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Katalysator continues the formula perfected on mobilé's debut: a steady supply of ho-hum power hooks. If you enjoy middle-of-the-road swagger, you'll like the latest release from mobilé.

They spend most of their time talking about their favorite subject: teenage confusion.

This defies the logic of the music industry. Piece together the story of Mobilé and you have something unique in the world of contemporary music. In 2001, without much fanfare, mobilé released their debut single "Sie hat sozusagen mit Jürgen Kuttner den Abend verbracht" on an incredibly obscure indie level. Its crunchy, confident sonic assault was a revelation, at least
for me, since I was one of four people who heard it. But times have changed. The subject matter runs the gamut from the group confronting its demons ("Liebeslied mit einem schiefen Kapitalismusbegriff") to sci-fi visions of tomorrow ("Wann holen sie mich ab?"). On the muscular "Lange dasitzen", mobilé is exploring new territory.

Our readers respond

Dear Robot,

Your review of mobilé was dead wrong. Sometimes you just have to enjoy a good rock album for what it is. Katalysator is the record of the year. Your magazine sucks.

mobilé forever,
-- mobilé fan

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