Research Interests

My research interests concern understanding near surface atmospheric processes at different scales, with a focus on the effect of different land cover on the response of the atmosphere.

My research activities mainly evolve around understanding energy exchange processes across scales in the atmospheric boundary layer. Such energy exchanges become particularly complex in the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer (SBL), and I am studying dynamical aspects of scale interactions in this context. By combining tools and methods from non-stationary statistics, signal processing and regime detection, I am working towards defining stochastic models to describe non-stationary turbulence in the SBL.

My research builds on past experience in micro-scale meteorology, where I used a combination of state of the art numerical modeling (Large Eddy Simulations, LES) and field experiments to analyze the multiscale aspects of atmospheric flows and the effect of land surface heterogeneity. These interdisciplinary activities led me towards applications in water vapor transport and hydrology. At Stockholm University, I collaborated within the EkoKlim project to work on the effect of topographically heterogeneous landscapes on micro-climate and how it impacts the distribution of plant population in the landscape. At ENPC, I collaborated with the French radioprotection institute (IRSN) and developed an interest on regional scales for the design of monitoring networks in the context of accidental air pollution transport.

Atmospheric flows have an inherent multiscale nature and the land surface is highly variable. The state of the atmosphere, the hydrologic cycle and ecological processes are all greatly influenced by land surface fluxes. My approach combines ground based measurements, numerical modeling, hydrologic modeling and statistical analysis in order to advance our understanding and predictive skills for the naturally interconnected processes at the land-atmosphere interface.

Links to research groups and projects I have been or am part of

SFB1114 Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems

HD(CP)? High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate predictions

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics group, FU Berlin

New York University Berlin

Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University


Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University

Navarino Environmental Observatory

Environmental Fluid mechanics laboratory EFLUM, EPFL

Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Environnement Atmospherique, Laboratoire Commun Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - EDF R&D