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1. About saytime and saytime-mongolian (xedencag)

Jef Pozkanzer's original saytime program announces the system time on /dev/audio using the english text snippets found in /usr/lib/saytime/sounds/.

It is now accompanied by a mongolized version called xedencag, using sound snippets located in /usr/lib/saytime/duu/.

xedencag is essentially the same program as saytime stripped by the routines for decimals between 11 and 19. Unlike their english counterparts these are formed as regular as the other n-ty plus n entities in Mongolian.

The original sources are kept in the directory, and an additional copyright note was placed in the beginning of xedencag.c.

A shell version of the program is not provided, I consider using perl for this purpose; then xedencag will become available for non-Unixish platforms, too.

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