Educational Modules in the Field of
International Relations and Security

ETH Zürich, 21-22 November 1997

Organizers of the Workshop :

Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research ETH / ISN
The Euro-Atlantic Foundation

Three Projects for Surfing Historians

Speaker: Arthur E. Imhof, Berlin

Three ongoing projects will be presented as educational modules. All of them are interdisciplinary, involving specialists from different universities and institutions in Germany, and making heavily use of internet- and cd-rom-technologies. Included are the Free and the Technical Universities of Berlin as well as the Universities of Halle, Karlsruhe, and Braunschweig, furthermore the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig and the Volkskundemuseum Berlin, part of the Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz. The specialists are coming from disciplines such as history, historical demography, ethnology, museology, computer science, meteorology, astronomy, art history, musicology, and pedagogics. If time allows, some cd-roms - results of these three and other projects - will be presented or at least discussed as a fourth part.

Please have a look online at:

The Four Seasons (History, Musicology, Astronomy, Meteorology, etc.)
Project telehist (History, Computer science; Art history)
Project ethnohis (History, Pedagogics, Museology, Ethnology)
CD-ROM-production (e.g. Historical demography; Clouds-painting-history; Ex-votos)

© A. E. Imhof 1997