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Volume 1, Issue 1: Section C
Resource Update 1/2

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This section describes mental health-related resources
currently available on or announced on the Internet.
Submit all contributions or corrections for the Res ource
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Note: Information may be edited for length.

Leon C. Pereira, MA, Editor, Resource Section



A. Deep-Ecology
B. Doc-Talk
C. Eating disorders (eat-dis)
D. Ecopsychology
E. Feedback
F. GlobalPsych Bulletin (GPB-L)
G. Here and Now
H. Hydrocephalus (HYCEPH-L)
I. Imagery
J. International Career and Employment Network (ICEN-L)
K. Political Science-Psychology/Psychiatry (POL-SCI)
L. Psychological Astrology (PSYCH)
M. Psychotherap ists in Training (PIT-D)
N. Psygame
O. Rorschach
P. Society for Human Sexuality (SHS)
Q. Update


A. AAUP On-line Catalog and Bookstore
B. Behavioral Associates
C. Canadian Psychological Association
D. Classical Adlerian Psychology
E. Interactive Testing in Psychiatry
F. Internet Guide for the Health Professional
G. Journal of South Asia Women Studies
H. MedInstrument Network
I. Merger
J. Neuropsychology Central
L. Psychiatric Society for Informatics


A. Group Therapy Resources
B. Internet Neuroscience
C. Mental Health Organizations and Meetings
D. PTSD Group Therapy Manuals
E. Self-Help & Psychology Magazine & Newsletter


A. journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)
B. Transcultural-Psychology (TRANPSY)


A. Deep-Ecology
This mailing list is sponsored by The Institute For Deep
Ecology, and The Institute For Global Communication (EcoNet ®).

The Deep Ecology On-line Project is about encouraging the
use of communication technologies to facilitate discussion
among the deep ecology community. It is an opportunity to
discuss issues, books, and ideas, build resources, and meet
others interested in deep ecology.

Deep ecology is about transforming our way of life. It is a
movement of people waking up to the root causes of our
society's degradation of nature and peoples. As it seeks to
heal contemporary alienation from self, community, and the
Earth, deep ecology encourages a fundamental shift in the
way we experience nature and how we respond to the
environmental crisis.

Deep ecology arises from a belief in the essential value and
interdependence of all forms of being. Supporters of deep
ecology are committed to minimizing humanity's destructive
interference with the rest of the natural world and to
restoring the diversity and complexity of ecosystems and
human communities.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe deep-ecology

Owner: Renee Lertzman
Tara Strand-Brown

B. doc-talk
The Association for Support of Graduate Students (ASGS),
publishers of Dissertation News and Thesis News, is
initiating a moderated discussion list, "doc-talk."

The list will provide information of value to graduate
students (& faculty) involved in doing master's and doctoral
theses; it will make available articles focused on how to do
a thesis, reviews of resources, and answers to students'
questions pertaining to their theses, as well as providing
cur rent notices of deadlines for thesis-related grants and
conferences at which students can present thesis research.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe doc-talk

Owner: Del Tycer

Eating-disorders is an international electronic forum for
the exchange of ideas, opinions, and information on clinical
and research aspects of anorexia and bulimia nervosa,
obesity, and other atypical patterns of eating behavior.

Eating-disorders is intended for mental-health professionals
and professionals-to-be in both academic and applied
settings. To add diversity and variety, participation by
individuals in other disciplines is also encou raged.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe eat-dis yourfirstname lastname

Owner: David H. Gleaves

Ecopsychology is an emergin g, multidisciplinary field, where
psychology and ecology are used to examine the psychological
and spiritual roots of the environmental crisis.
Ecopsychologists view humanity as interdependent with all
other life forms, including Earth itself.

The ecopsychology mailing list is for sharing artful,
spirited and scientific discussion on a wide range of topics
related to this newly emergent field. This is an opportunity
to meet with peers for personal and professional development
through our inherent shared affinity with nature. An in-
depth exploration of our relationship to each other and to
Earth is encouraged, as well as a discussion of how to
develop ecopsychology into a thriving profession in
education and elsewhere.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe ecopsychology yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Claudia Robinson

E. Feedback
FEEDBACK is an email-based newsletter organized by Ron
Hogan, intended to keep its subscribers informed of new and
interesting books, dealing with issues that effect
contemporary society. In the next few months, I hope to talk
to you about such issues as race in America, national
identity (for a wide variety of countries), religion, human
sexuality, the pursuit of scientific knowledge...

I'll try to tackle a variety of issues through a combination
of reviews and author interviews. Perhaps, over time, you'll
see a pattern emerge out of my reading habits; interests may
begin to coalesce and return in cycles. Within those cycles,
however, I'm hoping to take on a broad range of material.

The list is one-way; FEEDBACK isn't a discussion group about
books. As I say, it's more of a newsletter in which I
periodically write to you and tell you about books that I
think are making interesting statements. Please feel free to
write to me with comments, suggestions, and so on, at:

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe feedback youremailaddress


F. Global Psych Bulletin (GPB-L)
The GlobalPsych Bulletin (GPB), ISSN# 1350-2047, is an
electronic publication distributed as a read-only mailing
list. Its main focus is on the development of GlobalPsych resources, and
news on the Internet regarding the behavioral
and social sciences and related disciplines, in interfacing
human behavior and technology (f.i. psychology of the
Internet, computer science and psychology, psychological
aspects of information technology).

