Mongolian Abbreviations and Acronyms. A Database.

1. Introduction

2. How to use the database

Using the Abbreviation and Acronym Database is straightforward. The acronym or abbreviation is entered in the field on the next page in transliteration for which the table below can be consulted as not everybody submitting a query to this database may have access to a computer with a Cyrillic character set (of which there are several incompatible versions).
The Mongolian News Agency MONCAMÄ should thus be entered as MONCAM"A, not as *MONTSAME or anything else. The database setup is crude and simple and thus unforgiving; it will only accept exact spellings; neither approximations nor fractions of longer words are accepted, so *MONCAM will also not find the desired item. Neither will *Moncam"a find the entry as the database is strictly case-sensitive. In principle, every database entry has three fields besides the abbreviation proper: the Mongolian expansion, an English and a German translation; in some cases one or more of these three entries may be incomplete, wrong or missing.

3. Access the database