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4. Mongolia - Administrative

4.1 I want to study in Mongolia. Where do I establish contact?

Contact your university. They may already have an exchange program with Mongolia without your knowledge. If this fails, contact your national academic exchange service (e.g. the DAAD in Germany or the JFPS in Japan).

4.2 I want to work in Mongolia, e.g. teach a foreign language. Where do I establish first contact?

Here as above it is recommended to contact your university or your national academic exchange service. You are strongly discouraged to go to Mongolia posing as a foreign language teacher if you are not one for purposes other than teaching, e.g. missionary work. While in the beginning of the 1990s it was still possible to do so, anyone not being sent by an acknowledged academical institution or governmental body must now show certificates proving his/her qualification as a teacher.

In addition, every foreigner staying within Mongolia for more than a month has to register with police. In case of foreign experts, foreign personnel etc. the employer or host will certainly assist. Not registering has consequences when leaving the country. Regularly you get fined (anything near USD100.--) and you may risk missing your plane/train. You may even appear with your nationality and name spelled out in full in a newspaper article. Not registering is not worth the trouble.

4.3 I want to study in Inner Mongolia. Where do I establish contact?

The answer here is the same as above. Only one difference must be observed: Politically being a part of China, all programs dealing with Inner Mongolia are usually in the Chinese section or department.

4.4 I want to work in Inner Mongolia, e.g. teach a foreign language. Where do I establish first contact?

The answer here is the same as above. Only one difference must be observed: Politically being a part of China, all programs dealing with Inner Mongolia are usually kept in the Chinese section or department of the exchange organization or university.

4.5 I want to travel to Mongolia. What kind of travel documentation do I need?

You must obtain a visa at a Mongolian embassy or consulate. (See below for a list of embassies / consulates). In order to obtain a visa for stays of one month or longer you must produce an invitation issued by a) a Mongolian private person or b) a Mongolian institution. This may be a university.

It is principally possible to apply for a visa directly at the airport Buyant-Uxaa, at least when flying in from Beijing. The applicant should carry an invitation (see above) and is usually only granted a stay of one month. Two passport photographs are required and USD 50.-- are levied.

Once you have entered Mongolia various regulations on registering with police may apply depending on the length and nature of your stay. Registration is mandatory when staying for longer than one month. It is more than highly recommended to observe the registration procedure since you may risk being denied exit from the country upon presenting your passport at the airport without the proper police registration stamps. You also risk being fined somewhere in the area of USD 100.-- upon exiting Mongolia when disobeying the registration rule. You may even risk being mentioned in a newspaper article on foreigners violating Mongolian laws (like: Önöödör, Jan. 6, 2000, p. 6: Gadaadyn 79 Irgän juram zörqjää).

Persons staying on official visa (category ``A'') should turn to their official host (university, government ministry, etc.) for assistance. For details, ask your Mongolian embassy when receiving the visa.

The registration is done at the National Civilian Information and Registration Centre (Irgädiïn Mädäälliïn Bürtgäliïn Ulsyn Töw, abbreviated IMBUT) in the North of Ulaanbaatar at Zuun Aïlt. Every taxi driver knows this place name.

Registration requires paying 500.-- Tugrik at the bank counter (Golomt Bank), ground floor. Then proceed to room 303 on the third floor, exchange your payment coupon against a form to fill in (asking your name, host institution, address in Mongolia, etc.) which must be filled in and handed to another counter in the same room. Do not forget to bring your passport and one photograph with you. The assistance of a Mongolian friend or colleague is invaluable in case language capabilities are overstretched when filling in the Mongolian form, which features, by the way, a question concerning the applicant's Mongolian language skills.

4.6 I want to travel to Inner Mongolia. What kind of travel documentation do I need?

You need a visa issued by the authorities of the People's Republic of China. Once in China (and Inner Mongolia) you'll be requested to register at a hotel etc. by using the forms available there. Various other procedures may apply depending on length and nature of your stay.

4.7 I want to travel to Buryatia. What kind of travel documentation do I need?

You need a visa issued by the authorities of the Russian Federation. Contact your local (usually former USSR) embassy.

4.8 I want to travel to Kalmykia. What kind of travel documentation do I need?

You need a visa issued by the authorities of the Russian Federation. See above.

4.9 Where is the nearest embassy / consulate of Mongolia?

There are not so many Mongolian embassies and consulates. Most of them are accredited for several countries. The following list is very incomplete and remains to be completed with the readers' help.