In particular, members in any division of GlobalPsych are cordially invited
to contribute to the GPB by describing
their current projects and concerns.

Contributions to the GlobalPsych Bulletin can be sent to:


*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe GPB-L yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Sunkyo Kwon

G. Here & Now
The Here & Now Small Experiential Group is professionally
facilitated and for a FEE. Members conduct discussion about
their thoughts, feelings, perceptions and experience. Topics
include: work, relationships, the inner life of the psyche
and dreams. The group is facilitated by Walter Logeman of
Psybernet. Groups start at regular intervals. They run for
10 weeks. Minimum number in a group is 12, maximum 30.

For DETAILS about the group and HOW TO SUBSCRIBE please send
a blank email to:
OR visit:

Owner: Walter Logeman

An information and support forum for hydrocephalus

HYCEPH-L is an unmoderated list for people with
hydrocephalus, their friends and family members, health care
professionals and anyone else with an interest in the
condition. The purpose of the list is to share information
and support in dealing with hydrocephalus.

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(message): subscribe HYCEPH-L yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jayne Butler jbutler@o

Imagery is the list for the investigation of all aspects of
mental imagery. This includes, but it not limited to,
differences and similarities among modalities, the conscious
experience of imagery, and theoretical and empirical
research into the nature of imagery and the use of imagery
in applied learning and therapeutic situations.

The use of questionnaires and surveys on the conscious
experience of imagery will be supported by means of Listserv
and WWW. The use of the WWW to present stimuli for imagery,
as well as perceptual, stimuli will be explored.

*Subscription Information*
(message): sub imagery yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Bob Zenhausern DRZ@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU

J. International Career and Employment Network (ICEN-L)
The International Career and Employment Network is a
moderated list maintained at Indiana University through the
Leo R. Dowling International Center.

This list is for posting of openings for actual jobs, job
fairs, information on job search trends, and similar
information. It is NOT a network to post your resume.
Individuals may submit information on where to find
information, actual job posting openings, and related
announcements on the internet or in the real world. All
postings are reviewed prior to release to the list to ensure
consistent messages.

*Subscription Information*
(message): SUB ICEN-L yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Susan Snider Salmon

Political Science-Psychology/Psychiatry

This forum is dedicated to discussion and debate that
centers on the political aspects of Psychiatry and
Psychology past, present, and future. Subject matter
includes theory and practice as well as education in these
fields. I will attempt to draw many researchers, theorists,
and practicing professionals, but it will be up to all to
make this forum a comfortable milieu to house discussion in.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe POLI-PSY yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Robert G. White

L. Psychological Astrology (PSYCH)
The Psychological Astrology mailing list, PSYCH, is a
moderated discussion list for those who are practicing
astrologers/ psychotherapists. It is a low-volume, high-
quality list; those who are familiar with the works of Dr
Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas or Stephen Arroyo will know the
territory. The moderator attends the Centre for
Psychological Astrology in London, England.

*Subscription Information*
To: LISTSERVER@ASTROLOGER.COM (note it is listservER)
(message): subscribe PSYCH yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Dermod Moore

M. Psychotherapists in Training (PIT-D)
Psychotherapists in Training has been created as a forum for
discussion for Psychotherapists in Training. Participation
by those not in professional training for the practice of
psychotherapy is discouraged, as is participation by those
in charge of professional training. Appropriate topics
include: challenges in supervisory relationships;
integration of theory, research and practice; challenges in
the role of new therapists; as well as emotional and
existential crises in professional training.

Also, I really want this list to be a source for mutual
support, and a place where folks can process their reactions
to clinical training.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe pit-d yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Warren Bush

N. Psygame
PSYGAME is an open, un moderated e-mail list for discussion
of research on the psychology, philosophy, sociology, and
ethics of computer and video game design. Effects of
electronic games on development and behavior; the factors,
theories, and principles underlying design decisions;
motivation theories and considerations; enhancement of
learning and instruction; the nature of human-game
interaction; as well as the effects of different
technologies and interfaces are all of interest to
participants in this forum.

*Subscription Information*
(message): subscribe psygame yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Chet Hedden

We welcome anyone interested in the Rorschach and we have
beginners as well as experienced researchers and clinicians
on the list. Most of us are strong proponents of the list
and while discussion of validity issues is certainly in
order, this is not an appropriate forum to argue over the
Rorschach's value.

Conference announcements and reposts of pertinent material
from other lists are welcome. Brief discussions of other
projective techniques are also invited although the prim ary
interest here is the Rorschach. Posts of complete protocols
or score summaries as well as interpretations are also

This is not intended as a list for laypersons and
appropriate technical language is fine. Subscribers are
assumed to be psychologists, psychiatrists, graduate
students, or allied professionals.

*Subscription Information*
(message): Subscribe RORSCHACH yourfirstname lastname

Owner: Jack J. Gerber, Ph.D.