Pamperings, Pleasantries and Greetings for RL

OK, why to be shy...

This page lists some of my preferred pleasantries, pamperings and greetings received from students, colleagues, friends, media etc. .
Dec. 2007:
Place 17 among the 50 Berliner of the Year 2007 (as voted by readers of Berliner Morgenpost)

Jan. 2008: B.Z.-Kulturpreis (RL representing Museum für Naturkunde), see here or here
Photo: © Harald Thierlein for BZ Berlin
March 2008: Be Berlin "embassador" in Be Berlin campaign trailer, see here
November 2008: Be Berlin Campain Book
"Faces of the Capital", see here
March 2009: We are Pope?? see here
June 2008: German Multimedia Award
for Art+COM and MfN, see here
Nov. 2010: Culture-Man on Page 1 of Journal "Politik und Kultur" by the German Culture Council, see here

And here some pamperings from my "earlier life":
There are also some severe warnings among them .Don't take them too serious ;-)
Digital birthday greetings from my Palaeo-Munich team, for 2002. A very special award received from my students for outstanding merits in computing . (from my Stuttgart time)
A severe warning! (or was it a user after having completed the online multimedia course of RL?
click image to enlarge
Many friends and colleagues provided me with various birthday and holidaygreetings, and tons of animated gifs. Here is one of a late friend...

vacations wishes

The cute flash intro for the Palaeo.TV - Site, offered by Christa M. Click image!
(well, it is not 'my'-Site, so the intro is
no longer at the entrance site, for it might be misunderstood, but anyway
its great, Christa! )
My preferred portrait
(from Sept. 2001)
A short video clip provided by friends, which really stimulated us to do the reef excursion in 2001!
mpeg, 380 kb.

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