.Edu

B. Transcultural-Psychology (TR ANPSY)

Old Address: Transcultural-Psychology@Netcom.Com
New Address: Transcultural-Psychology@VM1.NoDak.Edu

been established to provide a world-wide electronic forum
for the exchange of ideas, opinions and information among
professionals interested in cross-cultural research,
minority issues, and "indigenous psychologies". The main
focus of TRANSPSY is on generic issues in the study of
cultures, and topics in the field of counseling and clinical
psychology, including the delivery of mental health services
to individuals from non-Western cultures and minorities.

Members subscribed to the old address have been transferred
automatically! Those that have not received mail from the
net site, please send an inquiry to the new site:

*Subscription Information*
To: (on Bitnet: Listserv@NDSUVM1)
(message): subscribe transcultural-psychology yourfirstname lastname