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1. The Book

1.1 Bibliographical Data

Mongol Ulsyn Batlan Xamgaalaxyn Cagaan Nom. Mongolian Defense White Paper 1997--1998. Issued by the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia, published in Mongolian and English in February 1998 by the Institute for Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Defense. Mongolian text: 121 pages, many tables and diagrams, most of them coloured, several photographic pictures. English text: 115 pages, all tables and diagrams of the Mongolian section repeated and translated.

1.2 Contents

The full table of contents of the White Paper is quoted here in order to enable the reader to have a first notion of its contents independently from the following notes. Page numbers in the text always refer to the English text of the White Paper.

The appendices contain a whole range of material from treaty texts to charts, maps and statistical data including

  1. Northeast Asian states (map)
  2. Military balance of the major powers in Northeast Asia (map)
  3. Countries with diplomatic relations with Mongolia (list)
  4. Mongolia's membership in international organizations (list)
  5. Treaty on friendly relations and cooperation between Mongolia and the Russian Federation (text)
  6. Treaty on friendly relations and cooperation between Mongolia and the People's Republic of China (text)
  7. List of some agreements and treaties on security issues concluded by Mongolia with its neighbouring countries
  8. Assessment of the external security environment of Mongolia (working paper)
  9. Establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones on the basis of arrangements freely arrived at among the states of the region concerned (working paper)
  10. Provisions of the major laws of Mongolia on security and defense issues (law texts)
  11. Extract from the Action Program of the Government of Mongolia 1996--2000
  12. Concept of national security (chart)
  13. System of ensuring national security (chart)
  14. Integral defense system (chart)
  15. Civilian control of the armed forces (chart)
  16. Defense government model (chart)
  17. Structure of the Ministry of Defense (chart)
  18. Business strategic model of the Ministry of Defense (chart)
  19. Structure and main content of defense doctrine (chart)
  20. Changes in the number of military units (map)
  21. Structure and structural changes of armed forces personnel (diagram)
  22. Changes in main arms stock (diagram)
  23. Educational and professional categories of officers corps (diagram)
  24. System of armed forces personnel training (chart)
  25. System of military education and training (chart)
  26. Integral civil defense management system (chart)
  27. Common civil defense training system (chart)
  28. Public opinion poll on defense policy and activities

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