Since it is helpful to use a travel agency's services when applying for a visa this list contains also some information about travel agents. If you miss your favourite agent here then you can send the address to Infosystem Mongolei. The selection here is purely ``global'' (whatever is submitted gets published).

Please note that the addresses, telephone numbers etc. could not always be verified and counter-checked. They may be subject to change without notice. The editor of this FAQ tries to maintain all information in a state as correct as possible but relies on the contributors' accuracy.

Mongolian Embassy in Australia
There is no embassy in Australia. Australia is
covered by the Mongolian Embassy in China, Beijing.

Honorary Consul in Austria
Mr. Johannes Stiedl
Anhofstr. 65-67
A-1130 Wien
Tel.: ++ 43 1 8773353

Mongolian Embassy in China
No. 2 Xiu Shui Bei Jie
Jian Guo Men Wai District
Tel.: ++ 86 10 6532 1203
Fax : ++ 86 10 6532 5045

Mongolian Embassy in France
5, Av. R. Schuman
Tel.: (+33) 1 46 05 30 16    or
      (+33) 1 46 05 23 18

Mongolian Embassy in Germany
Siebengebirgsblick 4
53844 Troisdorf
Tel.: 02241-402727

Außenstelle der Mongolischen Botschaft in Berlin
Gotlandstr. 12
10439 Berlin
Tel.: 030-4469320

Honorary Consul in Hong Kong
Mr. Kwok Shiu Ming
4 Sommerset Toad, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel.: ++ 852 338 9034
Fax : ++ 852 338 0633

Honorary Consul in Italy
Mr. Aldo Colleoni
viale XX Settembre, 37
34126 Trieste
Tel.:  040-362241
Fax    040-363494
telex  461138 CONMON1.

Mongolian Embassy in Japan
Pine Crest Mansion
21-4, Kamiyamacho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150
Tel.: 03-3469-2088

Mongolian Embassy in New Zealand
New Zealand Embassy and Ambassador in Beijing are
credited for NZ foreign affairs to Mongolia, while
Mongolian embassies in Tokyo or Beijing handle
matters between Mongolia and NZ. See China.

Mongolian Embassy in Poland
Ambasada Mongolii
ul. Rejtana 15 lok. 16

Tel./Fax: +48-22-484264

Mongolian Embassy in the United Kingdom
7 Kensington Court
W8 5DL
Tel: (0171) 937 5238
Tel: (0171) 937 0150

Mongolian Embassy in the USA
2833 M Street, NW
Washington, DC
Tel: 202-333-7117

Honorary Consul in Switzerland
Stephan Bischofberger
P.O.Box 173
Limmatstr. 35
8005 Zürich
Fax : ++ 1 272 7924
Tel.: ++ 1 272 4005

According to the Swiss electronic telephone directory ETV,
Mr. Bischofberger seems to be in charge of a travel
agency named `Discovery Tours'.

* Selected Travel Agents *

Mongolian Tourism Corporation of America
A joint venture between Zhuulchin
and an American travel agency.
Princeton Corporate Plaza
1 Deer Park Drive, Suite M
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Tel.: ++ 1 908-274-0088

(This one seems to have contact with Zhuulchin, too)
Princeton Corporate Center
5 Independence Way, Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540

BOOJUM Expeditions
14543 Kelly Canyon Road
Bozeman, MT 59715 USA
Toll-Free- US and Canada  1-800-287-0125
Tel.: ++ 1 406-587-0125
Fax : ++ 1 406-585-3474

BOOJUM Expeditions has two URL's:   or

P.O. Box 479
Ulaanbaatar 13
Tel/fax:  +976 1 323043
Which can be reached from June to mid September every year.
In the winter period reservations for tour operators and
groups are with Jan Wigsten in Gotland:

Eco Tour Production Ltd
Burge i Hablingbo
620 11 Havdhem
Gotland, SCHWEDEN.
tel 0498 487105
fax +46 498 487115

Nature Tour, PO Box 49/53, Ulaanbaatar 
or Baga Toiruu-10, Mongolian Youth Federation Bldg, Room 212
Tel: 312392
Fax: 311979

They arrange for jeeps and drivers for those wanting to
explore the country. Also, they run a ger hostel near Hara Horen.
Mykel Board stayed there. It's somewhat expensive (about USD
50.-- a day) but includes all meals and local sight-seeing.

Beyond the range of the official state travel agency Zhuulchin there are now numerous private agencies operating in Mongolia. Their addresses are occasionally hard to come by but a good source is the World Tourism Handbook.

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