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 The InterPsych Newsletter (IPN) (ISSN# 1355-2562) is the predecessor publication of the PsychNews International. The first three issues had been published by Ian Pitchford as the sole editor, as a service to and the mouthpiece of the consortium InterPsych. The main charter members of the IPN were Sunkyo Kwon (Managing Editor), Joseph Plaud (Managing Editor), and Sean Sullivan (Editor-in-Chief). The IPN was then produced continuously by Sean Sullivan, Sunkyo Kwon, Joe Plaud and John Grohol (there was considerable fluctuation among the other members of the staff) from August 1994 until November 1995. The transition to producing the IPN in a team was marked by changing the volume number from Vol. 1 to Vol. 2.

 The staff of the IPN decided that the community would be better served by an unaffiliated, independent publication and continued its activities -- without Sean Sullivan who resigned for personal reasons -- since December 1995 as the "PsychNews International".




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