Peter Silvestrov

Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 14
D-14195 Berlin

Room 1.4.21

e-mail: peter.silvestrov (at)
tel: +49-(0)30-838-53762
fax: +49-(0)30-838-55258

Advanced Statystical Physics
Syllabus Syllabus.pdf
First exam final results. Check even if you did not appeal Results1.pdf
Second Exam: 23.02.2011 at 12.00, Hoersaal B (0.1.01)
You are allowed to try again even if you have passed the first exam.
However, as long as you hand in to us the results, second exam always supersedes the first one.
Second exam results Results2.pdf
Problem sets

Set 1 Problems1.pdf
Set 2 Problems2.pdf
Set 3 Problems3.pdf
Set 4 Problems4.pdf
Set 5 Problems5.pdf
Set 6 Problems6.pdf
Set 7 Problems7.pdf
Set 8 Problems8.pdf
Bonus Set 9 Problems9.pdf
Set 10 Problems10.pdf
Set 11 Problems11.pdf
Set 12 Problems12.pdf
Set 13 Problems13.pdf

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