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Quicktime-movies (movies of type .mov):

My web browser asks me to download Quicktime. Why? What actually is Quicktime?

I have Quicktime but I am always asked to upgrade to Quicktime Pro. Is this needed?

I have Quicktime vers. 2, 3 or 4 and am asked to update. Do I have to?

Quicktime is installed on my computer, but I am asked to load an active-X-control. Do I need this?

Quicktime is installed on my computer, but I am asked to download additional components, or download (or activate) Direct-X. Is this necessary?

Quicktime is installed on my computer, but no movie of type .mov can be displayed. What is wrong?

Each time Quicktime (for Windows) is called, the following error alert pops up "Some of the file types asssociated with QuickTime applications are currently associated with other applications. Should I restore these file type associations to QuickTime?" Should I answer with 'yes'?

I want to download additional components, Active-X-Control or anything else I am asked for. However, this does not work. Why?

Quicktime-movies are displayed correctly. However, I cannot hear sound.

What is the difference between a Quicktime streaming movie and a Quicktime fast start movie?

Quicktime is properly installed but I cannot view Quicktime-Streaming movies.

Streaming movies stutter and have many artefacts (blocky areas) or are not displayed continuously.

I would like to save the Quicktime movies to my hard disk. This works with some, but not with others. Why?

When I click in the display area of a Quicktime movie, the movie pauses in same cases, in others a web page is called. Is this normal?

I have requested a movie ending with .mov but it is not shown in Quicktime-Player, but another player tries to display it.

Other movie formats: movie types .mpg, .wmv, .mp4, RealPlayer-formats (.ra, .ram)

Part of our contents represent such movie types, most of which may be played without the Quicktime extension.

Possible questions and problems:

Whenever I load a movie of type .wmv, I only see cryptic signs in the browser window. What is wrong?

Some .mpg (or .mpeg)-movies can be played with WindowsMediaPlayer or RealPlayer, others not. Why?

I can view some .mp4-movies only with Quicktime, some others can also be displayed in other players. Why?

Some RealPlayer-movies start by themselves, some don't. Why?

Other plugin-based formats (.swf):

My browser requests me to load the Flash-Plugin. Why?

Other viewing and layout problems:

Many links don't work with my. What is wrong?

I am asked to activate Java or to install a Java Virtual Machine. What is happening?

The www.palaeo.de/tv-pages have a completely annoying layout. Some images and text are positioned on top of each other or overlap partially, and so forth. Are you really so bad in writing web pages or what might be wrong?

I still have a problem which is not covered in the above questions and answers.

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