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2. Bus Lines in Ulaanbaatar

The bus lines mainly follow the central east-west axis of Ulaanbaatar and the inner and outer ring roads (baga toïrog, ix toïrog). Other lines connect the various suburbs in the north and east with major traffic junction points downtown of which the National Normal University (UBIS -- Ulsyn Bagshiïn Ix Surguul', also known as Pedagogical Institute UBDS -- Ulsyn Bagshiïn Dääd Surguul' --- near the Ulaanbaatar Hotel) are important for commuters going north, and the Officers' Palace (Officeruudyn Ordon) in the east (near the Ministry of Defense) is important for commuters travelling to Shar Xad and Amgalan.

[Bus map of Ulaanbaatar] A bus map of Ulaanbaatar. Trolley bus line 8 is not yet indicated.

In the square in front of the Museum of Fine Arts people gather early in the mornings in order to get on the overland busses going many hundreds of kilometers into the country side, like to Xar Xorin (Kara Korum) etc.

Most of the bus lines are given in the following table. It cannot be garuanteed that this information is correct; at least one trolley bus line is known which was added after 1993 (line T8).

Line No.
Start End
1 Ulaanxuaran district III--IV (xoroolol)
2 Amgalan Train Station (Wokzal)
3 Üïldwär Doloon Buudal
4 Tolgoït Yaarmag xudaldaa
5 Bayanxoshuu Yaarmag xudaldaa
6 Dambadarjaa MÜÄSTO (note 1)
7 Zaïsan Store IV (IV dälgüür)
8 Yaarmag Barilgaqdyn talbaï
9 TV Station (Telewiz)district XII
10Sansar district III--IV
11Airport (Nisäx) Barilgaqdyn talbaï
12Wood processing combineStore IV
13Sharxad Restaurant Moscow
14Uliastaï Amgalan
15Zaxyn kontor Train Station
16Xaïlaast UBDS (note 2)
17Orbit Yaarmag xudaldaa
18Qingältäï UBDS
19Üïldwär district III--IV
20Dar' äxiïn owoodistrict III--IV
21UBDS district III--IV
22Nisäx-sonsgolongBarilgaqdyn talbaï
23XMK(note 3) Yaarmag xudaldaa
24Power Station IVdistrict III--IV
25Yaarmag xudaldaaFood Market (Xünsniï zax)
26district I UBDS
Major bus lines in Ulaanbaatar

The trolley bus lines share the same terminal in the east of Ulaanbaatar and traverse the city along Peace Avenue (Änx taïwany örgön qölöö);

Line No.
Start End
T1(Near XMK) Botanical Garden
T2Western end of Peace Ave.Train Station
T3district III--IVBMMZ
T4Train Station Botanical Garden
T5Officeruudyn Ordondistrict III--IV
T6BMMZ (note 4)Officeruudyn Ordon
T7Süxbaatar districtTrain Station
T8Officeruudyn Ordondistrict III--IV (via Sansar)
Trolley bus lines in Ulaanbaatar


  1. MÜÄSTO: Mongolian Trade Union Cultural Palace
  2. UBDS: National Pedagogical Institute
  3. XMK: Combine for Wall Materials
  4. BMMZ: Repair Station for Construction Machines and Systems

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